college graduation gifts for girls

19 College Graduation Gifts She Will Absolutely Adore

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Finding a rocking college graduation gift for her will seem like a piece of cake with these ideas that are both genius and creative and fit every type of budget.

For a momentous occasion such as her graduation, she deserves to feel proud and showered with all the accolades and fun stuff, so I handpicked these gift ideas that will add a sparkle to all the celebrations.

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College Graduation Gifts for Her

Here are 19 college graduation gifts she will be excited to get. Perfect for daughter, niece, granddaughter, girlfriend, etc.

These ideas include some cute stuff that she will keep close to her heart and many other useful things that she actually needs in her life.

college graduation gifts for girls

1. Graduation Gift from Parents

personalized graduation pillow for daughter

You have spoiled her with care packages and extra dough through her college years but now is the time to let your daughter know you are truly proud of her accomplishments and wish her good luck for the journey ahead with this sentimental gift.

It is not a gift she will enjoy for the moment, but forever. She will cherish it even more if she is moving away to a different city for work afterward.

You can also order this pillow with her name on it.

2. Exploding Money Box

graduation explosion gift box

Exploding congratulation boxes are a rage because they are such an experience! With this particular box you have the option to add a money sleeve inside if you are planning to give some cash or order it without one.

You can also add your own text, logo of her college, her name, and so much more.

The seller gives plenty of options for you to make it truly as customized as possible for the recipient which is amazing.

3. Confetti Gift Box

gift box college graduation
items in the gift box

Another box that will make her jump with excitement is this box full of many surprises- because a lot of gifts are always better than just one!! She will agree too.

The perfect way to spoil your niece, friend, etc. The confetti box comes with confetti push pop (because no celebration is complete without one), coffee mug, scratchpad, pen, candle, etc.

It is also the perfect congratulatory gift if you cannot be there in person to join in the celebrations.

4. College Memories Blanket

graduation personalized blanket

This blanket can be completely personalized, yes, each and every detail.

The blanket is a reminder of all her accomplishments in her college years. She will feel a lot of emotions coming through when she opens her gift and reads every word.

As she leaves her student life behind and starts her professional journey, she will feel proud and confident every time she wraps herself in this blanket.

5. Chocolate Bouquet

chocolate bouquet

Not an ordinary gift. She will receive plenty of flower bouquets, but none will surprise and make her go aww like this superb chocolate bouquet.

You can have this bouquet made in her favorite color and choose from three different sizes – the bigger the more chocolates for her! I bet this will be the bouquet she will hold in all her pictures.

All her friends would wish they had one too.

6. Congrats Coffee Spoon

congratulations spoon

A coffee spoon but she will enjoy using it for scooping her breakfast cereal, soups, ice cream, etc., etc.

Not that she does not have plenty of spoons in her kitchen. But THIS spoon is not something she will pick up without much thought. It will always remind her of you and the day she finished college.

7. Key chain

graduation keychain
college graduation keychain for girls

Want to gift her something she can carry with her all the time? If yes, you have to check out these stunning keychains- Audrey keychain and Natalie keychain.

The day will come and go but she will always have something to remember all the celebrations with a thoughtful gift, like this.

I also like gifts that are easy to personalize to make it feel like it was handcrafted for the recipient. It makes anything you gift stand out from the rest.

8. Dorm/ Desk Décor

congratulations grad gift

A mini reminder that she has achieved one of the biggest milestones of her life. The hanging graduation cap in the vial with gold glitter will look great anywhere she decides to display it… her desk, living room, etc.

One thing is for sure even it is not a functional gift it will not be tossed away because it is so darn creative and cute, and you can also add a sweet message for her.

Such ideas make a great gift for a girlfriend.

9. Graduation Jewelry

graduation bracelet for girls

Graduation jewelry is always a big hit. I am sure you have seen a lot of bracelets in the department stores as I have, but this one caught my eye.

This initial bracelet has the year of graduation, the cap, and an inspirational message that makes it a complete package. You can also add her birthstone to it if you wish.

