A man surprised by a Valentine's gift he received from his wife or girlfriend

Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Grown Men (30 And Over)

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It is not easy finding a unique gift for men, especially for the more mature ones that are hard to please and seem to have it all. And if you are tired of buying your husband or boyfriend t-shirts, perfumes, wallets, etc., then here is a gift guide full of non-junk ideas grown men will be thrilled to get for Valentine’s day.

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Valentine’s Gifts For Men Over 30

I tried to include ideas for every kind of man and every type of budget.

A man surprised by a Valentine's gift he received from his wife or girlfriend

Portable Jump Starter

It is not a huge piece of equipment they need to lug around. He will be surprised to see a cell phone sized battery pack that is powerful enough to jump start a car and conveniently portable enough that he can carry it along to charge his phone.

It can be life saver if he drives a lot out of city, state, etc. Worth the price if he ever finds himself in a situation where he needs something like this.

Engraved Money Clip & Credit Card Case

Two reasons you should definitely consider this personalized money clip with credit card case– it is not as bulky as regular wallets and it looks so classy!

It is well made and you have the option of engraving it with his initials, and even a date (so it makes this one a good anniversary gift as well… just saying!).

Electric Eye Massager with Heat & Speakers

Not an average massager, this electric eye massager is what he needs after a long day at work. The massager has 5 massage modes that use air compression and gentle heat to massage muscles around eyes improving blood circulation that will help him get better sleep, relieve dry eyes, reduce appearance of eye bags and dark circle.

It also has in-built speakers so he can listen to his favorite songs while enjoying a relaxing eye massage.

A useful gadget your handsome man can appreciate in his daily life. The mask is foldable so he can easily carry it with him on business trips or vacation.

Anti-Spill Couch Coaster

He probably has a bunch of coffee and beer mugs already, but this gift idea will make it easier for him to enjoy his drink while he watches his favorite show or game on TV.

This silicon based anti-spill couch coaster can be adjusted to hold almost any type of mug, bottle, etc. This will keep his drink within easy reach. The coaster comes in three different colors to match any home décor.

Guardian Angel Goodluck Riding Bell

Every biker needs one of these! The bell reads “Never ride faster than your angel can fly”. A thoughtful good luck charm for the motorcyclist, it will bring your heart some peace of mind too while he is out and about riding his bike.

PocketMonkey Multifunction Wallet Tool

Rust proof and portable, the pocketmonkey is the perfect multifunction tool that is thin enough to seamlessly fit into his wallet. He can use it as a bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, orange peeler (Yes…) etc. The rounded edges make it easy to store in the wallet and it is TSA compliant as well.

Mini Exercise Bike

Finally, an exercise machine that does not take much space! The mini exerciser can be used for a leg or arm workout in the comfort of the home. If squeezing in a workout during the day seems difficult for him then this is the perfect gift to give.

He can use the machine when he is watching TV or working on his computer.

The easy to read LCD displays important details such as calories burned, etc. that will motivate him to keep using the machine. It is easy to store, surprisingly quiet, and affordable for what it offers.

Looking for a budget-friendly gift for your guy? Check out these inexpensive gift ideas for him that are actually useful.

Meat Trimmer

Does he enjoy smoking/ cooking meat? If so, he will love this meat trimmer. The trimmer slices through fat easily thanks to the high-quality stainless-steel blades. He can control the thickness of the slices or the fat with precision.

Nice gift for a man who loves to entertain or enjoy cooking.

Personalized Pen

Was he recently promoted, etc.? A milestone like that needs to be celebrated with a personalized gift that celebrates his achievement.

You can personalize this pen with his name and few words of your choice.

This Valentine’s day show him how much you love and appreciate him by gifting him something special that will bring a big smile to his face.

Personalized Divot Tool

Personalized gifts make the recipient feel special in so many ways. Here is another personalized gift that is perfect for a guy who loves to play golf. 

He will love using this divot tool on the field.

You can engrave this tool with his name and a few words of your choosing.

Romantic Gift

Ok, so he doesn’t like anything cutesy but this romantic wallet card is much more than that! Sometimes we just forget to express our love when we are too focused on everyday chores… and life in general.

This card will do a fantastic job of reminding him how much you love and cherish him.

Sentimental Gift

Does he travel a lot or you don’t get to see him as much you wish or just want to gift him something sentimental? This engraved rock will make him feel close to you when he can’t have you in his arms.

He can use it as a paperweight or just keep it by his bedside.

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Experience Gift

Does life feel very busy, at this moment, for the both of you? If yes, then rather than something material gift him an experience gift that both of you can enjoy together.

Depending on your taste an experience gift can be a Broadway show, wine tasting, painting lesson, horseback riding, cooking lesson, etc.

Such gifts make more memories than a physical gift. A gift to consider especially for a man who seems to have everything already.

Funny Gift

A useful gift that will tickle his funny bone. He will never lose his glasses around house with this quirky eyeglass holder.

It will look great on his work desk and even on the bedside table.

Does he like funny gifts? If so check out these funny gift ideas for men that will have him cracking up.


I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas for grown men over 30, that will make the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your husband or boyfreind.

Here Are Some Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Your Husband or Boyfriend Will Be Happy to Get. Gift Ideas Include Something for Every Kind Of Man.

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