As much as he is looking forward to the birth of his baby, labor and delivery are one of his topmost worries at the moment. So, get him this armband with labor tips inserts for the man that will help him lighten up and feel prepared when the time comes. The inserts include good advice, but you also have the option to personalize it so write up some witty tips and tricks for him.

Funny Gifts for New Dads That Promise to Make Him Laugh Out Loud

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He is going to a dad soon and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a gag gift for the new dads that are outrageously funny.

Truth be told, it is just the moms who get all the attention during pregnancy, and then afterward when the baby finally arrives everybody’s attention just shifts to the baby, what’s a dad to do?

Therefore, I created a list of silly and funny ideas that will make him feel special too, even if it will make everyone laugh at his own expense.

I included ideas that will suit a variety of occasions such as a baby shower, his birthday, first Father’s Day, gift from wife, and even congratulations gift.

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Funny Father’s Day Gift for New Dad

Here are some funny father’s day gift ideas for the expectant dad to be.

As much as he is looking forward to the birth of his baby, labor and delivery are one of his topmost worries at the moment. So, get him this armband with labor tips inserts for the man that will help him lighten up and feel prepared when the time comes. The inserts include good advice, but you also have the option to personalize it so write up some witty tips and tricks for him.

1. Funny Handbook for New Dads

He probably feels like a bundle of nerves and confusion worried about what type of father he will turn out to be. Gift him a helpful guide that will fill him up with the confidence he needs.

The book is full of practical tips that would help him MacGyver his way out of any and every situation the new baby throws at him, like, how to construct an emergency diaper out of a towel and duct tape, how to stay awake or upright at work after a sleepless night, etc.…

All the important stuff he never thought he needed to know until the wife told him she is pregnant!

2. Funny Money Clip

I am sure everyone will agree with what the clip reads. This money clip will not fail to make him chuckle.

The perfect gift idea for your son or a friend if he is about to have a girl. He splurged on his queen and now he gets to splurge on his little princess.

The clip is very inexpensive, just under $15 but the price tag definitely won’t matter once you see him laugh till he cries!

3. 50 Dad Jokes Button

We all remember our dad’s good and bad, often repeated to death, jokes. And just like every other father out there, now it is time he gets his own set of dad jokes to tell.

The most essential gift for a new dad that will set him off on the right track to fatherhood. The talking button has over 50 jokes to make him and everyone in the family crack up.

It is portable, so he can even take it to work to share these awesome jokes with his coworkers once all the family members refuse to listen to these jokes anymore.

4. Trump Tumbler

trump tumbler funny

No matter which side of politics you or he stand on, you cannot deny the writing on this tumbler will make anyone laugh out loud. Plus, deep down every man wants to hear these words.

5. Coffee Mug

Okay, SO I am not big on adding coffee mugs to my gift guides unless it is truly something that catches my attention and this hilarious mug managed to do just that.

It is a reminder of all the things our fathers told us ALL the time. Now it is his turn!  A fantastic gift from parents to their son. He will probably blush… A LOT!

Funny Baby Shower Gift for New Fathers

Make the father to be feel extra special too with these hilarious baby shower gifts.

6. Bottle Holster

beer holster for men

His hands will be full all the time with a baby in his arms- feeding the baby, playing with the baby, carrying the baby, putting the baby to sleep…

He will need to grow one more hand to handle his beer or he can simply use a bottle holster that actually works. This handmade leather holster can be customized with initials for free.

Now he can carry the baby, walk the dog, and enjoy his favorite drink at the same time, responsibly.

He can probably try carrying baby’s milk bottle in it too, hey…anything that makes him feel and look like the coolest dad on the block!

7. Amusing Beer Candle

soy beer candle

Hand-poured soy wax candle that looks almost like the real deal. He will do a double-take when he opens this gift.

He will probably miss a lot of beer nights out in the town with friends, but he can at least have the comfort of a beer candle around him.

The seller has a variety of selection to choose from so contact them if you want a different beer or drink candle for him. They also have 40 different scents to choose from so you are sure to find something that will make a great fit for him.

P.S: I checked their listing and they do not have the soiled diaper scent.

8. Hilarious Baby Bodysuit

Mom has got it right now let’s make sure the nervous first-time dad gets 100 out of 100 when it comes to dressing up the baby.

This cute bodysuit is perfect for the baby shower so all the men in the guests can chime in with their own experiences, and suggestions for him. It comes in gender-neutral colors as well.

Dads always get a bad rap for things such as changing the diaper or dressing up the baby. This one will solve at least one problem.

9. Funny Shot Bottle Tags

funny first year bottle labels for new father

If you want a gift that will last him a year at least than check out these unique shot bottle tags, which in summary are a snapshot of things to come. The tags celebrate each milestone of the baby’s and the parent’s first year.

I especially love the ‘first time getting peed on’ and ‘first explosive poop’, lol.

