Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Long Distance Boyfriend

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Long distance relationships are hard, and it’s even harder to find the perfect gift when you live miles apart. But worry not! I have created a list of Valentine’s day gift for the long distance boyfriend that will have you thrilled!

In this gift guide, I have included some cute and some really useful gift ideas that your boyfriend can use in his daily life. Things that will remind him of you or bring him comfort when he is missing you even more than you are missing him!

Long Distance Boyfriend Valentine’s Gift

Classic Reel Viewer

The Reel Viewer will bring all the captured moments from your time spent together in the form of a reel.

Pick some long forgotten images (from the depths of your online cloud) that define the highlights of your romance and surprise him with a trip down the memory lane. This reel viewer will never leave his bedside!

Love Book For Your Boyfriend

Tell him how much and why you love him with a Love Book. Love book allows you to customize stick figure characters so they resemble you (create stick figure characters for you and your boyfriend here). After creating your characters you can choose from hundreds of pages and categories to relive sweet memories, tell him all the reasons why you love him etc.

Create a book your boyfriend would love to keep flipping through all the time. You have the option to go for a hardcover or softcover book!

Personalized Romantic Calendar

An easel calendar is a desk accessory that does not take much space and looks good on work desks, study desks or even living room shelves. Gift him a Personalized Easel Calendar that will remind him of your love all the time.

Personalized Throw

The romantic fleece blanket will keep him feeling warm and cozy reminding him of your embrace when you are apart.

You have the option to print five images on the blanket so you can flip through all the pictures from past till present to make it a blanket detailing your relationship timeline. Also, check out the throw below…

Modern Look Monogram and Photos Black and White Fleece Blanket

The personalized throw allows more than five pictures, if you get carried away and pick more than a few.

Pair the throw full of warmth with a personalized pillow that he can cuddle with in bed while watching TV or when FaceTiming with you!

Modern Black and White Polka Dots with your Photo Throw Pillow

Storm Glass Weather Predictor

If your boyfriend loves all things science, gadgets or geeky he would be thrilled to receive a storm glass household barometer. The liquid in the barometer transforms as it predicts weather- rainfall, blizzard, sunshine, etc.

It looks good and is definitely a conversation starter. He can keep it in his home or even at his work desk. He can proudly tell all coworkers where he got it from when they ask!

The Man Can

The paint can kit would have him a bit confused till he opens it up. He will be relieved to see it is not paint, and happy to see all the amazing natural products packed inside the Man Can Box.

Best part- it comes with a can opener (attached to the box on top) that he would need to use to open this can. If you are looking to surprise him, this can has your back!

Personalized Photo Frame

Pick your favorite pics of you two to personalize this photo frame that also serves as a beautiful room decor item. It will be hard for him to take his eyes off this photo frame.

Coloring Map Mugs

Want to do something fun on Valentine’s day? The Coloring Map Mugs are the most amazing way to remember all the places you have been to together, plan to go to or the country where the love of your life lives.

Ship one of the mugs to your boyfriend before Valentine’s day. Color the mugs together when you are Skyping/ Facetiming with each other on Valentine’s day!

Kissing Mugs

The aww-worthy Kissing Mugs are super romantic and fit for Valentine’s day. The cups come with spoons that make it easier to enjoy more than just coffee or tea in the mugs. The mug also has a placeholder for the spoon for easy storage.

Hugging Mugs

I know I included mugs already but there is no way I would not mention these endearing Hugging mugs. Just how cute are these!

The best part- they are not just gimmicky mugs, the mugs actually look like they are hugging each other when placed next to each other. Now your mugs can hug each other too when you meet the next time!

What I Love About You

Are you ready to disclose all that you love about him and your relationship? Fill up this hardcover book with all the responses and ship the heartfelt keepsake to him for Valentine’s day.

Hangry Kit

Care packages are a great way of letting someone know you care. But if you don’t have time (hey, life happens and we all get busy) to pack and ship one then don’t forget to check this care package out!

It is full of tasty and healthy goodies, and your boyfriend can dig through the box for a month or so easily. Great gift idea for busy guys!

Romantic Keepsake

A romantic keepsake, this small bottle can be personalized with your own adorable couple pictures. You also have the option to choose a message and have it delivered straight to your boyfriend.

An adorable keepsake that he would love to display in his living space.

