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Practical Gifts For Elderly They Will Appreciate (Nursing Home Friendly)

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Many times, we want to take something helpful for the elderly other than the standard flowers, but we can’t decide what to take! Which prompted me to create this gift guide for the elderly parents or grandparents packed full of gift ideas that will help them in more ways than just one. 

You can also take most of these gifts to the nursing home, assisted living home, retirement home, etc. These gifts are also perfect for special occasions like birthdays, their anniversary, Christmas, etc.

I divided this gift guide into practical gadgets, mental and emotional support gifts, and even some fun gift ideas because for some age is still just a number, not a condition!

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Practical Gadgets

Here are some practical gadget gift ideas that will help them live their daily life with more comfort and confidence.

1. Hands-Free Large Magnifying Glass

Do they like to read a lot but the aging eyes make it difficult to read? If yes, with this hands-free magnifying large glass they can enjoy reading again. The large magnifying glass also has LED lights to help with reading in the dark. 

The magnifying glass can be hung from the neck with the help of the attached string or it can stand over the document’s surface.

2. Portable Digital Magnifier

Another gadget that can help with reading and is portable is the digital magnifier.

This portable digital magnifier can zoom up to 16X, it can take and store pictures as well, and small enough to carry along wherever they go.

It will make it so much easier for them to read the fine print, etc. Great for anyone with Glaucoma or any other eye issues.

3. Motion Activated Bed Light

The motion sensor light will make getting up from bed at night to go to the bathroom, etc. a lot more comfortable and prevent unexpected injuries.

The LED light produces just enough light that is not as bright as regular light but allows the person to see the surroundings and avoid bumping into objects.

The motion-activated light is a smart product that comes with adjustable brightness and an automatic shut-off feature. It is a must-have product for an aging parent.

4. Fingerprint Sensor Lock

No more worries about losing keys or forgetting passwords.

The fingerprint sensor lock does not require them to carry keys or remember passwords. No more worrying about losing keys or forgetting passwords. As the name suggests, the lock only requires fingerprints.

The waterproof lock is made of metal- great for travel, indoor, or outdoor usage. 

5. Hands-Free Blow Dryer Holder

Holding a hairdryer while drying hair can sometimes feel heavy and cumbersome. If they haven’t installed a hairdryer mount yet, you must make them try it.

A hands-free hairdryer mount is one of those items the elderly feel they don’t need until they use it and then they just can’t stop raving about it.

They don’t need to settle for a short haircut or rely on saloon appointments to have their hair looking as good as they want it. The easy-to-install mount can be rotated to desired angles for effortless hair styling.

A useful everyday necessity your aging mom would love to use. 

6. Bedside Caddy

A bedside caddy is inexpensive, yet amazingly useful. The sleeve provides additional storage without taking too much space. It is easier to reach, and multiple compartments help keep everything neatly separated.

7. Bedside Shelf

The robust bamboo bedside shelf is not made of cheap plastic and it effortlessly attaches to the bed frame without damaging the bed.

It creates a whole lot of extra space, and it can also help separate things that will normally just end up in a pile on their nightstand like any electronics, medications, magazines, etc.

8. Electric One Hand Operated Mill Set

Before you begin to think it’s a regular run-of-the-mill set … (no pun intended), this set does not require two hands to operate it- just flip it upside down and it will automatically grind salt, pepper, spices, etc.

If your elderly father or mother has been complaining about pain in their wrist, shaky hands, or have restricted hand movements. This set is small and light enough to manage easily.

It will make their life so much easier.

All the great reviews on this electric grinder set are another reason why you should consider buying it.

9. Extendable Bed Rail

Loss of muscle and sometimes certain medication can cause disorientation making it difficult for seniors to get in and out of bed or pull themselves up to sit upon the bed.

A bed rail will help them get in and out of bed easily and prevent them from rolling off the bed while sleeping at home. A great safety measure for the aging parents who are receiving at-home care. An extendable bed rail like this one can be extended lengthwise at night and contracted during the day.

It will provide them safety and comfort, and yourself, peace of mind.

10. Large Display Clock

There are so many things that I like about this particular clock– the large display, non-abbreviated forms for the day, month, and time of the day, the inclusion of AM and PM, dark background to make it easier to read, etc.

It is one of the best gifts for anyone suffering from loss of memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

The best part is that the packaging for this clock EXCLUDES words like dementia, memory loss, etc. that most elderly might find embarrassing.

11. Web-Enabled Medical Tag

Much more superior to a regular medical bracelet. This web-enabled medical tag can be set up with the emergency contact and other important health-related information which can be easily accessed with just a scan.

Helpful during emergency situations for medical respondents, etc. Does not require any batteries and it is light enough to be carried in the wallet or worn on a necklace or bracelet.

12. Dressing Aid Assist Hook

It looks like a simple tool, but it is immensely helpful for anyone that has arthritis, weakness, or loss of feeling in their fingers. The Dressing Aid Assist hook can help them dress without asking for help. 

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13. Long Handle Shoehorn

Most shoehorns are made of flimsy plastic and require a person to bend down low to use them effectively, NOT this one.

The metal shoehorn is sturdy and long enough so they don’t need to bend down.

Great for anyone with hip or knee issues.

14. Safety Monitoring Button

This small device can be worn on a bracelet, kept in the pocket, wallet, etc. It can be easily programmed to send a pre-selected emergency response when in need.  

If you are always worried about their wellbeing when you are away, you can finally have some peace of mind. This little GPS alert device will make it so much easier for them to seek help when they can’t reach their phone.

