You want to buy something nice for your father but have a tight budget? No problem!

Luckily, the cost of the gift does not decide the worth of a gift. A small budget does not mean you can’t fully express your love and appreciation for your father.

There is still plenty of ideas to choose from that don’t break the bank. This gift guide for fathers includes spectacular gifts that are under $25.

No matter the type of gift you want to give- sentimental, quirky or functional you will find something unique and memorable in this list.

P.S: This gift guide is great for all occasions. Whether it is father’s day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or when you just want to celebrate your father, this gift guide is full of plenty of ideas.

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Organization Gifts

Gift your father something that will help him store all the big and small, but important, things properly.

1. Mason Jar Gift Idea

Don’t have time to put together a great DIY mason jar gift for your father? No problem, here is a non-cheesy mason jar that is perfect for gifting.

Just fill the jar up with his favorite nuts and don’t forget to tie a BIG ribbon around the jar- it is optional, but definitely takes the gift to another level.

Your father would love to flaunt this jar in his pantry and even on his desk at work.

2. Watch Organizer And Display Case

This watch organizer and display case not only looks good but it will also keep your father’s watches looking spick-and-span.

A watch box seems like a simple storage solution but it is more than that.

The longevity of a watch or any accessory depends on how they are stored. This storage box will protect his watches from scratches and also prevent wear and tear on the watch straps. Nobody likes chipped watch straps!

This box is made of artificial leather and velvet. And even though it is not made of real leather it has a very classy neat finish. Your father will not tuck away this elegant watch box inside the drawers.

3. Tool Storage Bag

A $25 budget might not seem enough for a tool bag, but you will be surprised that this super sturdy tool bag, with lots of pockets, on Amazon, is very affordable.

Don’t mistake a toolbox storage gift bag as something only meant for professionals, even a casual house handyman can benefit from keeping all the tools stored properly.

Men might not need a lot of bags but they need at least one- to store their favorite handy tools.

If your mother often complains about how messy your father’s hardware collection is, then this bag is to the rescue.

4. Magnetic Wrist Band

This wristband will make all the DIY home repairs a breeze! The magnetic wristband like this one with strong magnets will keep all the tiny nails, screws and other small parts from falling all over the place.

Your father will have his hands free as he handles power tools and he would not have to go up and down the stairs several times to grab the small nails and parts.

The magnets on the band also help catch any stray nails and screws that fall on the floor and roll under hard to reach places. No chasing after runaway nails and screws!

Beer Inspired Gifts

Can’t imagine a list of gift ideas for fathers without beer-related items? Me neither! Here are some great beer-inspired gift ideas that are under $25.

5. Magnetic Fridge Bottle Hanger

The magnetic bottle hanger will surprise your dad for sure- in a good way!

This ingenious idea saves space and can be used for more than just hanging beer bottles, although that might be what your father would ultimately use these for. 

These magnets are easy to install and strong. Your father can use these to hang anything that is metal-based, like cans, for instance, organize charging cables or even use these in the garage. 

6. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

A perfect addition to a man cave, patio, kitchen or bbq area. The beer opener comes with strong magnets that help catch bottle caps easily and it doesn’t take much space on the wall.

No more stray bottle caps on the floor or tables.

The best part about this magnetic wall mounted cap catcher is that it comes gift-ready in a box. All you need to do is wrap it nicely for your father.

7. In Bottle Beer/ Drinks Chiller

Speaking of beer, I had to mention something that will keep the beer bottle chilled for longer. These beer chiller sticks are an excellent idea for the dad who likes to drink his beer straight from the beer bottle but wants to keep it chilled longer.

Just keep the chiller sticks in the freezer for some time, insert in the beer bottle and enjoy.

The top part of the chiller sticks sits on top of the bottle mouth creating a seal so the beer doesn’t spill while the chiller stick is in the bottle. These can be used to chill any other beverage as well, not just beers!

Just like the magnetic wall mounter beer opener, I like that this comes packaged in a nice box, ready to gift.

8. Beer Can Shaped Glass

This one will not keep the beer chilled till the last drop but the shape of this glass has won it a mention in this list. Don’t forget to combine this beer shaped glass with a pack of your father’s favorite beer!

If you are looking for a personalized beer glass, check out the glass below.

9. Beer Bottle Candle

glass beer bottle candle recycled

A genius idea, he would do a double-take before he realizes it’s a candle. This handmade soy candle is made out of actual recycled beer bottles. The unique candle is perfect for the man who has everything.

It does not fill a need but it does have a big surprise factor.He would love to show it off to his friends.

Funny Gifts For Father

Is your father the kind who loves to crack jokes, enjoys puns, and loves to make everyone laugh? If yes, these gifts will tickle his funny bone.

10. Funny But Functional Beer Belt

The beer belt will have him cracking. Now he can carry all the beer he wants to drink without making unnecessary and time-wasting trips, back and forth, to the refrigerator.

11. Funny Coffee Mug

Love him or hate him, but he will not be able to stop laughing every time he picks up the father Trump mug

The writing on this mug is simply, hilarious! 

12. Dad Jokes Book

The 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes is one of the funniest Dad humor books on Amazon. Your father would not be able to keep it down.

Don’t blame me though if he starts to try all these jokes on ‘casual unsuspecting family victims’. Cringeworthy or not, this book will give your father and family members a good laugh for a long time.

13. Funny T-shirt

Does your dad recognize the phrase “I am your father!” then this t-shirt is sure to put a big smile on his face.

