Unique Stocking Stuffers For Book Lovers They Actually Need

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These books inspired stocking stuffers for book lovers are what every bookworm needs in their life. Surprise them with something special this holiday season that they will cherish for a long time to come.

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Best Stocking Stuffers For Book Lovers

1. Lord Of The Rings Inspired Ring

You don’t even need to know the size of their finger for this ring because this ring is adjustable…yay!

Made out of aluminum this ring carries the wordings from the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ book series that a bookworm will instantly recognize. A quality ring that does not tarnish, is food safe and does not cause allergies. The ring also has a compass stamped on the inside of the ring.

2. Throw Pillow

This under $10 stocking stuffer for the reader is not expensive, but the perceived value will be much higher than the price. It will be a wonderful addition to their reading corner, they will really enjoy this throw pillow cover.

3. Lewis Carroll Tea Blend

‘Alice In Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll is probably one of the classics that almost everyone has read when they were growing up and still love to this day.

Which makes this Lewis Carroll tea tin even more special for a bookworm. They will enjoy it immensely if they are fond of trying out new teas.

The best part is that this gift’s life is not over once the tea is all done. The tin itself is so visually appealing, they can use it for storing anything they like in the kitchen, study room and even on their office desk.

4. Engraved Spoon

Want to give them a gift that keeps on giving them endless joy? The engraved spoon is a unique gift that they will be thrilled to use every day. The well-made spoon will give the bookworm company for a very long time.

5. Shakespearean Insults Bandages

A great novelty gift under $10 that is both funny and useful! The hilarious bandages will make them laugh even as they are putting them on any cuts.

6. Christmas Tree Ornament

In honor of their hobby, this book desk ornament is a must-have stocking stuffer for anyone who loves to read. The colors on this charm will truly make it stand out amongst all the other ornaments on the tree.

7. Harry Potter Earrings

Another gift idea that they will last them for years. These Harry Potter earrings are sophisticated enough for even grown adults who have a special place in heart for all Harry Potter books and related items.

They can wear it to school, work, vacations…. you can’t go wrong with this earrings set!

8. Jane Austen Coloring Book

A coloring book is a great companion like any other reading book. Just like when one reads a book, coloring, also exemplifies our imagination.

This coloring book inspired by scenes from Jane Austen’s novel will bring back a lot of amazing memories from many of the author’s books.

9. Magnetic Book Marks

The magnetic bookmarks might seem like a small gift, but it is a very useful one- all book lovers will agree! They will never lose their page again or lose the marker as they take out a book from their bags while commuting.

The magnetic bookmarks are cute to look at and they are a necessity. The strong magnets help these stay in place, so the reader does not have to fold pages or fumble around as they try to figure out where they left off last time.

10. Beauty And The Beast Quotes

A book, that is full of inspirational quotes from all the books loved by Belle.

The Beauty and the Beast character is one of the most voracious readers from all of the fictional characters and this book includes lines from her favorites. A great addition to any book lover’s stash of books.

11. Game Of Thrones Dragon Keychain

Have you heard them talk about Game Of Thrones innumerable times? not the TV series, but the books…

The Targaryen keychain will have them jumping with joy as they open the gift and see it for the first time.

12. Jane Austen Socks

With these literary socks, they can literally wear their love for books everywhere they walk go!

13. Phone Cover

A great accessory for the only other item in the world that they spend as much time on, as they spend on reading their books- their phone. The library design on the cover showcases their love for reading and it will definitely cheer them up.

14. Shakespeare Inspired Cocktails

A cocktail recipe book mixed with Shakespeare’s characters. Each drink recipe brings a character from Shakespeare’s books to life. For instance, Othello’s green-eyed monster.

1. Book/ iPad Stand

An adjustable book/iPad stand so they can read without pain in their neck and back. The stand is ergonomic and portable. The book lover can use it anywhere they like and read with comfort.

2. Books Travel Mug

The library print travel mug is every book lover’s dream.

They can take coffee with them to the park, beach, etc., wherever they like to spend time reading.

