Comic Book Lover and Superhero Fan Gifts (The Definitive Guide)

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Clueless about what to gift to the comic book lover or superhero fan who can spend hours talking about his favorites?

Here is the answer- a list of ultimate comic geek gift guide with 43 gift ideas that are perfect for gifting whether you are looking for comic book gifts for him or for her.

No matter the age, you will find here something for every age and every budget.  Gift one or, better yet, make a Kapow bundle for more fun.

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36 Comic Book Lover And Superhero Fan Gifts

P.S: I recently published a gift ideas guide for the book lovers/ bookworms. If your comic lover likes to read books in general, you should definitely check out the post for some unique gift ideas!

1. Comic Collection Gifts

Nothing is more precious to a comic lover than a unique comic book.

The Ant-Man is one of the greatest superheroes, and this epic collection includes some of the earliest stories published in the series. It is much more affordable than buying the original first edition books.

2. Baby Groot Planter

It is very difficult to not like baby Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy franchise. This planter personifies Groot character like nothing else.

Even if your comic fan doesn’t have a green thumb worry not, the planter comes with seeds that grow fast but if they die out you can put any type of low maintenance plant in the planter.

3. Deadpool Diorama

A cool eye-catching diorama is just what they need to add to their esteemed spiderman display.

4. Superhero Monopoly Game

The game combines two of their favorites monopoly and Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, this is a game they would not mind putting down their comic for.

5. Batman BBQ Set

The ultimate gift for the fan who is also a grilling expert. The Batman BBQ Set is not just perfect for the grill but it also has a bottle opener in the back. Who doesn’t like multipurpose tools!

6. Slippers

Love him or hate him, he is the ultimate god of mischief. These Loki slippers will make anyone smile. For the fan who always has a smile on their faces and always up for mischief these slippers are a great gift.

7. Superhero Wall Decor

A super fan’s man cave/room is not complete without some wall decorations of their favorite superheroes. This superhero wall decor is a ‘Wow’ worthy gift for any comic lover who has been too excited about the new Superhero movies.

The wall decor is made of tin which adds to the rustic appeal (much like the first edition comic book covers from the past) and it has all the Superheroes from the latest Hollywood movies.

8. Comics Storage Box and Comics Divider

It is rather difficult to keep comics in pristine condition. A comics storage box combined with comics dividers is the perfect solution to storage problems comic book lovers usually face. The comics storage box solves the purpose and also looks great in a comic book lover’s room.

Don’t forget to add the comic book dividers, they help prevent comic books from sticking, and keeping the print looking crisp for a longer time which no doubt is a must for any comic book collector.

Superhero Laptop Accessories

People spend so much time on their laptops for work or just plain entertainment, and if this is also true for your comic lover. These gifts will make any time they spend on their computer even more fun.

9.  Superhero Keyboard Skin

the Superhero keyboard skin can make spending time on laptop attending to work, doing assignments, etc not seem like a chore. The skin adds a personal touch to their keyboard. Any comic lover with love for comics and superheroes will wear these sticker skins proudly!

10. Laptop Decal

Since we are talking about personalizing the laptop, consider gifting the laptop decal along with the keyboard skin to truly impress the comics fanatic. Gift them a laptop decal of a Superhero character they are passionate about.

Comics Encyclopedia

Encyclopedias are a collector’s item that an owner is always proud to own and show off.

11. Comics Encyclopedia

This ultimate Marvel encyclopedia reveals even the tiny little details of every Marvel character and much much more. It is a super gift for a superfan.

A similar encyclopedia for DC fans is also available if your loved one happens to be a DC fan.

Superhero Sketchbooks

For an aspiring comic book artist or even a fan who also likes to draw Superhero characters in their free time, a comic sketchbook is a must have.

12.How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

From the biggest names in comic history –Stan Lee and John Buscema, this drawing book is a great gift that will refine their superhero drawing skills.

13.How To Draw Batman & Superman

If they love to scribble Batman and Superman, this drawing book will help them sharpen their skills.

14.Stan Lee’s How To Draw Superheroes

This one is another gem from the master of the comic world- Stan Lee himself. Definitely worth checking out.

Also, check out this drawing book on Amazon if your loved one is into the Manga style comics.

 Manga Fan Gifts

Without a mention of Manga, this gift guide will be incomplete. The traditional Japanese style comics have gained a lot of loyal fans all over the world.

15. Akira Set

If your comic lover is a Manga fan, this iconic Akira Anniversary Hardcover Set is the one gift that will exceed all expectations.

Be prepared to get tight hugs and hear a lot of joyful screams as they open this legendary gift!

16. Manga Coloring Book

The Pop Manga Coloring Book would also make a great gift for a fan who loves detailed and unique manga creations.