Star Wars is one of those movie franchises that have a fan base that knows no age. And if your father happens to be a big Star Wars fan he can add this t-shirt to his star wars collection.

Funny t-shirts are never going out of style and they make the most perfect hilarious gift.

Also, check out this epic cool dad t-shirt.

14. Hilarious Socks

Let your dad make a statement even when he is lounging around the house in these funny socks!

They come in a set of four so your father can pick a different pair of socks every day to hint what he would like that day. I guess your father would be looking forward to wiggling his toes at all the family members!

Sadly there is nothing too aesthetically appealing about these socks but they are comfy, silly, and funny! Your family will get some great laughs out of these socks!

15. Dad’s Ice cream Plow Spoon

If you have seen your dad use his spoon like a plow when eating ice cream, this spoon is the perfect gift.

Pair this gift with a tub of his favorite ice cream flavor so he can demonstrate the ice cream plow.

Check out this other spoon below, for another option.

funny spoon for father

Some More Useful Gifts

Does he like things that serve a purpose? If yes, here are some gifts that he can use in his daily life, for a long time.

16. Leather Keychain

personalized leather keychain

A quality gift that will last him a long time. You can have his name or a special message for him engraved on this handmade keychain.

17. Personalized Doormat

A personalized doormat is perfect for his man cave, garage or home office entrance door.

The half round doormat is easy to clean and comes in many colors.

18. Whiskey Decanter

If your father likes to drink Whiskey/ Scotch a whiskey decanter will be the perfect addition to his bar. The decanters display the beautiful color of whiskey without all the brand labels, that are distracting.

When you gift someone a whiskey decanter you must be careful to choose one like this lead-free bottle, that can hold a regular full bottle of whiskey (750 ml) and has an airtight seal

19. Flashlight Gloves

These LED light gloves will be a great addition to his tool box or his fishing box! Working in tight spaces or dark places, where he needs focused light, will be a breeze once he has these gloves on. There are so many other ways he can use them in his daily life.

20. Personalized Whistle

Does his profession or hobby have him using a whistle all the time? if so, this thoughtful personalized whistle will make an excellent gift.

You have the option to engrave any two lines of text on both sides of this whistle. He will proudly wear the #1 Dad whistle gift to any place he goes.

21. Golf Log Book

If he loves to play golf then you have to check out this handmade leather golf log book. Any golfer will appreciate having this pocket-sized notebook to record his best games!

22. Football Fan Mitt

If your family is obssessed with football, then this #1 fan oven mitt is definitely worth a look. And, don’t worry there is one for every team!

Sentimental Gifts

You can never be too old to show love for your father. Here are some interesting gift ideas that stir up emotion.

23. Engraved Leather Tray

Words are stronger than action! The engraved leather tray is useful and the words on it help express emotions in a sweet manner. Your father can keep it on his bedside or his dressing area.

The tray will remind him how much he is loved every time he looks at it.

24. Photo Frame

You can personalize this frame with a choice of 5 poems or you can also write your own heartfelt words to make it truly special.

A sentimental gift that is priceless! A photo frame might seem like a simple idea but in theory, every father would be proud to receive this frame.

Looking for some practical gift ideas for your elderly father or mother? If yes, check out these useful gift ideas for the elderly (nursing home friendly) they will actually appreciate.

25. Engraved Leather Plaque

Fill your father’s heart with joy with the most loving words spelled out on this plaque.

The engraved leather plaque is just the right size to be kept on a desk. It is not cheaply made and comes packed nicely in a gift box. 

26. Wooden Plaque

Is your dad going through a tough time or suffering from a health issue? if so, this prayer for dad poem is the pick me up gift that will lift his spirits whenever he looks at it.

The poem will also make him feel loved if you don’t live close by and can’t visit him so often. 

If you are looking for an elderly father who is bedridden at the moment, then check out these bedrest gifts for patients that will bring comfort, or if he is recovering from surgery, check out these post-surgery gifts that are better than flowers.

27. Scrapbook

personalized book for dads

A unique gift for dad of small kids or grown-kids. Take him down the memory lane with a scrapbook filled with pictures, keepsakes, etc. from your childhood- like the time he taught you to ride a bike, or giving you a ride to your first job…

The scrapbook is empty inside so you can be creative and make it your own. he will have such a great time looking at it.

For a brand new dad-to-be, check out these hilarious new dad gifts that promise to make him laugh out loud!

28. Handmade Gift Basket

A handmade gift basket full of some of your father’s favorite things to eat is also a great gift idea.

You can add your father’s favorite popcorn, chocolate, juice, etc. If you don’t want to stock it up with store-bought goodies, you can always make your own.

Make it a complete DIY breakfast basket with homemade muffins or cookies or homemade pancake mixtures, cookie mixes, etc.

29. Pack Of His Favorite Something

I mentioned a lot of products above, but I also wanted to add that buying him something as simple as what he likes a lot will make him happy too. 

Make a trip down to his favorite bakery or butcher and pack him something that he likes.

It’s not just gadgets and things that count, its the gesture.

So if for some reason you were still not able to make a decision on what to gift your father or there is simply no time left to order something, this is the way to go.


There are so many ways to pamper your father on a day you want to show your appreciation for all that he has done or does for you. I hope this list has given you ideas that make you feel confident about your choice even with a $25 budget!

Affordable gifts for father that are under $25 but they are not junk. Spectacular ideas that make great gifts from adult son or daughter. These gifts will fit your budget and make a great impression.