Mental Health Gifts for Elderly

Here are some mental health gift ideas for the elderly that will bring them emotional relief, keep them sharp and mentally occupied. The ideas below are also great for the seniors who feel lonely when you can’t be there in person to support them.

15. Gratitude Journal

Are they going through a tough time mentally? Recovering from a loss, dealing with a health issue, or stepping into a new phase of life- like retirement, moving into an old age home, etc.? 

This gratitude journal is a 52-week guide that will help them focus on the positive, enjoy the simple things, take note of all the blessings, love, good relationships, and much more. 

The journal is very inexpensive yet powerful. Great for both men and women, even the ones who have never been fans of writing.

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16. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket has a lot of mental benefits. The weight from the blanket feels like a gentle hug. It helps create a sense of security.

Such blankets provide much-needed relief if they suffer from anxiety or have trouble falling asleep.

This weighted blanket keeps cool in summer. It is made with 100% cotton fabric and filled with safe hypoallergenic material. You can always choose the weight according to the recipient’s comfort.

17. Throw Blanket With Family Pictures

Grandkids are an eternal source of joy for any grandparent. If they can’t visit the grandmother or grandfather often, a personalized blanket or throw with pictures of their kids and grandkids will remind them daily how much they are loved and adored. 

18. Family Names LED Shadowbox

Another gift idea that will fill their heart with warmth is a personalized LED shadow box with names of loved ones. They can keep it next to their bed or on their table. 

This is also great if you are visiting them in an old age home. They would love to show it off to the fellow residents.

19. Bible Word Search Book

The perfect faith-based gift is also great for mental health. 

This large print Bible word search book is easy on the eyes and all the puzzles in the book are in an easy-to-understand two-page format. On the left, a biblical passage and an accompanying puzzle on the right side.

They can spend hours with this puzzle book.

You should also check out these faith-based gifts to find out other Christian gifts that an older adult would be happy to get.

20. Personalized Heart Puzzle

I realize it is the same concept as above but I couldn’t help adding the adorable heart-shaped puzzle with names of family members. I like the fact that it is colored and draws attention.

If their walls and tables are already full of family pictures, they would love this colorful addition.

21. Himalayan Salt Lamp

The salt lamps have been known to have healing effects. The warm amber glow from the lamp creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps the mind relax. 

This Himalayan salt lamp includes a dimmable switch to adjust the warmth and glow of the lamp and it is just the right size for keeping by their bedside. 

22. Soothing Inspirational Gift

Did you know that words and affirmations help restore positive feelings? A soothing worry stone they can carry in their pocket will be a constant reminder to be positive and take each day one step at a time.

Here are some practical things to take to the hospital for a man if you are visiting a loved one who is recovering in the hospital.

23. Healing Blanket For Parents Or Grandparents

I probably should have listed this thoughtful healing words blanket in the very beginning, but oh well! 

The blanket is a warm hug that wraps your loved one in a loving embrace when you can’t be there in person.

You should read all the encouraging positive words written on these blankets! The recipient will love it.

The company has these blankets in different colors that have their own significance. It is a thoughtful gift idea even for a senior who is bedridden.

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24. Angel Wings Candle Holder

If they are spiritually or religiously inclined, an angel wings candle holder is a thoughtful gift they will love to get.

The candle holder makes a great holiday gift or birthday gift. Don’t forget to add some tea light candles along with the holders.

Fun Gifts

I wanted to include some gifts for the young at heart seniors that enjoy a good laugh, and live life to it’s fullest.

25. Funny Recovery T-shirt

Are they currently recovering from surgery at their house or nursing home? This funny t-shirt will help them lighten up and laugh a little.

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26. Adult Activity Book

Do they have a funny bone? This activity book for adults will have them laughing hard. The book is a collection of 100 activities for adults like coloring, Sudoku, word searches, mazes, math logic, spot the difference, etc.

It will keep them busy for a long time.

27. Family Tote Bag

A perfect companion for their grocery trips and errands. The bag will make them feel your love even when you are miles apart. 

The cotton canvas tote bag is a useful gift made special with personalized family names. It is machine washable and looks great.

28. Letter Book Set

Meaningful and sentimental, this gift will help create lasting memories that you and your mother can cherish. The beautiful book set contains 40 cards for mothers and daughters to share and preserve in this book. 

It is a great way of creating memories and keepsakes. The creator of this book set came up with this book after losing her mother to cancer and noticing a lack of keepsakes that she could hang on to.

It is certainly a quality gift that has a lot of thought behind it.

29. Photo Collage Calendar

Is it a secret that grandparents just adore family pics with their kids and grandkids in them? The family photo collage calendar is very inexpensive but it is the perfect heartwarming gift.

You can even send them one every year with current pictures.

Great for grandparents that live far away or even close by!

30. Sentimental Gift

The fill-in-the-blank style book is so easy to fill for young kids. The prompts in the book help kids make the book so much fun for grandma to read.

You can find a similar book for grandpa as well.

31. Birthday Gift from Grand Kids

The personalized flower planter is an adorable gift that the grandparents will love to use. It will look great wherever they place it. A great birthday gift idea for grandma who has everything.


I hope you found this nursing home friendly gift guide for elderly parents/ grandparents helpful.

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The most practical gift ideas for the elderly parents or grandparents that are helpful and fun. Show them you care with these inexpensive, yet thoughtful unique gadgets and mental health gifts for seniors. Heartwarming gifts you can also take these to nursing home or old age home.

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