17. Black Panther Mug

Here’s a gift to go with their ‘Wakanda Forever’ chants. This mug would be sitting by their side as they continue to dish about their favorite Superhero from the movie…err the comic! The black panther mug looks great and a must have for the devoted fan.

18. Book Shelf

It will be so much easier for them to reach for their favorite comic with a superhero wall display that will be the envy of all other comic geeks.

You can also gift them a display rack so they can display their grand comic collection to visitors and fellow fans.

A good display rack, although a bit expensive than a single floating shelf, can hold a lot of comic books and also makes it easy to organize books.

19. Captain America Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t wake up happy to a warm waffle breakfast? Now add to it a waffle shaped like Captain America’s shield logo… woahhh!

Make them go ‘woo-hoo’ with excitement every time they make breakfast.

The waffle maker is not that expensive but it’s great quality, check out all the reviews it has on Amazon!

20. Car Door Logo Projector

Although most comic nerds are usually not the attention-grabbing types, it is probably every fan’s dream to make an entrance just as ‘Aww’ worthy as their Superhero’s and the car door logo projector is built for that.

It is battery operated, easy to install- does not require drilling and can be switched on and off when not required.

21. 3D Superhero Crystal Ball

Here’s a gift idea that will blow them away. The 3D Batman crystal ball is a perfect decoration piece for a Batman comic nerd. They can keep it on their study desk, man cave or display it in the living room.

The 3D effect is what makes it really captivating, bet they will not be able to stop staring at it.

22. Deadpool Socks

The anti-hero Deadpool socks are comfy and eye-catching and definitely the one gift a Deadpool fan can flaunt outdoors, even at work, without offending anyone’s fashion and dress code sensibilities.

A must-have for any super fan that loves the Superhero’s dark sense of humor and anti-hero rhetoric.

23. Superhero Coasters

For the fan’s of the Marvel Universe, these superhero coasters are fandom items that would make them go ‘Wheeee’ with excitement!

The coasters would look great on their coffee table or if they love them a bit too much they can even use it in their workspace for creative purposes.

24. Captain America Oven Mitt

Help them feel like a Superhero as they make their way through the kitchen cooking up awesome food.

With these Captain America oven gloves, they can handle the oven heat to rescue any food that needs saving once the cooking timer is done.

The pack comes with not just one but two gloves to unleash the full superhero power for the Superfan. This is an awesome gift for the Superhero nerd that likes to spend time in the kitchen.

These oven gloves will match with the Captain America cutting board to bring some comics love into the kitchen.

25. Captain America Chopping Board

A gift as sturdy as Captain America’s shield, your comic book lover would be thrilled to add the chopping board to his kitchen showing it off every chance they get at the house parties.

The chopping board not only looks great but it is made to last. It is made of glass (hygienic), odor and stain resistant and has a non-slip base.

The comic book lover will get plenty of use out of it as a chopping board or even as a cheese board!

26. Superhero Clothing

Tasteful superhero clothing is another item that even adults can enjoy flaunting. Minimalist designs and patterns like the Deadpool Hoodie and Spiderman T-shirt that still shows the fanhood but is not too overbearing like much of the other wearable merchandise full of large prints and loud colors.

27. Superhero Salt And Pepper Shaker

A great conversation starter piece when they have guests over. At first sight, they look like a decoration piece until you tell them it’s a salt and pepper shaker set and then they are even more impressed. They will enjoy seeing them every day at their dinner table.

28. X-Men Figurine Gift

Can a comic book lover have enough figurines? I didn’t think so!

What is important is to give them something exclusive, something better than a regular figurine. A figurine like the Wolverine with over 30 points of articulation.

A collector’s dream and it comes with 8 accessories to make play more interesting. The player can easily transform the Wolverine figurine into a battle damaged profile to introduce more character into their Superhero action plays.

Since Wolverine is both a superhero and an anti-hero it will be fun to see which side the comic fan will choose to keep their figurine on!

There are many other interesting figurines which are new and uncommon and have the potential to be the most unique addition to their collection, like the hella figurine from Thor series.

29. Superhero Shaker

For the comic geek who is looking to proudly add more geek factor into his daily life, this shaker gift will add excitement to their workouts.

The Deadpool shaker bottle helps mix protein powder which as we all know too well has the tendency to settle down at the bottom of the bottle, it really doesn’t make for a good taste.

A shaker bottle like this is super useful and with their Superhero on it, this shaker is totally worth gifting, and who doesn’t love Deadpool!

They can also use it as a water bottle when they are on the go!

30. Thor Hammer Deco Light

They will be thrilled to receive it! The Thor deco light is the perfect addition to a man cave or even a woman cave… comic lover’s don’t discriminate!