The kit comes complete with mini bottle tags and twine. All you have to do is to buy small liquor bottles. Perfect team gift for a male coworker who is going to become a father soon.

10. Beer Labels

beer bottle labels for baby shower

Here is another idea, just like the one above, but these labels will fit regular sized beer bottles if you are planning to carry a case of beer for his baby shower.

11. Stress Buster Game

It is no brainer that he will have less time to spend outdoors playing sports with his friends now but with this mini basketball game, he can keep playing at home when he can catch a break.

It is an ideal gift for a new dad who is always holding the baby with only one hand free for everything else.

He can enjoy it at home or at work when he is bored missing his baby.

12. Novelty Mug

Before you roll your eyes thinking not another coffee mug.

This coffee mug is full of creative dad jokes that had me laughing. It is a great way to start the morning right for the guy who is already embracing the new stage of life and loves to make everyone laugh.

13. Exercise Block

Dad bod or not, with this exercise block he no longer has an excuse! He can work out in the comfort of his house while multitasking.

He can walk around leisurely or run fast to get his cardio fix. This block will make him feel fit every day.

14. Poop Shoot

Every dad needs this poop shoot in their life, so he gets the perfect score every time he has to toss a soiled diaper into the bin.

Great for practicing hand-eye coordination, while perfecting his basketball shots, this game will keep him, and the family entertained. He will thank you for this wonderful addition.

15. Poop Stress Ball

Baby’s poop becomes such an integral part of life for all new parents. This poop emoji will prepare him for those overflowing diaper days. He will no longer be afraid of poopy duty.

On days when he is stressed out, he can squeeze this poop stress ball for instant relief.

16. Survival Kit for New Father

new dad survival kit bag

Their whole world is going to feel like it has turned upside down and a survival kit is what he will need to reach for.

You can fill this dad emergency kit with all sorts of items such as chocolate, gift card, small alcohol bottles, etc.  

New Dad Gift from Wife

Here are some rib-tickling new dad gifts from the wife that is perfect for any occasion.

17. Toilet Timer

Time management will have a new meaning in life when the baby enters the picture. No more loafing around in the bathroom spending time on his phone.

The timer will make sure he is efficient with his business and available for baby duty asap. The timer sets for 5 minutes at a time, which is a dad’s book is plenty of time to accomplish big tasks.

A funny baby shower or Father’s Day gift from wife to husband. Hilarious and also useful from a wife’s perspective, no doubt!

Gift ideas for father under $25 from grown kids

18. Daddy’s Medicine Glass

Each day with a new baby is full of learning and it can be exhausting too. He deserves to catch a break in the evening and recharge himself with a cold glass of beer, just as good as any other medicine.

19. Exaggerated Poopy Duty Kit

diaper changing kit for dads

If he is anxious about the poopy duty than this exaggerated diaper changing kit will put his mind at ease. The kit includes all the necessary tools he will need to perform this complex task with precision.

20. Baby’s Operating Manual

Full of funny, yet useful information, he will not be able to put this one down once he starts reading it.

Great for a geek, as the book is full of step-by-step troubleshooting instructions and schematic diagrams, such as ‘when to bring a baby to doctor for servicing’, etc. Made to lighten up the stress!

Yes, a book is not an expensive gift but all the amazing book reviews from the customers will make you change your mind. The book is written by a pediatrician, so you know the advice is accurate.

21. Call of Doody Kit

funny apron for dad

If you want to plan a superb pregnancy reveal for him and want to put together a cute kit but don’t have time to do so than check out this diaper doody kit that is full of all the somewhat exaggerated essentials like an apron, goggles, face mask, gloves, etc.

The look on his face will be priceless!

22. Can Cooler

beer can cooler

A lovely prop to include in your pregnancy photoshoot or to surprise him with pregnancy reveal. He will love to show off this can cooler to all his friends and family.

You can personalize this with the text and color combination of your choice. 

23. Baby Daddy Matching Sets

They say- like father, like baby…

Get him ready for the most adorable baby and daddy pics with some funny matching outfits.

I love both ‘gin and juice’ and ‘couch potato tater-tot’ sets. They come in a variety of colors.

Also, check out these amazing Father’s Day gift ideas that are memorable and thoughtful.

24. Father’s Day Spoon

funny spoon for fathers

The hand-stamped spoon is a fantastic idea if you are looking for a cute Father’s Day gift for the dad-to-be. He will enjoy the spoon every single day till the baby arrives and even afterward!

25. Labor & Delivery Tips Armband

labor tips armband for guys

As much as he is looking forward to the birth of his baby, labor and delivery are one of his topmost worries at the moment. So, get him this armband with labor tips inserts for the man that will help him lighten up and feel prepared when the time comes.

The inserts include good advice, but you also have the option to personalize it so write up some witty tips and tricks for him.


I hope you were able to find the perfect comical gift for the first time father from this list.

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