To the man who has been your rock all these years, there is no better time than father’s day to say you are thankful and blessed to have a father like him. If you want to give a father's day gift that your father can use in his daily life that also reminds him of your love then you are at the right place...

Memorable, Fun And Heartfelt Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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To the man who has been your rock all these years, there is no better time than father’s day to remind him how much you love him and say you are thankful and blessed to have a father like him with a meaningful father’s day gift.

There is no shortage of gifts on the market but it doesn’t help make up our minds about what to give. If you really want to gift something that your father can use in his daily life and reminds him of your love, then you are at the right place.

I have made sure to include some personalized gifts, fun and unique gifts, funny gifts, handmade gifts and even health & fitness related father’s day gift ideas.

I will start first with the gifts that you can personalize, it’s amazing how a few heartfelt written words can make a gift all the more special!

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Personalized Gifts For Father

There are many ways to convey your feelings through a gift, and personalized gifts are the way to go if you want to express your love with a few heartfelt words.

You are not restricted to a mono sentence like I love you, dad! You have the choice to engrave more meaningful sentences like – “I feel blessed to have you as my father”.

Here are a few suggestions for the ones who are never short of words when it comes to expressing their feelings! These gifts not only stand out but also make an amazing father’s day gift.

#1 Personalized Valet Box

Now he will have a proper space to store all the small items that tend to get lost a lot. The valet tray box has plenty of space to store his daily use glasses keys, watch, and even loose change!

makes it easier to store these daily use items so they stay perfect as long as possible.

#2 Personalized Mug

Can any person ever have enough beer mugs?

A fitting mug for his beer. You can personalize this beer mug with a title and two lines of text.

#3 Cushion With Pockets

A practical idea that is gift worthy and useful. He will never lose the TV remote again! Every one will enjoy this soft pocket pillow cushion.

#4 Personalized Ammo Box

Great for anyone with a army background, likes to hunt, etc. The ammo box looks and feels original. He will absolutely be blown away with this box. You can fill it with is favorite beer, etc., to make it even more awesome.

#5 Personalized T-Shirt

Is he an avid golfer? If yes, you need to check out this premium leather golf log book that is compact enough to carry in his back pocket or golf bag and it is refillable so he can continue using it for a long time.

The book comes in three shades. He will be very satisfied with this small affordable gift.

#6 Personalized T-Shirt

This is to remind your dad how much you love him not just on father’s day but every day! Gift him something that he can wear proudly around the house or while running errands.

There are many services online that will print personalized text on hoodies/ sweatshirt/ t-shirts etc.

You can choose your own text. It doesn’t have to be something sentimental necessarily, it can also be his favorite lines that he says often, his words of wisdom or even lines from his favorite TV show.

Whenever he wears it he will be reminded of your love. I am sure you will see him wear this hoodie just about all the time really.

Fun And Unique Gifts

Father’s Day brings our sentiments in all of us, it sounds emotional but that doesn’t mean there are no fun ways to express these emotions. Fun gifts are just those- no need for words, but they will still express your love for the crazy fun chemistry you share with your father. 

If you love to make your dad laugh then a funny father’s day gift is what you need to buy.

#7 Funny Dad Jokes Book

A book full of dad jokes is not only going to make your dad laugh but the entire family as well. This gift is a wonderful idea to keep your dad and family laughing at the silly yet hilarious jokes for days.

#8 Funny Beer Glass

I know I included beer glass idea already, but if you were looking to gift him something really funny that he will use often, and hence laugh often, then  check out this funny dumbell beer glass below. Every one would want one when they see it.

And this hilarious beer glass below that I could not help adding to this list. This glass would also make a funny Christmas present that would have him cracking up all the time.

#9 T-shirt

T-shirts are the easiest gift but you can make this simple idea into a fun idea by gifting a t-shirt that has a bit of fun text. I love the message on this T-shirt it’s a bit funny alright but it’s kind of true as well … 70% Patience and 100% Love.

This T-shirt is going to get your father a lot of chuckles and compliments from everyone.

#10 Dad’s Ice-cream Plow Spoon

Who doesn’t love ice-cream?

We have all been guilty of using our spoons like plows when it comes to ice cream. This spoon just says it out loud!

All of us can probably buy one these ice cream plow spoons for ourselves too! But since you are contemplating buying a gift for your father at the moment let’s just leave this one for him.

The Dad’s Ice cream plow spoon is funny. It is just a spoon but what it says makes me laugh. You can also give this spoon as a gift with your father’s favorite ice cream tub!

#11 Steak Branding Iron

Don’t think it’s only for branding meat when your dad is grilling a steak or sautéing chicken breast!

