vodka cocktails for the party

21 Party Pleaser Vodka Cocktails That Are Total Game Changers

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Looking for that perfect vodka cocktail that will win you accolades in your next party? If you screamed yes, then throw away those lame shot glasses you have been using for boring vodka shots with lime (that is me, honestly… oops!) and check out these game-changer 21 cocktails that will have your guests asking for the recipe for days.

Vodka Cocktails for All Occasions

vodka cocktails for the party

1. Raspberry and Orange Screwdriver

raspberry and orange screwdriver

I love how Jen from uses a classic screwdriver as a base to create this mouthwatering drink that I am almost too tempted to start my weekend morning with.

Ingredients include orange juice and raspberry simple syrup, etc., and don’t forget to check out the equally delish garnish idea at amagicalmess!

2. Blue Mule Cocktail

blueberry mule cocktail

If you want to show off your bar skills with a dazzling blue drink that will make everyone go WOW than this one from Ann at annsentitledlife is it.

Honestly, I never would have imagined adding blueberries to my drinks, even though I am a fan. By the way, if you have some Blue Curacao in your cabinet, now you know what to do with it!

3. Blueberry Breeze Cooler

blueberry breeze cooler

Another fascinating drink from Ann at annsentitledlife is this blueberry breeze cooler. Don’t know about you but any drink that has ‘cooler’ in it’s name is definitely making it to my summer cocktail list.

This one also uses some blueberries and I am digging it.

4. Turkish Delight Cocktail

turkish delight cocktail

The name had me at Turkish delight, to be very honest! But the fact that it is a cocktail recipe had me clicking on the link faster than my mind could process it, and I DID NOT regret it.

P.S: If you love pomegranates, you will love this one. Check it out at attachmentmummy.

5. Kiwi Lemonade

kiwi lemonade

I have never been a big fan of kiwis but I am a big FAN of lemonade, and this refreshing recipe is going to make me fall in love with kiwi too because now that I think of it- the sweet and tangy taste of kiwi will go so well with the lemonade.

Check it out at sweetandsavorybyshinee.

6. Loquat Vodka Cocktail

loquat cocktail

Fruity cocktails are one of my favorite things about summer and if, like me, you are in search of something unique and different than you have to check this easy loquat cocktail recipe from littlesunnykitchen.

7. Peach Arnold Palmer

peach arnold palmer

A mouthwatering twist to an iced sweet tea. This combination of sweet tea and lemonade is the quintessential summertime drink.

I could even enjoy it just by myself soaking up the sun and reading a book. Check out the full recipe at kellystilwell.

8. Italian Orange Cream Cocktail

italian soda orange cream

Refreshing is the first word that comes to my mind when I think oranges. If you love expanding your drink collection than you should difnitely consider tangerine Italian soda. Jen shows you the perfect way to use it to make this delicious cocktail at amagicalmess.

9. Ginger Pear Vodka Martini

ginger pear vodka martini

Another fab cocktail with peaches, and a touch of ginger spice. I can enjoy this one all year around, but for some it might be for cooler days.

If you are not too familiar with vodka- differentiating between good and bad- then Matt makes our lives easier by mentioning which one to pick. Check out the complete recipe at platingpixels.

10. Cherry Vodka Sour with Mint and Blueberry

vodka sour

If you love a vodka sour or trying to learn how to make one properly that will have your guests asking for the recipe than check out the perfect way to make one with tips from Amy at diycandy. P.S: She has sour recipes with and without egg whites.

11. Healthy Less-Guilt Infused Vodkas

infused vodka recipes

If you thought vodka+ healthy+ less guilt recipe was a unicorn, you would be as surprised (pleasantly) as I was! No matter if you are going through a health issue, following a certain diet, lifestyle, etc, or not, a cocktail that does not require lot of ingredients and sugars is definitely something worth trying.

Check out the amazing ways Jennifer at regainyoursparkle prepares all her amazing infused vodka flavors.

12. Bourbon Root Beer Float

bourbon root beer float

If you can’t decide between a dessert and a cocktail, why not combine the two!! I would tell you that with ingredients like Bourbon cream and vanilla carmel gelato, you can’t go wrong. Check out the steps and measurements at tonyastaab.

13. Chocolate Martini

chocolate martini

I probably have your full attention with these two words- chocolate and martini.

For me it is the perfect date night drink. I am glad that the drink looks like it takes a lot of work, but Brenda simplifies it, even encouraging to swap out a few ingredients with something that is more appealing to you.

If you have a date night coming up, don’t wait and bookmark this drink at becomebetty.

14. Vodka Party Punch

vodka party punch

A fruit punch for the summer parties that is perfect for the adults- this one has me dreaming of all the pool parties already!

For one, it is very simple to make and two, it uses Hawaiian punch that I find super refreshing even without any alcohol in it. Check out the full recipe at missinthekitchen.

15. Fuzzy Kombucha

buzzy kombucha

The health benefits of kombucha are well known. BUT I never thought of trying it- because of me not embracing the healthy eating and living life until now, guilty!

I am happy to see a cocktail recipe that will not make me feel as guilty of chugging down two or three cocktails in one sitting. If you love Kombucha or thinking of trying it than check out this recipe at naturaldeets.

16. Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

watermelon vodka cocktail

Nothing screams summer like watermelon! The most summer essential fruit for me, personally that I will be happy to use in cocktail recipe as well. Check out this mouthwatering treat at aprilgolightly.

17. Chai Spice White Russian

chai spice white russian

If you know me, then you know how much I love chai spice. It is a love-affair that is not destined to end anytime soon so I was super thrilled to come across this genius white Russian cocktail that uses chai spiced cream… yumm!!

Check out the full recipe at thespicetrain.

18. Melon Cocktail Recipe

melon orange cocktail

I have to give this one extra brownie points for the presentation. It is just the drink I would love to serve my girls at our book club or ladies night. The ingredients include cantaloupe, orange juice, lemon, vodka, etc.

Don’t know about you but after this I will never be able to pass cantaloupe at my grocery store without grabbing one!! Check out the full recipe at scrappygeek.

19. Blackberry Lemon Bramble

blackberry lemon bramble

A cocktail recipe that uses blackberries and limoncello should certainly be on your top things to try this summer list.

At least this one gave me an idea what do with my Limoncello instead of just drinking it straight out of a shot glass. Check it out at createyum.

20. Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch

cranberry Ginger Ale Punch

It is the perfect crowd pleaser for the holiday season, so if Christmas is not around the corner yet you would want to bookmark this one to get back to it later.

I love that the ingredients are simple and easy to find. And the ginger ale makes it really refreshing. Check it out at sweetandsavorybyshinee.

21. Cranberry Moscow Mule

cranberry moscow mule

Holiday season is full of cranberry goodness and if you wanted to kick up the traditional Moscow mule a bit for your parties than check out this easy drink recipe at nelliebellie.

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21 vodka cocktails great for all occasions

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