Couple’s Pillowcase

This couple’s pillowcase is a cute valentine’s day gift for the boyfriend. The design on the pillow symbolizes a long-distance relationship in a way, just being on the phone saying sweet things to each other all the time…

You can keep one and gift him the other.

Personalized Bathrobe

bathrobe with name embroidered

Personalized this soft bathrobe with his name or initials and make it truly stand out from the typical departmental store stuff.

I love that the personalization is embroidered, not printed. Makes the bathrobe look expensive.

He will get so much use out of this. And it is a great touch gift if you are interested in sending him a five senses gift.

Drink More Water Bottle

Does your workaholic boyfriend forget to drink enough water every day? You can’t be there to remind him but this glass water bottle will help him remember to re-hydrate at proper intervals all day.

This bottle comes in two size options and multiple colors. The silicone sleeve adds to the look of the bottle and also helps against accidental breaking.

State Pillow

A State Pillow is a great way of commemorating the State where your love blossomed or a place where you had the most memorable vacation/ event.

Couple’s Keychain

It’s a keychain that can also be worn in a necklace. The lock and key couple’s keychain is romantic, affordable and a practical gift for a long-distance relationship. No matter where your day takes you, the key chain will always remind you two of each other.

And since we are talking about couple’s key chains do check out the ones below as well-

Beard Kit

beard care items in a box

If your boyfriend is a bearded guy, the beard kit makes perfect sense! But not just any beard kit. This beard kit comes with all the necessary oils, balms and grooming tools that will keep his beard looking clean and elegant.

There are many options in this category depending varying in budget so definitely check them out. And if your guy hasn’t tried one yet or is skeptic, he will become a fan!

Practical Bookstand

bookstand with space for glasses

A cool gift idea if he loves to read or has to read a lot (student life). This uniquely shaped bookstand looks great and beats the need for page marker. It is well thought and designed, with space even for his glasses or phone.

Not all valentine gifts need to scream out romance. Practical gifts like these that address a need are well received by the recipient, irrespective of the occasion.

Subscription Box

It’s a gift that keeps on giving! Men hardly ever go out looking for new products, unlike us! So help him try out new products that he would be thanking you for. If a one-year subscription feels too pricey try this affordable 3-month option.

The best thing about subscription boxes is that he gets a gift every month, and it is more affordable than actually sending a regular gift every month.

Catch-All Tray

Gift him the perfect catch-all organizer. This collar shaped catch-all tray is just the right size to hold his daily essentials that have a tendency to get lost easily like the keys, headphones, charging cord, phone, etc. It looks great and he will get plenty of use out of it.

If you would like the option to personalize the tray, check out the options below-

Monthly Health Subscription

Is he always busy forgetting to eat healthy? Here is an idea that will make him and his stomach happy. Urthbox is a subscription service that delivers healthy snacks monthly to the recipient.

You can choose your own plan- 3 months, 6 months, etc., and also the type of snacks you want delivered- vegan, gluten free, etc.

Getting an amazing yummy gift monthly beats out getting a gift just once.

Not Your Ordinary Belt

personalized mens belt

I love this romantic gift that is definitely on the spicy side of things.

This engraved leather belt is handmade. It can be customized in so many ways that it truly feels unique to the recipient.

Customized Night Light

heart shaped night lamp personalized with couples name

He would love this customized night light that will always remind him of you and your love right before he sleeps.

The seller offers different font options so you can choose the one you like.

Silhouette Frame

silhoutte made out of couples pictures

A truly unique idea. A pic collage that seems polished and eye-catching. A romantic addition to his bedroom décor.

All you need to do is send in your favorite pics and the seller does the rest.

A Hug

man laying on his stomach wearing a heat pad vest

This vest, filled with golden flax seed, is microwaveable and freezer friendly. This might be the hug he really needs if he has been complaining of backache, pain in the legs, shoulders, etc., this vest will make him relax and sleep better.

The vest has a bit of a weight to it that really helps with deep relaxation.


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I hope the post helped you find the perfect valentine’s day gift for the long-distance boyfriend. All these gifts are easy to ship and I have tried to include some gifts from Amazon as well so International delivery will be easier!

If You Need Help Finding Romantic & Fun Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Long Distance Boyfriend You Will Not Be Disappointed! This Valentine's Day Gift Ideas List Is Chock Full Of Ideas That Will Remind Him Of You All The Time!

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