college graduation gift for him

21 College Graduation Gifts Every Guy Wants to Get

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It is not easy to find the perfect gift for guys especially if you are looking for a college graduation gift for him that is affordable, useful and something that acknowledges his achievement.

But you will change your mind once you see these handpicked ideas that not only fit the occasion but something that he will cherish long after the celebrations are done and forgotten.

It is easy to think about gadgets, expensive electronics, etc. when picking a gift for guys. But in this gift guide, I wanted to keep the focus on things that are more meaningful and inspirational.

If you are looking for something that is different from the gifts other graduates in his class would get, then you are in the right place.

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college graduation gift for him

Useful College Graduation Gifts

Leather Tray

leather tray personalized

He is stepping into a new stage of adulthood that deserves a taste of the finer things like this custom leather tray.

It will look great anywhere in the house and it is a long-lasting gift. You can also add his grad school logo on the tray at no extra charge. This tray also comes in three different colors.

Business Portfolio

Is he preparing for interviews or already set to join an employer? If yes, he will appreciate this professional-looking leather business portfolio that looks much better than a regular portfolio.

A small boost of confidence for him.

I chose a leather portfolio that has a lot of pockets for all his stuff and a notepad inside. It looks so classy, and it is of great quality. Something he can use for life. But it is a little on the pricey side.

If you want something that is more budget-friendly, then check out this other great looking portfolio.

portfolio for new graduates

Is he starting a new job soon? Check out these new job congratulations gift ideas that he will be thrilled to get.

An Extraordinary Book

He will get a lot of things on this day but none as impactful and life-changing as this book. Not an expensive gift but it’s value will be felt much beyond what you paid for it. The spectacular reviews from all the readers confirm this.

In this book, a Navy Seal reveals 10 basic lessons on how to overcome challenges, deal with hardships, and make tough decisions in life. It is full of practical advice, wisdom, and encouragement that will fill anyone with inspiration to achieve more even when they are going through a hard time.

He would certainly find it useful for life ahead.

Gift Box with Essentials

graduation gift basket for him

Usually, men’s gift baskets are lame but not this one. He will appreciate this gift basket so much!

Perfect for a guy who is about to join the workforce. This basket is packed full of essentials that will make him look his best such as a tie, cufflinks, tie clips, luxury watch, dress socks, and so much more. Check this one out.

Graduation Gift from Parents

Exploding Money Box

graduation explosion gift box

I am sure you have seen these exploding congratulation boxes everywhere; they are a rage and rightly so. They are such an experience!

With this particular box, you have the option to add a money sleeve inside in case you are planning to give some cash or order it without one.

You can also add your own text, the logo of his college, his name, and so much more.

The seller gives plenty of options for you to make it truly as customized as possible for the recipient which is amazing.

Engraved Heart Token

heart token

A beautiful heart token that tells him to follow his heart. The engraved token can be personalized with his name, any 3 lines of text, and an ending statement.

A sentimental gift from parents or grandparents he will love to carry around in his pocket or display it where he can glance at it from time to time.

It is also the perfect emotional going away gift for a new graduate moving out to a new place for work, etc.

Leather Messenger Bag

leather messenger bag for him

It is not cheap, but he will definitely enjoy using a sturdy leather bag to carry his laptop, work documents, etc. It is a great looking shoulder bag that any young guy would appreciate.

It stands apart from the rest of the shoulder bags and backpacks. Makes a bold statement. He will love carrying it to work.

Keepsake College Graduation Gifts

Dorm/ Desk Décor

congratulations grad gift

A small reminder of his milestone achievement. The hanging graduation cap in the vial with gold glitter will look great anywhere he decides to display it… his desk, living room, etc.

One thing is for sure even it is not a functional gift it will not be tossed away because it is so darn creative, and it completely makes sense. You can also add a sweet message for him in the vial before gifting.

Such ideas make a great gift for a friend, nephew, etc.

Graduate Poster

personalized poster

He will have so much fun reading everything on this poster. There are many posters like these that you can easily customize but I love that you can also add a picture of his happy face here.

Metal Fortune Cookie Box

gold fortune cookie gift

Hide a sweet future prediction for him in this metal fortune cookie box. This gold fortune cookie box fits the occasion so well! It is not a gimmicky product; it is actually a storage box!

This trinket box comes in two colors- gold and silver.

