Must-Have Harry Potter Gifts That Will Amaze The Adult Fan

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Want to amaze the adult fan with a Harry Potter gift that is unique and magical? This Harry Potter gift guide is chock full of non-cheesy ideas that will resonate with the adult fans. Be it Christmas or their birthday, there is a gift in this list fit for every occasion.

Magical gifts they will actually love to own and flaunt.

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Harry Potter Gifts For Adults


Harry Potter’s notebook and planner is compact and looks like a book of spells. They can use the notebook whichever way they like- for taking notes, or use it as a planner- it will make them jump up with joy!

A cool piece of merchandise they can take anywhere with them- to the school, library and even office. Bet all the colleagues would want one too.

Hufflepuff Hoodie

No matter what their age, a hoodie never goes out of style and makes a useful gift that they will get a lot of wear out of, especially if it is a Harry Potter Hoodie


Comfy Harry Potter pajamas she can wear at home when she is enjoying her downtime reading books or catching her favorite show.

Hagrid’s Lamp

This Hagrid’s lamp might not be able to provide them with real warmth as it did for Harry but it is the perfect mood light or desk lamp, living room decor piece, the centerpiece for dining table, garden party, reading club party etc.

It can be used in so many ways, they will never run out of ideas to enjoy this rustic decor accessory.


They would love to carry this Harry Potter Planner around which includes over 100 calendar stickers. If they love to stay organized, this gift will make them jump with joy


Grab a throw from their favorite House so they can transform their living room, study room or bedroom into a magical world. The tapestry throw blanket can be easily hung on the walls, used as a sofa throw, placed on a study chair, etc.

Magical Recipe Book

Now they can prepare a spellbinding feast straight out of the Hogwarts with the cookbook that covers magical recipes that can be prepared easily by wizards and non-wizards alike.

Marauder’s Map Umbrella

They will get a bunch of compliments wherever they take the umbrella that has the Marauder’s Map, which would only reveal itself with the phrase ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’. A fan would be beyond thrilled to get it.

They will never complain about the rainy days once they receive this umbrella!

Tote Bag

A designer Harry Potter Handbag that is fit for a fashionista who is also a big fan. The high-quality tote bag is officially licensed merchandise gives the appearance of a luxury piece.

Available in multiple colors this bag is a unique gift for a fan and even an avid reader.

Also, check out this Hogwarts Satchel Handbag Purse below…


Want a gift that will really impress the Harry Potter female fan? They will love to wear this beautiful fan bracelet everyday and everywhere they go. 

Not a cheap piece of accessory, the well-made bracelet is good quality, fit for adults, and each piece is well curated- what’s not to love!

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Multi-Charm Necklace

They will never get bored with this Multi-Charm Necklace. It comes packed with the most adorable pieces that take this necklace from work to party effortlessly. 

You also need to see the amazing packaging this set comes in, they will probably not throw it in the garbage!


A casual house banner t-shirt they can wear while running errands, at house parties, to school, etc., wherever they would like to show their love for their favorite.

Hogwarts Backpack

If they like a colorful piece of accessory, go with this Hogwarts backpack that is stylish and has enough space for their everyday items.

Makeup Brush Set

The gorgeous Harry Potter make up brush set is everything a female fan would want in her vanity. The decor on end of these Wands Sticks represents Lion(Brave), Snake(Noble), Eagle(Wisdom), Badger(Integrity and loyalty), and Castle.

It comes neatly packed in a bag along with a heart-shaped brush cleaning pad for maintenance.

Glasses & Scar Tumbler

The see-through Glasses and Scar tumbler is an eye-catching piece that will get a lot of attention from their peers and strangers alike. 

They can enjoy hot and cold drinks while they are studying in the library or setting up their schedule at work.

Wine Tumbler

Do they love good wine and Harry Potter? The wine tumbler is the perfect gift that combines their two loves. A glass they would really enjoy drinking from while enjoying a nice book or bunging on Harry Potter movies.

Canvas Bag

If they need a well made heavyweight bag that does not look flimsy to carry their many belongings, this deathly hallows bag will make their life easy.

The durable canvas bag has a large compartment and leather buckles that add to its neat look and wide straps that make it conformable to carry it cross-body style.

Toiletry Bag

The toiletry bag resembles a small trunk much like Harry’s trunk. Great for traveling, dorm rooms etc.

Slytherin Desk Accessory

Are they workaholic or do they spend a lot of time studying at their desk? this Slytherin pen holder desk accessory is the perfect gift for a fan who spends a lot of time on their desks. 

A perfect accessory for their work or study corner.


The embroidered emblem on the jacket really makes this jacket a great gift for a fan. The long sleeves provide good coverage for colder weather.

She wouldn’t want to take this off!

Blender Bottle

If you are looking for a gift they would love to use in their daily life then you should grab this Harry Potter blender bottle.

The leak proof shaker bottle is perfect for taking smoothies, protein shakes, etc., on the go!

Pillowcase Set

The pillow cover set is a great addition to their home that will let anyone who visits know they are a big fan. A fun gift for a couple that enjoys anything Harry Potter.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Looking for a cool stocking stuffer? These amazing ideas will help you win the gift game on Christmas. Most of them are under $10 and a few under $20.


They will be just as excited to get a Hogwarts Keychain that has all of the houses as they would a Harry Potter book.

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Tin Set

The adorable tins are small enough to be used for carrying their favorite mints or their medicine etc. The compact size makes them easier to carry and a fan will truly appreciate these.


A Harry Potter lanyard will be a great conversation starter at work and they will undoubtedly make a lot of friends easily no matter where they go.

Phone Case

The phone case is as sturdy as it is great looking. The case includes all the amazing symbols from the book and the movie that are close to a fan’s heart. 

An affordable stocking stuffer that will bring a big smile to their face.

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Harry’s Glasses

Now that clear glasses are a fashion statement, these round Harry inspired glasses will make them very happy. They can amp up any outfit with these glasses.

Harry Potter Scarf

The ultra soft knitted scarf is not a costume accessory. It is a well made officially licensed scarf that any adult will love to wear during colder seasons.


I hope you find these Harry Potter gift ideas for an adult fan useful. 

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