He can use this steak branding iron to brand just about anything like sandwiches, wood, leather etc. You can personalize this fun steak branding iron so your father can now autograph anything he cooks, builds or owns! This might give a start to a new hobby for your father.

#12 Fingerprint Lock

Not only this lock looks cool but he will no longer need to remember passwords or carry keys to use this fingerprint lock.

The keyless lock works indoors and outdoors. It is a great gift ideas for someone who has everything.

#13 Bike Rider Gift

If he is a passionate bike rider this bike sculpture wine rack will really speak to his passion. The vintage rack will look great on his bar or dining area.

A great conversation piece, this rack also comes with a wine stopper that has vacuum function to keep air out of the bottle. 

#14 Funny Slippers

The funny slipper idea is anything but expected! Funny slippers are definitely for a father that has a funny bone in him. 

I found some really funny ones on Amazon. I hope you are able to stop laughing before your father gets to open this gift, these slippers are beyond hilarious

They will tickle everyone but at the same time, they are not only costumey in function. They have a nice sole that makes these comfortable to wear around the house.

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Handmade DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Even though markets are full of commercial gifts, doesn’t mean handmade gifts have lost their charm.

It takes time to make handmade gifts that most of us don’t have nowadays which is why most people will simply resort to buying something off the shelves.

But if you have managed to tuck away some time in your schedule to prepare a handmade DIY gift to surprise your father and looking for some ideas then here are some that are very easy, yet impressive.

#15 Hand-painted DIY Canvas

Before you think you need to be an artist to make a canvas, you will be glad to know that you can make this hand-painted canvas a success with just a few art supplies and little to no drawing skills.

All you need is a blank canvas, stencil of your choice and spray paints or acrylic paints. These are all easily available on Amazon and they are very affordable. 

You are not restricted to using only design stencils. There are stencils with lettering so it easy to write something on the canvas over the designs.

If you want, you can also add some pictures of you with your father on the canvas along with the design and text.

#16 DIY Gift Basket

Gift baskets are easy to assemble and you can put as many things as you want in them. You could stick to a theme but you don’t have to. This handmade DIY gift idea has no rules.

The only thing that I would add is that it is better to pick a nice looking basket that can be re-purposed later.

This is one gift that has practically no wastage. You can go big on decoration or keep it minimalist- it’s all up to you.

Handmade DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas 2018

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Health And Fitness Gift For Father

A well thought Father’s Day Gift can also be something that says you care about your father’s well being.

Not many people think about these gifts in general when it comes to parents but they are great for maintaining their health.

#17 Massager

Most of us are no strangers to back pain or stiff shoulders. Long working hours at desk or driving can make anyone’s shoulders tense up and cause pain.

Going for a professional massage every day would be nice but no one has the money or the time. But thanks to technology an at home affordable body massager can help with all the body pain.

There are a lot of small and big body massagers in the market. But it is best to gift a massager that is portable, has speed settings, heat control, and bi-directional movement to mimic movement.

A massager like this can be used on any part of the body that needs a massage to relieve stress and it does not take much space either.

#18 Fitness Tracker

It’s a good idea to get a little bit of exercise daily to maintain health in the long run but it’s also very easy to lose track of daily exercise goals if nobody is keeping a track.

A fitness tracker will help your father do just that, keep a track of his daily exercise goals.

This fitness tracker can record heart rate, sleep, step, calories, distance, display message notifications, allows one to set sedentary reminders, remote camera control, vibrate alarm clock, weather forecast, 14 training modes, 5 watch faces, breathing guide, hang up calls, music control and stopwatch.

The 14 training modes on this device provide an analytical approach to fitness and the best part is that all these features can be controlled via an app as well.

#19 Air Fryer

We are what we eat! Watching what we eat is more important than spending hours exercising. There is no denying the fact that fried food is very tasty and very unhealthy.

With an air fryer you only need 1 tbsp oil to fry the food. How amazing is that?

This gift definitely does not sound like a regular gift but if your father doesn’t have an Air Fryer yet and he loves to snack on fried food then you should definitely give him an Air Fryer for this father’s day gift.

I recently wrote a gift guide that is full of helpful gift ideas for elderly parents (nursing home friendly). Check it out if you are looking for a practical gift for an elderly father.


There are many reasons to celebrate father’s day and I hope you were able to find the perfect heartfelt gift for your dad in this gift guide.

To the man who has been your rock all these years, there is no better time than father’s day to say you are thankful and blessed to have a father like him. If you want to give a father's day gift that your father can use in his daily life that also reminds him of your love then you are at the right place...

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