gift ideas for Taurus man

Surprising Zodiac Gifts For A Taurus Man

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Born under one of the zodiac signs ruled by planet Venus, a Taurus guy loves everything luxurious and comfy. That would make it seem so easy to select a gift for him, but if you have to step-up your game if you want to find something that he truly loves.

Worry not! I have handpicked some ideas that will not fail to impress even the most stubborn Taurus guy who is hard to please.

So, if you are wondering what to gift the Taurus man in your life then here are some interesting Zodiac sign gift ideas perfect for every type of man.

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Zodiac Gifts For Taurus Man

Here are 11 astrology gifts a man born under the Taurus sign will actually appreciate.

gift ideas for Taurus man

Taurus Gift Box

gift basket for Taurus man

Men deserve to feel pampered too! He will be thrilled not to get just one but a bunch of gifts that will make anyone say WOW! That is why I love such carefully crafted gift baskets. They last a long time too!

This basket comes in two sizes and they are both full of products made with quality ingredients. He will enjoy each and every product included in this set.

Astrology Constellation Planter

constellation planter

He probably knows his zodiac sign by heart now. But, does he know his star constellation?

He will be amazed to get this neat handmade and hand-painted constellation planter that is informative and decorative.

It is small enough to add a dash of personality to any personal space, like their home office, desk, reading area, etc.

The planter comes in two colors, they both look great.

Below is another adorable one that also caught my eye.

zodiac planter

Wall Art

taurus wall print

Wall accents make a great conversation piece and they add so much character to any wall they are put on. It is a gift that will speak to him personally, no matter his age.

What I love most about this simple print is how it emphasizes the good qualities in them.

Did you know words affect our mood- can make us feel positive or negative as we read them? This poster is the perfect personality boost they will love to look at every morning.

Zodiac Poster

zodiac details poster

I also loved this poster! Great for a teen or a college student.

The poster is so comprehensive. It lists all the small and big details for their zodiac sign, like the element, lucky color, compatibility, suitable career, etc. It is so much fun to read.

It lists their positive and negative traits too, so he knows what he needs to work on as his personality gradually starts to shape up.

It is a fun way to look at things, and did I say this is super affordable- under $10! Oh, and I couldn’t find a close-up picture for the Taurus, so I used a different one here. But you can find the chart for all signs in the shop.

Healing Crystal Shelf

crystal healing set

An ideal choice for a man who is into spirituality and crystals, though, not necessarily. Almost everyone can appreciate this beautiful piece.

It will look great in his living room, bedside table, etc.

Each of these crystals is personalized to a zodiac sign so he will get something that will tell him more about the natural stones related to his sign.

All these stones have a lot of benefits too for his mental and physical health which will make him appreciate this gift even more.

It could very well turn into a new hobby.

Personalized Soy Candle

soy candle

If you are looking for a great birthday gift for him then here is an idea that will make him feel special.

This hand-poured soy candle comes in a variety of floral and masculine scents and the best part is that you can personalize this with his name and birthday.

Funny Socks


Is he too Taurus for you sometimes? If you said YES then you probably know what I mean. Here is a funny gift that will make him chuckle.

There is an option to choose a different text, which is also great. So check out the collection and you will definitely find the perfect pair for him.

Check out more hilarious gift ideas for men here.

Throw Pillow

throw pillow

A great gift idea, no matter the occasion. This throw pillow could be a great housewarming gift, birthday gift, etc.

The neutral color of the pillow means that it will look great in any room with any room décor theme. It is perfect for a student and even a young professional.

Luxury Gift

It is no secret that those born under this sign love anything luxurious. So, if you are looking for something that screams luxury and comfort then check out this lightweight men’s robe.

Yes, it is great quality but, promise, it will not make a huge dent in your pocket.

Bull Decanter

Decanters are great for storing and displaying a variety of liquors. And they add a whole lot of personality to a home bar. He will be thrilled to see this bull shaped glass decanter and even more excited to use and show it off.

It is a quality gift that is perfect for a male coworker, relative or friend.

Ceramic Room Decoration

An exquisite handmade ceramic piece that he would love to display in his living room or office. The ceramic bull comes in two colors. It has a non-slip mat at the bottom to prevent scratches on the furniture.

The perfect congratulatory gift if he is celebrating a milestone, promotion, etc.

It is a bit on the pricey side, though. But, I found another one that is more affordable and I love the metallic gold color of it.

bull show piece


I hope you liked these astrology gifts that fit every budget and impress every kind of guy.

Surprising gift ideas for the Taurus man that are perfect for the guy ruled by the zodiac sign

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