This is a must for a Thor fan. If they have other wall stickers from Avengers, this Thor hammer light will complement them superbly.

The hammer has a light but it is not too strong or distracting and even when turned off the Hammer is still eye-catching. They will get a lot of compliments from other comic fans.

31. LifeSize Superhero Poster

Any comic fan’s room can be turned into a super fan’s room by adding just the right things that speak volumes about their love for comics like a life-size cut out of their favorite Superhero.

For their inner kid who would love to see their superhero standing tall in their room, these cutouts are every bit worthy of gifting. They can pose with them, take selfies or just stare in awe… They almost look so real as if they will go ‘Kapoww’ any minute in true comics style.

The life-size poster will make a wonderful addition to any corner of their house or just be another guest at their fabulous parties!

Comic & Superhero Gifts For Her

The gift ideas list for comic book nerds would not be complete without some cool female superhero memorabilia for the girl superhero fan. The superhero genre has a lot of female fans, they will be excited to receive these gifts for sure.

32. Wonder Woman Bomber Jacket

This bomber jacket will complement the girl fans’ love for superheroes.

A wonder woman fan can even rock this lightweight superhero bomber jacket when they go out to catch the next screening of Wonder Woman or they can wear the Deadpool Football Tee to the next Deadpool movie!

Any of these will earn them a lot of compliments for sure.

33. Superhero Cuff Bracelet

For the girl fan who loves Wonder Woman, this bracelet is the best piece of geeky jewelry for the girl fan!

34. Superhero Pajamas

Harley Quinn didn’t start out as popular as other Superheroes from the get to but has garnered a  lot of attention in the comic world lately. If your comic lover is a fan, these Harley Quinn pajama pants are the perfect merchandise to gift.

The pajamas look great and they can wear them all day as they lounge around and read the latest comic book.

35. Superhero Inspired Backpack

It is rare to find superhero memorabilia items that don’t look like they should only be carried/ worn by kids. This wonder woman inspired backpack is too good to look at and fit for adult fans.

The bag is eye-catching and has enough space to carry a few essentials for the day.

Comic-Con Fan Gifts

Probably the biggest highlight of the year for any comic lover is the comic con festival. Here are some gift ideas for a fan who looks forward to Comic-Con just as much as Christmas.

36. Gift Tickets To Comic-Con

Each year thousands of comic book fans turn out in their latest and greatest home created costumes to attend the Comic-Con. This is where the comic lovers really get to show their passion for the character they so dearly love and nerd out over new comic merchandise.

Going to Comic-Con for a fan is akin to a Disney lover going to Disneyland. It is a comic book lover’s paradise.

If they in a city that hosts comic con every year then gift them a ticket to the Comic Con. It beats all the other gifts hands down.

The tickets do seem a bit pricey. If on a budget, you also have the option to buy only a one day pass instead of the full three-day pass etc.

37. Comic-Con Gift Accessories

Bags, shakers, and t-shirts bearing logos of their favorite comic character (like the ones above) are great for Comic-Con. But if they are going for the more subtle fan look, these buttons are just what they need.

38. Unique Accessories

A unique item like the Avengers Gauntlet with Rings, from their favorite superhero they can flaunt at the convention, is another genius idea!

Spider-Man Gifts

For the Spider-Man super fan, here are some cool ideas.

39. App Controlled Spider-Man

The interactive Spiderman can be controlled via Smartphone and App. The perfect companion for the fan. It can learn mannerisms and follows voice command. A unique gift they would love.

40. Spider-Man Bag For Adults

The simplicity of the Spiderman logo on this bag makes it ideal for adult fans who like to display their love for the superhero.

41. Spiderman Jacket

They would love to wear this jacket be it Halloween or just a regular day.

42. Phone Accessories

Anyone and everyone I know spends hours on their phones. A phone case and a collapsible grip is a useful gift for the fan who loves their phone just as much as they love the superhero.

43. Comic Book Gift Certificate

It really doesn’t come as a surprise that a comic lover would love a new edition of their favorite comics as a gift. If you are looking to gift them new comic or a gift certificate that they can use to satiate their comic craving for months head to This is one of the most trusted online comic sellers.

For instant gratification, you can also give them a merch gift from the list above that they would be equally thrilled to open and add to their growing collection.


Comic lovers are not afraid to show off their nerdiness, these gift ideas include something for every kind of comic book nerd- the ones who like to wear their love for their favorite Superhero character on their sleeves to the ones who like to turn their room into a Superhero cave with a lot of memorabilia items.

You can’t give all these awesome gifts in one go, save the post for future gift reference. If you loved this post, spread the word on social media.

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This comic book lover and superhero fan gift guide is chock full of fun things to gift them. I like all 20+ ideas but I like #4 and #8 the most! Check them out...

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