mothers day gifts for elderly mom from daughter

Top 10 Sweetest Mother’s Day Gifts for An Elderly Mom

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She has stuck by you through thick and thin and for that alone take this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to spoil your elderly mom with quality gifts that will make her feel appreciated and loved.

After all, isn’t that what we all want? To pamper the one closest to our heart.

With this list, I intentionally tried to stay away from the generic things you can buy off the store shelves. The focus is more on handcrafted goodness that makes the recipient feel extra special.

P.S: I have included ideas in all budget ranges, but regardless of the price tag all of these will make the perfect gift that will delight your momma.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Elderly Mother

You think she already has everything and wants nothing, but you will be pleasantly surprised to see ideas on this list that will make you jump up and say this is the one!

mothers day gifts for elderly mom from daughter

Casserole Tote

casserole tote bag

For the mom who loves to feed (or overfeed!) anyone and everyone, a sturdy casserole tote made of organic cotton, that is also easy to wash, is the perfect find. 

She will never have to worry (and you, neither) about how she is gonna carry that big Casserole or plate of food to all the picnics, potlucks, church, etc.

This tote is not bulky, and it has a wide center opening that makes it easier to slide in/ out baking dish or platters. It will make her life so much easier.

Indoor Planter

indoor succulent planter

I love this adorable planter. The handcrafted planter will look great in any corner of her house, but I bet she would love to display it in her living room.

It is just the right size for a pretty succulent or a small aloe vera plant, etc. I think, alternatively, it will also make a nice pen holder for her desk.

Linen Kimono

linen kimono

If you are looking for a luxurious find, that is not another piece of jewelry, then check out this gorgeous linen Kimono. You would want one for yourself too!

This Kimono comes in a variety of colors so there is a color for everyone. It is a quality gift that is an experience in itself and it can be used over and over again.

This will be her favorite thing to wear to lounge around the house- move over old nightgown!

Personalized Mother and Daughter Print

mom and daughter standing together print

Are you lucky to have a mom who is more like a friend? This print does not cost much but it will definitely make your mother smile.

I also have to add. I am amazed by how much you can personalize this print, from, clothes, skin tones, hairstyle to even the drinks they are holding in their hands… phew!!

I don’t know about you but I can’t imagine finding something like this in a department store that will allow me customizations to that detail.

Gift Basket

gift basket for mother

The one thing I love about gift baskets is the feeling you get when you open it and see a bunch of different items. It feels like multiple gifts rather than just one thing.

Depending on your budget you can find a variety of gift baskets.

I chose this one since it has the kind of items, I think moms of all ages will really enjoy. A soy candle, REAL succulent, mouthwatering caramels, etc. It really has everything that you would want to send to her.

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Personalized Bookend

bookend with vase

If she loves to read and has a small (or big) book collection to boot then she will appreciate a bookend, especially, the one that also doubles as a flower vase.

I love the creativity behind the product. It does not just solve a purpose but it does it with style.

I could imagine my mom displaying her favorites in the living room with some freshly cut flowers from her garden or supermarket in the vase. You can engrave this bookend with her name and add a nice message for her on the backside.

Family Tree Necklace

family birthstone necklace

There is, probably, nothing she cherishes more than her family! Therefore, I love this custom family birthstone collection necklace. You have the option to include more than one birthstone so you can include additional ones for your sibling/s, father, etc.

Thoughtful and meaningful, she would never want to take this necklace off.

You can also buy matching earrings and bracelets to make it a complete set. She would get plenty of compliments on the necklace and it would fill her heart with joy every time she explains to someone the meaning behind this colorful eye-catching necklace.

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Handwritten Recipe Oven Dish

handwritten recipe from mom or garndmother printed on baking dish

Here is a sentimental gift that will make her tear up a bit- only happy tears, I promise!

If you have a handwritten recipe or a note from your grandma, this seller will easily transfer the recipe onto a baking dish in her original handwriting!!

It is, definitely, a gift that will touch her heart if she has recently lost her mom or your grandmother is not doing very well at the moment.

You have the option to choose the type of pan you want.

The handmade finished product is food-safe, so it can be used to bake and serve food or used as a display piece.

Family Personalized Star Map

family star map farmhouse print

Your mom will cry with joy when she opens her gift and realizes what it is! The family star map is meaningful, thoughtful and it will never get old.

All you have to do is provide the date and location of each family member you want to be included in the farmhouse-inspired sign. The seller will look up the actual view of the sky on that particular day and include it in this print.

You can easily add up to 6 members, choose the color of the night sky and even add a custom quote for your mom.

Birth Date Wall Art

family print for mothers

If the above family star map seems a bit pricey then check out this similar idea that uses a burlap background. Like the above print, you can also add the names, birthdates of your family here.

The message on the top reads ‘my greatest blessings call me Mom’. It is just perfect! Also, check out these additional handmade gifts that your mom will be thrilled to get here.

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I hope you found the perfect gift for your mom for this Mother’s Day.

Top 10 sweetest Mothers Day gifts for elderly mom from daughter. Surprising ideas for the mom who has everything and wants nothing.

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