I love that every piece has a meaning.

If you want to gift her a piece of jewelry but have not made up your mind yet then check this out for sure.

10. Guestbook Print

guest book for graduation party

Are you planning on throwing her an amazing afterparty? If yes, it is a great idea to have everyone who attends sign this guestbook print, writing all their sweet wishes for her, etc.

It is not too expensive but small things like these are what make a person look back on the day and smile when it is long gone.

11. Keepsake Box

keepsake gift box

An affordable option that will always stay by her side no matter where she goes. All the inspirational messages on this box are what will uplift her every day when she steps out into the new world post-college life.

The storage box is just the right size so it can fit on her bedside table, desk, vanity, etc.

12. Mirrored Jewelry Box

mirrored jewelry box gift

This mirrored jewelry box will make an elegant gift for her. The topside of the mirror will be engraved with inspirational words and her name. On the inside, the box is lined with soft velvet with a luxurious feel.

The box has enough space to carry a lot of jewelry pieces, watch, etc., that she holds dear. She will have a safe place to keep all her jewelry, so it stays pristine and unscratched.

13. Fortune Cookie Trinket Box

gold fortune cookie gift

Speaking of boxes, this adorable gold fortune cookie box is something that I believe fits the occasion so well! It is not a gimmicky product; it is actually a small storage box!

This trinket box comes in two colors- gold and silver.

Write an inspirational message for her or fill it up with some candy. It is an adorable gift she will love to show off on her new work desk, etc. Alternatively, she might also use this small trinket box as a paperweight!

14. Leather Tote

leather tote bags for girls

Is she set to start a new job or lined up for some interviews right after graduation? If yes, here is something that she would really really appreciate – a professional-looking leather tote.

You cannot go wrong with a neat black leather tote; it is a classic and a staple in a professional’s wardrobe. It will fit any of her business suits and it is an extra boost of confidence she will love.

Speaking of bags, here is something that will go perfectly with this tote… or even appreciated as a stand-alone.

15. Designer Wallet

designer wallet gift

Unlike the leather tote, you can gift her a designer wallet in any color that matches her personality.

I chose this red-hot Kate Spade wallet that is very eye-catching. She will get compliments from everyone every time she takes it out. It also has plenty of space for all her cards, cash, etc.

This might be the gift that will really make her jump with excitement and give you a tight hug.

Also, check out these amazing new job congratulation gifts that everyone needs in their life.

16. Encouragement Gift

you got this candle

After all the celebrations are over, she has to start planning for the next stages of her life, which means setting new goals, looking for new opportunities, etc.

It can be a confusing time that often brings about self-doubt. For all these times, send her a gift full of encouragement that will fill her with faith, confidence, and make her feel she has got this!

17. An Extraordinary Read

She will get a lot of products on her big day but none as impactful as this book. It is not an expensive gift but the reviews from all the readers will let you know why this book is a great graduation gift.

In this book, a Navy Seal reveals 10 basic lessons on how to deal with hardships and make tough decisions with compassion and determination.

It is full of practical advice and encouragement that any graduate would find useful for life ahead.

18. Inspirational Wall Art

graduation gift wall art

For the girl who is ready to conquer the world post-grad, this inspirational wall art print is the perfect accessory to add to her home/ room décor.

The print comes in a variety of sizes and you can text of your choice to the middle and the bottom of the print.

19. Chocolate Box

chocolate dipped oreo congratulations gift

A box full of yummy treats is irresistible, especially if it is Oreos dipped in chocolate.

Send her a box full of celebration with this congrats chocolate box that will not be opened and left on the counter- these chocolates will be gone in 60 seconds… okay, maybe 5 minutes…


I hope you enjoyed all these practical and fun graduation gifts that scream congrats! She deserves the best on this day and these ideas will make sure she keeps smiling throughout the day!

College graduation gifts for girls that she will absolutely love. Gifts she can use and cherish. Whether it's a gift for your daughter, niece or granddaughter you will find the perfect one for her in this guide.

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