Clever DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Men Would Love To Get

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If you are looking for some clever, witty and easy DIY Valentine’s day gift ideas for him then you are at the right place. These ideas are simple enough that anyone can pull these off- even someone with kids running around them, I promise!

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DIY Valentine’s Gifts For Him

Here are some interesting ideas that make a fun DIY gift for men. I have included every type of gift tag- cute, funny, and romantic, so you can find the perfect one for your guy.

DIY Mason Jar Gift

DIY Jar of Chocolate With Valentine's Day Gift Tag That Says Together We Are Solid Gold

I love mason jars!! The possibilities are endless with these jars. I repurposed some from my pantry to put together a quick chocolate gift perfect for the chocoholic man. 

The jar will go back to the kitchen once the chocolates are all consumed… which probably means a day… or two, at max.

I chose Ferrero Roche balls because they go so well with the gift tag, that says- together we are SOLID gold.

I took another dig at the gift tag, a slight variation in color and style. I will include both tags at the bottom of the post.

DIY Alcohol Gift

Even if he wants nothing, he would still love this one!

The gift tag will only make him smile a LOT more. You can wrap this bottle in gift wrapping. I only chose to leave it unwrapped so you can see it’s a bottle of gin, and the gift tag makes perfect sense on this bottle.

Romantic DIY Gift

Let him know how you feel about him with a jar full of starburst and a romantic gift tag that reads- “Bursting with happiness. You are my love”.

DIY Valentine's Day Easy Mason Jar Gift For Men

Jar With Tassel Detailing

I had so much fun creating this tag and making tassels for it.

I used baker’s twine to make these tassels. They are very easy to make. To start, I wrapped the twine three times around my fingers with one loose end hanging towards the bottom side of my fingers. 

That helped me guestimate how long the loops needed to be.

Once you have decided on the length just cut the loops at the bottom so the pieces of twine fan out. Take the other loose end of the twine and wrap it around a few times.

Seal it with some glue so it won’t come off later.

I made two of these and glued them to the tag. It looks even better in person.

I love the contrast of baby pink color and black. Even if most guys don’t adore pink color as much as females, this is perfect for Valentine’s day.

Above is another color pattern for the same gift tag. You can pick your favorite and add the tassels to anyone you like.

Rum Gift

Here is some funny play on words that will make him laugh out hard. This one is perfect for the husband, boyfriend, partner… who loves practical gifts, like a nice bottle of rum.

A bottle of good alcohol is great but let’s admit it will seem pretty boring without the tag… uhm!! (taking all the credit here).

Does he love funny things? If you said yes, then check out these hilarious gift ideas for men.

Here is another spin on the cute tags you saw before in this post.

I wanted to play with some dark colors, and I thought they looked great so I decided to include these as well.

You can also choose some yummy cookies, baked by yourself or from his favorite store, to make an adorable gift like the one below. You can also choose to combine a bunch of these to make something truly spectacular!

Speaking of spectacular- do you want to dazzle him with a well- thought five senses gift idea this Valentine’s day? If so, check out these unique handpicked five sense gift ideas for men.

You can print all the tags here. I recommend printing them on card stock.


I hope you will give these simple and creative DIY valentine’s gifts for men a try.

Super easy and creative DIY Valentine's day gift ideas perfect for the man in your life. Show how much you love him with a cute, romantic, and funny gift idea he will be thrilled to receive.

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