3. Jewelry Organizer

A book-shaped jewelry organizer is a perfect gift to surprise them this holiday season. The organizer is clever as well as genius!

They would almost think it is another book until they open it. The organizer is great to look at and it would fit perfectly in their room full of books.

4. Book Clip- Page Holder

A book clip is a lifesaver for any bibliophile. I love how this metal clip looks and makes it so much easier to keep the book open without having to hold the book with their hands. Especially great for winters- I have been there!

They will thank you for this gift every time they sit or lay down to read.

5. Romantic Hobbit Mug

A mug full of love for the book lover in your life. This romantic mug will let them know how much they ar,e loved. If they love LOTR books, they would know how much, really …

6. Stemless Wine Glass

A perfect gift for a book lover who likes to drink wine. A Game of Thrones inspired glass will make them chuckle every time they pour themselves a glass.

7. ‘Drink Me’ Carafe with Straw Hole

Inspired by ‘Drink Me’ magic potion from Alice in Wonderland. This carafe is perfect for milkshakes, smoothies, etc.

It comes with a stainless-steel straw so the reader can have a magical drink by their side as they immerse themselves in the new book they are reading.

8. Mad Hatter Tea Party Print

A fitting inspiration wall art to decorate their reading corner wall.

9. Kindle Case

A library print Kindle case would make them feel like they are literally stepping into a library to read a book. only that the book happens to be on Kindle. Speaking of library atmosphere…

10. Bookstore Candle

soy candle that reads Old Books

A candle that (actually) smells like a Bookstore. The Bookstore candle will be their new favorite scent.

They would love to sit by its side as they are reading to build up the atmosphere. The best part is that the candle has soy wax that burns more clear and cleaner, unlike regular wax candles.

Also, check out more book lover gifts that are super engaging and a lot of fun here.

11. T-Shirt

This funny T-shirt will have everyone laughing and the bookworm probably admitting how true these words are. It is a simple t-shirt, but in the end, it is always the words that really matter.

12. Book Safe with Key Lock

Another clever addition to a book lover’s room, a safe that looks like a book. The safe will merge with their book collection seamlessly. Great novelty gift that is actually very functional.

13. Bedside Storage Organizer

If they have a habit of reading before bedtime, they are probably storing their books/ kindle/ iPad on the bedside drawer, along with a zillion other things, that probably make their room look like a mess.

Help them keep their bedroom looking clean and clutter-free with an organizer that barely takes any space. This sturdy bed-side organizer can hold more than just a book, and for an under $20 stocking stuffer, it’s a steal.

14. Funny Stocking Stuffer

A hilarious stocking stuffer the bibliophile will probably use as decoration rather than it’s actual purpose! The wrapper with its old-world charm really makes this mini Shakespeare soap gift worthy.

More book lover gifts that make great holiday gifts, perfect for Christmas!

15. Stained Glass Puzzle

They will have fun putting together this stained glass puzzle that truly looks magical. They can even decorate their walls with it. The puzzle is made out of plastic so it reflects light.

16. Quirky Home Decor Idea

A set of matchboxes with book names printed on them

A brilliant stocking stuffer inspired by famous books that will make a great home decor idea. The quirky matchboxes can be placed on a center table next to some candles, in the bathroom, smoking corner, etc.

Their fellow booklovers will be tempted to buy one for themselves too.

17. Book Inspired Hairclip

hairclip with books design

Eye-catching and adorable. Love this book design on the hairclip. A standout item that you will not find in a department store. 

18. Bedside Book Pyramid

open book laying upside down on a wooden pyramid

Another ingenious idea for the ones that still love that actual feel of the book in their hands. The book rest can be used to display a book or hold a page in the book. There is plenty of storage underneath for glasses and their phone. 

The simple book valet will look great next to their bed, reading corner, etc.

Slightly more expensive than other items on this gift guide but this will last them a lifetime and still look great.


I hope you found these Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for booklovers helpful!

The latest collection of stocking stuffers all book lovers would love to get this holiday season. Amaze them with these unique gifts perfect for any bookworm. If they love to read, these gifts are for them.

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