You can also fill this up with some candy. It is an adorable gift he will love to show off on his new work desk, etc. He can also use this small trinket box as a paperweight!

College Mascot Pillow

college motif pillow

A pillow with a logo of his college or college mascot is a gift he will keep close to his heart forever.

College Map Pillow

college map pillow

I know I already added a throw pillow to the list but honestly the uniqueness of this map pillow made me add this one to the list as well.

He probably knows the directions and the map of his college by heart but nonetheless, this will bring back fond memories every time he sees it.

College Memories Blanket

college personalized blanket

This blanket can be completely personalized, yes, each and every detail. That is why people love personalized gifts, they speak to the recipient personally.

The blanket will serve as a reminder of all his accomplishments in his college years. He will feel a lot of emotions coming through when he opens this custom blanket and reads every word.

As he leaves his student life behind and starts his professional journey, the young graduate will feel proud and confident every time he wraps himself in this blanket.


coordinates keychain

Want to gift him something he can carry with him all the time? If yes, you have to check out this stunning keychain that will be uniquely made for him.

This stainless steel and leather keychain is handcrafted and personalized one at a time. It can be engraved with his name, coordinates of his home (if he is moving away) or his college, line of text, etc.

The day will come and go but he will always have something to remember all the celebrations with a thoughtful gift, like this.

Funny Graduation Gift

Funny T-shirt

Not into emotional or sentimental stuff and want to give something that will have him laughing hard? Here is a funny gift that he will love to rock after the college days are over.

The funny t-shirt is 100% cotton and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks.

Hilarious Shaker

funny graduate shaker

He will burst out laughing when he opens his gift.

Great for hot or cold drinks the portable shaker will keep this master’s degree holder laughing. I love all three of them.

Featured on Shark Tank, this metal shaker (NOT plastic) features an airtight flip-up tab, is sweatproof, and has a hole in the center for a straw. It can keep his drink hot or cold for 12+ hours so he can take his drink or protein shake to work, to the gym, on his run, etc.

Graduation Gifts for Boyfriend

Chocolate Box

chocolate dipped oreo congratulations gift

A box full of yummy treats is irresistible, especially if it is Oreos dipped in chocolate. Yes, my mouth is watering too!

Send him a box full of celebration with this congrats chocolate box that will not be opened and left on the counter- these will be gone in 60 seconds… okay, maybe 5 minutes…

An amazing gift idea that will make him feel nice especially if you cannot join the celebration in person.

Congrats Coffee Spoon

congratulations spoon

A coffee spoon, but not an ordinary one. The congrats spoon will bring a smile to his face every time he uses it for scooping his breakfast cereal, soups, ice cream, etc., etc.

Not that he does not have plenty of spoons in the kitchen. But THIS spoon is not something he will pick up without thinking about all the celebrations and joy of his graduation day.

Instagram Frame

couple photo wooden frame

A great way to wish him congratulation and make it seem so personal and romantic is to get a cool picture of your boyfriend and you printed on this Instagram styled wooden frame with a sweet caption telling him how proud you are of him and wish him so much luck and happiness in future.

Chocolate Bouquet

chocolate bouquet

No celebration is complete without some tasty treats and flowers. And this one superbly combines the two together- it will catch everyone’s attention.

He will receive plenty of flower bouquets (even if he does not like getting flowers), but none will surprise and make him go ‘wow’ like this superb chocolate bouquet.

You can have this bouquet made in his favorite color and choose from three different sizes – the bigger the bouquet the more chocolates for him! I bet he will hold this bouquet in all his pictures.

Personalized Leather Strap

custom camera strap

While the entire world congratulates him and sends him gifts related to college and work-life ahead, make your gift stand out by appreciating his other interests in life as well.

If he is into photography this personalized leather strap for his camera will bring a big smile to his face. Add a heartwarming message or a funny one but let him know you are very happy for him.

Here are some more exciting gift ideas for him under $25

Engraved Lighter

customized lighter

There are so many options when it comes to customizing this lighter. The black stainless-steel oil lighter looks expensive and it is compact so it can easily fit into his back pocket, wallet, etc.

It will always remind him of your love when he uses it.


I hope you found the perfect graduation gift for him from this list. Most ideas on this list are affordable and under $100. No matter the recipient- son, nephew, grandson, boyfriend, etc., he will absolutely love these.

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