gifts for women born under Taurus zodiac

17 Exciting Astrology Gifts for Taurus Females

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Do you happen to have a woman in your life that is born under the Taurus zodiac and who loves to embrace her birth sign in her daily life? If yes, here are some exciting gifts that will make the perfect sense for a Taurus woman.

One of the Earth signs in Astrology they are grounded and practical, and amongst many other traits they possess, their love for beauty, relaxation, luxury, and artistic things is very pronounced.

SO, I picked some practical items that will fit her personality traits extremely well.

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Astrology Gifts for Taurus Women

Here is a list of 17 ideas for Taurus women of all ages. I have included gifts in different price ranges and listed some alternatives so you can find the one that will make your wallet happy too.

gifts for women born under Taurus zodiac

1. Constellation Silk Scarf

silk scarf

Silk scarfs never go out of style and exude a sense of luxury because they stand out in their appearance and silky-smooth touch. No doubt it will make her feel special.

BUT I did not choose just any silk scarf! This scarf is handmade with a Taurus constellation and stars print. I love the transitioning tones of blue that will add a pop of color to any outfit she wears.

 2. Double-sided Bookmark

taurus bookmark

If you are looking for a small gift that is under $10 but lasts her a lifetime, then check out this double-sided antique silver Taurus bookmark.

If she loves to read or is a student, she will cherish this thoughtful gift. Unlike other paper bookmarks, this metal one will not peel or disintegrate. It will look great on her study desk, bookshelf, or bedside table.

3. Crystal Set

crystal set for taurus

Is she familiar with all the crystals that are beneficial to her sign? If not, this raw crystal healing set will make an excellent gift. It even comes with a necklace and a bonus wooden tray so she can display these crystals beautifully.

She will have so much fun learning about all these crystals and their benefits and if she is going through a health issue or difficult time, she might appreciate the gift even more.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser/ Humidifier

It is no secret that both light and smell affects our mood. This 7-color changing diffuser is the one she would love to have in her bedroom or study.

All she needs to do is to add a few drops of her favorite essential oil to the diffuser to enjoy the restorative diffused aroma in her space.

The cool mist also helps adds humidity to the room so she can have a restful sleep and smooth skin.

5. Zodiac Jewelry

zodiac turquoise bracelet

A piece of jewelry like this eye-catching turquoise zodiac sign bracelet always makes a pleasant gift the recipient can enjoy wearing all the time.

The golden tones complement the turquoise color so well and add the perfect amount of metallic glow. It can easily be paired with any of her cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, smartwatch, etc.

6. Constellation Spoon

star constellation spoon

A unique gift that will really stand out from the rest. Each spoon is hand-selected, hand-polished, and hand-stamped- which makes this spoon really unique, not a gift you can buy off of a store shelf.

The spoon is perfect for eating and stirring her favorite cup of joe.

7. Tote Bag

taurus cotton tote bag

Plastic bags are on their way out, FINALLY! And let’s admit, the usual faux leather, polyester, etc., bags are not fit for all purposes like grocery shopping, etc.

SO why not give her a cute eco-friendly cotton tote bag she would love to carry around while running errands, going to the park with her favorite book…

8. Celestial Keychain

constellation keychain

You have the option to choose from either copper or nickel and they are hand stamped with a unique celestial design of stars and circles, representing the points of light.

A meaningful gift, she will adore this keychain. Also, check out the keychains below that can be personalized with their name of a text.


9. Indoor Planter

zodiac mini planters

Planters are the perfect small gift for a coworker, friend, teens, etc. They look great in any corner of the house, but I bet she would love to display it in her living room.

It is just the right size for a pretty succulent or a small indoor plant.

10. Birthday Gift Set

gift set for taurus girls

Baskets like these are so much more fun to open than a single gift, wouldn’t you agree?

And occasions like birthdays demand something spectacular that will leave her speechless. This beautiful gift box includes a soy candle, organic lip balm, whipped body butter, etc. You can personalize this box to your choice.

She can enjoy these products over a duration of time as opposed to something edible or flowers that have a limited life.

11. Star Map Print

star constellation print

If you are on the hunt to find something that will leave her amazed, then check out this star map print. The handmade print uses date and location to print a custom star map for that particular day.

It can make a great congratulatory gift – star map of the zip code and date she owned her first house, her birthday, etc.

You have the option to choose a different background color and matching foil.

12. Journal

leather jourmal for taurus

A leather engraved journal is the perfect gift for a person who seems to have everything and wants/ needs nothing. The look and feel of a leather journal are truly exquisite.

They can use it for making notes and even for sketching. Great for astrology professionals/ teachers.

If you are looking for a journal for a young girl or a teen then the below tiffany blue diary is an affordable option as well.

13. Loose Leaf Tea Set

She loves to enjoy the good things in life, and she will definitely enjoy the goodness and rich aroma of jasmine petals and orange blossoms in this loose-leaf tea.

I must admit, the jar caught my eye too. It is very pretty, and I am sure she can repurpose it as a storage box, etc., once the tea runs out. It will not be tossed in the trash can…

14. Constellation Mug

I just mentioned tea, so it is only fair that I mention a nice mug to go along with it. Truth be told, I rarely mention mugs in my gift guides. But the style, quality, the lid, and spoon that this mug comes with made me change my mind.

I think it is just the right size, not too huge or too small (see additional pics here).

She probably has a lot of mugs, but I bet she will pick this one over others every day of the week.

You can also check out this heat changing constellation mug which I think is a very cool idea.

15. Grinder

Everyone loves a practical gift they can use in their daily life. Perfect for the woman that prefers practicality over pretty- this mini grinder is made out of zinc and works great for grinding herbs, teas, etc. 

It is compact and does not take much space. That means she can take it with her while she is traveling.

Her family would enjoy having this smart handheld grinder in their kitchen too.

16. Soy Candle

taurus soy candle

Surprise her with a sweet-smelling candle that is better for her health and her home (less soot than plain old paraffin candles).

This seller has a variety of scents to choose from so there is something for everyone.

17. Cuddle Wrap

cuddle wrap for girls

She loves everything luxurious, then she will love this soft cuddle wrap– even though it does not spell out her zodiac (does not necessarily have to though).

The softened and warmth of the wrap will make her feel like she is being softly cuddled. A lovely gift idea if you live far away from her and want to send her a hug. You can personalize this cuddle wrap with her name and they have multiple color options and designs to pick from.

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I hope you were able to find a superb gift idea for the Taurus female in your life that will leave her impressed.

Astrology gifts for Taurus women. These 17 ideas make the perfect gift for any occasion like birthday, housewarming, etc for females of all ages.

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