Retirement Gifts For Male Coworker That Are Not Junk

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If you have run out of ideas or looking for some out of the ordinary retirement gift ideas for your male coworker you will find plenty of inspiration here.

Coming up with a unique gift idea for men is a difficult task and it seems even more strenuous when the recipient is a coworker.

But worry not, this retirement gift guide is jam-packed with ideas your male coworker will actually enjoy, appreciate and love to keep.

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Retirement Gifts For The Male Coworker

1. Funny Retirement Book

Funny gifts, that are tasteful and suit the occasion, are always the best. It makes the recipient laugh and others laugh as well. This hilarious retirement book is full of funny quotes and images that will have them cracking.

The book will make a great addition to their coffee table, so their guests can enjoy it too.

2. Back In The Year Newspaper Poster

A creative gift that will surprise the retiree in the most spectacular way.

A newspaper poster from the year they started working is a great nostalgia gift that will bring back a ton of memories for them. An affordable gift that is incredibly memorable.

The newspaper poster includes popular movies, music and news bites from the year. It is a sweet trip down the memory lane.

3. I’M Done Fork

No matter if the retiree is happy or sad to finally reach this momentous day, your gift will really make them feel special. The retirement year spoon gift is the memento they will cherish for the rest of their life.

4. Industry Trophy

A trophy to commemorate their contribution to the team/ organization and their achievements is the perfect retirement gift.

Take into consideration the industry they are retiring from when choosing the trophy.

For instance, is your colleague retiring as an IT analyst? Gift them a laptop computer trophy, car trophy for the automotive industry, a majestic raging bull trophy if they are retiring from the financial industry, etc.

And speaking of a raging bull, the bull decanter below will also make an impressive gift for the colleague bidding goodbye to the financial industry.

5. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

A good quality personalized decanter is certainly not a cheap gift but it is also a classy gift that he will actually love to use and display at his home.

It can make an amazing team gift if your coworkers decide to pitch in together for the gift.

Don’t forget to add a signed greeting card. I have found some interesting ones but I’ll get to that in a minute.

6. Personalized Wall Art

Office life is full of things one complains about, like long meetings, lots of paperwork, etc. And also with some of the greatest things that keep the man motivated, like success, recognition… PAYDAY, etc.

This personalized hand made engraved wall art is a meaningful gift that will not be lost in the sea of gifts they will receive. It will find a place in their favorite corner of the house.

7. Day Clock

They no longer have to wake early every morning to get to work on time, catch the train, attend meetings, time their coffee breaks, etc so why bother with the regular wall clock. 

They can finally relax and do what they like when they like! The day clock looks great and will certainly make them chuckle, and other colleagues feel jealous ;).

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8. Jar Full Of Wishes For The Retiree

Send them off with great wishes for their retirement years with a jar full of wishes.

The wish jar comes with 100 tickets, enough to go around at work and since they will most likely celebrate this day with family and friends at home, the remaining tickets will definitely not go to waste.

preserve special memories from their time at work for years. 

9. Wash off Crossword Puzzle

An activity that will keep them and their mind occupied! And before you think they can enjoy this crossword puzzle only once, you ARE wrong.

They can simply wash off the answers after use.

The gift box includes a link to the creator’s website where he can find plenty of crosswords for this mug.

10. Whiskey Glass

What better way to celebrate their worry-free post-retirement evenings than to enjoy a drink in this hello pension glass

11. Thank You Trophy

A big thank you trophy for all their years of service. You also have the option to add a free engraved plate to the trophy.

This affordable trophy does not look cheap at all, and judging by all the positive comments this trophy received looks like it is always well received by the recipients.

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12. Hilarious Business Cards

A great novelty gift that will have him laughing out loud.

The cards actually come in a nice business card holder case. He can hand one out whenever a stranger asks him- what does he do for work?

Perfect for the guy who loves to make others laugh.

13. Travel Mug With Blessings

Over the years people receive a lot of coffee and travel mugs that pertain to their area of employment, their birthday, etc.

Your colleague deserves a good quality stainless steel travel mug to celebrate their retirement as well.

This will be his favorite travel coffee mug he would love to take wherever he goes.

14. Retirement Angel Figurine

The retirement angel figurine with a beautifully carved message is not for everyone, but it is an impactful gift for the one who is religious. 

15. Funny Kitchen Apron

No matter how the retiree himself is feeling, the others are usually a tad bit jealous of their freedom.

They will love to rock this humorous apron at their home and make everyone feel envious.

An excellent gift idea if he loves to grill, cook, etc.

16. Personalized BBQ Grill Utensils

Now that they have time to grill whenever they want (even during weekdays) gift him a good quality personalized BBQ grill set that will remind them of good memories and great colleagues from their days in the office. 

17. Retirement T-shirt

Working days are over and they can finally bid goodbye to office clothes. That means they have space in their wardrobe for some new cool clothes like this funny t-shirt.

The t-shirt will match the big smile on their face at the retirement party!

18. Activity Book

They will love this activity book after the novelty of being newly retired fades off. 

The book is full of different types of activities like Sudoku, word scramble, spot the difference puzzles and a lot more so they will have something different to do each day.

19. Framed Memory

A framed copy of their business card, office nameplate, etc.

If the colleague has won numerous awards or had multiple promotions at work. A framed timeline of their career graph is one great unique idea I bet you haven’t thought of!

20. Certificate Of Retirement

To really make the feeling sink in this fun certificate of retirement full of autographs and messages from colleagues is one of the best gifts from the team.

21. Crystal Chiller Basket

A gift that will remind him of all the good times and happy hours after work! The impressive crystal ice bucket can be personalized to add a tribute to your colleague.  

22. Retirement Plaque

A retirement plaque celebrating all that office life stands for and wishing him all the best for all the exciting adventures he can look forward to.  

The oak wood engraved plaque looks good and makes a great professional gift.

23. Funny Mug

The funny coffee mug will serve as an every day beautiful reminder of the new freedom and put a smile on his face.

24. Wine Bag

A very inexpensive wine bag, but the BEST heartwarming message for a retiree!

Great for any coworker, but if you are especially looking for a thoughtful retirement gift for your boss, you should definitely check out this wine bag

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25. Experience Gift

By this age, they probably have everything they need or want but an experience gift is something a person of any age can enjoy, even if they have everything.

Gift them tickets to Broadway, two-night WEEKDAY getaway at an affordable place near town, tickets to the wine tasting event, etc.

26. Gift Of Time

In this day and age, for whatever reason, it is not uncommon for people to not have family around when they retire. Sometimes work is the only place they have to socialize.

Consider spending time with them after they retire. Invite them over for dinner or meet at their favorite restaurant, meet for a game of chess or simply spend time reminiscing old memories over BBQ, etc.

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Retirement is special as it marks one of the biggest milestones in a man’s life. I hope you found this gift guide helpful and have the perfect retirement gift ready for your male colleague.

Retirement gift ideas for the male coworker that are memorable and unique. Send him off with an office gift that is memorable, nostalgic and something he will love to use.

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