White Rum Cocktail Recipes

Party-Ready White Rum Cocktails You Should Be Serving Your Guests

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In the mood for a yummy white rum cocktail infused with all the goodness of fruits or planning to throw a party and need a kick ass white rum cocktail recipe that will earn you compliments? I got ya, I have scoured the internet to find recipes so you don’t have to get lost in the sea of recipes to find the perfect winner that hits the spot!

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Lime In The Coconut

The visually stunning drink is just as delicious as it is pleasing to the eye. Not as colorful as some of the others, but it will no doubt stand out in the crowd. And if you’re wondering about that rim… it is made of toasted coconut, yumm! 

Check it out atA Turtles Life For Me

Rhubarb Mojito

I am always up for trying unique flavor and rhubarb is one of those under appreciated vegetables that most people don’t know what to do with so imagine how surprised everyone would be when you tell them the drink they have been gushing over is made of rhubarb! …Go TRY it!

Check it out atRecipes From A Pantry

Watermelon, Thyme, And White Rum

If you thought thyme was just for garnishing your cocktail, you will be blown away by this watermelon sour recipe with thyme infused syrup. The syrup brings out the flavor of thyme to complement the watermelon. It is an additional step to make the syrup, but it is definitely worth it.

Check it out atRenanas Kitchen

Lightened Pina Colada

The light and coconuty pina colada is the only reason a super hot summer day can seem bearable. And it is an even bigger relief that this lightened recipe will make anyone feel less guilty about having a few of these on a hot day.

Check it out atSpa Bettie

Grapefruit Strawberry Mojito

I am stoked to include all the fun twists on mojitos in this post. This one is so easy on flavor and did I say I love strawberries and grapefruit! Most pople have love hate relationship with grapefruit, and if you happen to be a fan give this one a try.

Now if I can only get my drinks to look this pretty, off to get some flowers!

Check it out atRhubarbarians

Thai Basil Cocktail

Walk into any fancy New York City bar and chances are you will find some variation of this popular drink on their cocktail menu, which led me to seek out the best recipe that will satisfy my taste buds and also keep my wallet healthy.

Perfect for anyone who prefers spicy over sweet or is a big fan of thai food.

Check it out atVintage Kitty

Old Cuban -Holiday Favorite

This delicious beauty will definitely make a big splash during the holiday parties. Pull out a big grazing table with meats, cheese, crackers, etc and serve it up with a pear old cuban. I have to admit I am a big fan of party drinks that come with a well paired edible garnish, they look classy and well thought!

Check it out atWe Are Not Martha

Malibu Bay Breeze

Beginner friendly with layers of flavors, this sweet and tart Malibu Bay Breeze makes me dream of sitting by the pool and chilling with my people. It is the perfect blend of a pineapple, cranberry cocktail, and coconut rum.

Check it out at becomebetty

Lemongrass Kaffir Lime Mojito

I love the fragrance of lemongrass, kafir lime, and ginger in my food but never thought of enjoying the same ingredients in a drink until I came across this beauty.

Check it out atDelicious Everyday

Blackberry Mojito

If you needed one more reason and way to enjoy blackberries, then this recipe is a must for you. A classic Mojito is everyone’s favorite, healthier than the usual drinks at the bar and so many ways to flavor it.

If you haven’t tried blackberries in your drink yet, knock yourself out with this one out.

Check it out atSimply Made Recipes

Skinny Peach Mojitos

I have not found too many great tasting drinks with peaches in them, but THIS ONE got me hooked!

This skinny peach Mojito does not only have fruit in it but the recipe also makes it healthier than the usual. With this one you’ll be able to please even that one guest who comes to the party and declare they are on a diet… yikes!

Check it out atDiary Of A Debutante

Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava

Passion fruit is one of my top favorites when it comes to exotic fruits, yes I said exotic because it is so darn difficult to find. I was elated to find Sandi’s recipe that has passion fruit juice (store-bought) in it, and she even lists the BRAND that has it so you know where to look!

Check it out atFearless Dining

Mojito Elderflower Cooler

If you have been fixing regular Mojitos for a while now, this is the time to switch it up! Elderflower syrup will certainly spike curiosity of all the guests!

The trick to making the perfect Elderflower drink is not to douse the drink with the syrup but to add just enough… how much is enough? Check out the detailed recipe below for that.

Check it out atSlow The Cook Down

Sangria With Rum For The Crowd

Hosting a big crowd? This white wine Sangria loaded with fruits will make them feel less guilty having a third, fourth … serving. Pour in some good white wine for good friends … and cheap wine for… just kidding! 

Check it out atSlow The Cook Down

Pineapple Coconut Malibu Rum

A light summery drink that is so delicious it can probably be served up as mocktail if you skip the alcohol part. A big glass of this cocktail in my hand and a hammock is all I need to just chill. I know what am I doing with the tall glasses this summer!

Check it out atTikkido

Cherry Rum & Coke

The mouthwatering cherry, coke and rum looks like it took a lot of prep to make but this simple recipe will have you serve it up in minutes. I am happy to find a drink where cherry is not just the garnish but an actual ingredient. 

Check it out atWe Are Not Martha

Spicy Sangria

This recipe will have a spicy drinks fan do a double take. If you have never imagined adding heat to your white rum and wine sangria, then you have to give this one a try.

Check it out atDash Of Jazz

Rum And Cranberry Sparkler

If you are looking to surprise family and friends during holiday season with a drink that will have them asking you for the recipe, this cranberry sparkler made with homemade syrup is the perfect idea.

Check it out atFearless Dining

Long Island Party Starter

Can’t go wrong with a long island iced tea! If you like something on a more stronger side, this is the one to try. A carefully measured mix of Vodka, gin, white rum, triple sec, limeade, and cola, the drink is definitely the one to savor slowly.

Check it out atCrayons And Cravings

Dole Whip Cocktail

I hear pineapple, coconut and rum and immediately I start to dream of Hawaii. But this drink is more than that. The selection of fruit really makes a big difference in a rum cocktail, and if you want to spruce up your classic drink take a look at this recipe.

Check it out atA Turtles Life For Me


Hooe you enjoyed browsing through all the sweet, spicy, tart, exotic and yummy cocktails you can make with white rum and addition of some type of fruit.

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21 Mouthwatering white rum cocktails infused with fruits and herbs. Perfect for parties, these cocktails will be a crowd favorite. Grapefruit, pineapple, elderflower, simple syrup recipes that are sweet. tangy and spicy.

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