Retirement Gifts For Female Coworker That Are Not Junk

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It’s your female coworker’s retirement and you truly want to give her a gift that is memorable and thoughtful, something she will really cherish. But you have no clue what to get her! 

Worry not, you are at the right place. I have handpicked some of the best ideas for this gift guide that will leave your female colleague impressed.

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Retirement Gifts For The Female Coworker

1. Canvas Wall Art

For a change, here are some rules that anyone would love to follow! The black canvas wall art will look great anywhere she wishes to display it and remind her to just relax and enjoy herself.

I have a fun tip for you– Wrap this gift in a wrapping paper and add a special note saying ‘these rules are NOT meant to be broken’.

Every one will have a hearty laugh once your colleague opens the present.

2. Aged To Perfection Mug

Retirement is not only the time to celebrate the day she is retiring but it is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the time in their life they started their professional journey.

The vintage aged to perfection mug is just beautiful to look at and it is a complete set. The mug comes with a lid and a golden stir spoon that will make her feel like a queen.

She might have plenty of mugs in her kitchen cabinets, but this will put a smile on her face everytime she sips from it. It will also get you a BIG hug. 

3. Back In The Year Poster

If you want to gift her something funny and nostalgic this back in the year newspaper poster will hit the spot.

So, what’s so special about it?- The poster includes popular news, movies, music, etc., from back in the day. No better way to make someone revisit the era when they started working.

4. Retirement Bracelet

Is the coworker more like a dear friend you will miss chatting up with daily? The gorgeous bracelet will remind her of you every day as much as you will miss seeing her at work.

5. Wooden Plaque

A lighthearted take on all that one should do in retirement.

The engraved natural wooden plaque looks great and it will hang beautifully on any wall in the retiree’s house.

6. Pocket Mirror

The pocket mirror is an unusual gift that is actually very useful and it will be well appreciated by the recipient.

The mirror opens into a regular side and a magnifying side. The saying on the outside is what makes it a thoughtful gift.

7. Hot/ Cold Tumbler

Every woman is a queen in her own right and this hot and cold drinks tumbler is perfect for her to enjoy wine, coffee or any of her favorite drinks as she enjoys her never ending break from work.

The tumbler comes in many colors, with a straw and lid so she can enjoy any type of drink in it or take it on the go.

8. Coffee Tumbler

I couldn’t help but include this sassy ‘A Wise Woman Once Said’ tumbler to the list as well.

If she has been telling you all the time how she couldn’t wait for this day to come, this tumbler will make you both chuckle.

You can also keep small liquor bottles inside the tumbler so she can kickstart her happily ever after with a nice drink!

9. Functional Day Clock

Why check what time is it when you have all the time in the world to do just about what you want to do!

The Day Clock is not a gimmick, it is actually functional and it is useful. It happens to everyone really, you are home a few days and just forget what day it is. A quick glance at the clock and she would know what day it is.

She would love it.

10. Coloring Book

Coloring books are known to be great stress busters, but they are also an excellent activity that kills boredom.

When the initial euphoria of retirement starts to fade away she can make time fly with this book.

I chose one with images of nature, but there are several others you can choose from. There is even one with 100+ dessert designs… that will make anyone’s mouth water!

11. Personalized Cutting Board

A great keepsake for the colleague who has brought many dishes to the office pot lucks and parties.

The cutting board can be personalized to add your name or the department’s name if it’s a team gift. It looks so elegant, she can even use it as a serving board.

12. Necklace

Does she plan to travel a lot after retirement or moving to a different state or country? Then this sterling silver necklace is the perfect parting gift.

The adorable necklace has two pendants- one reads ‘enjoy the journey’ and the second pendant is a compass design.

It comes packed in a beautiful box. You only need to add a handwritten note.

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13. Funny Apron

Send her home cracking! The funny apron will make everyone laugh, and it is very affordable.

Great for someone who loves to cook and treat people. There is one of those in every workplace.

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14. Personalized Throw

A retirement blanket is a durable gift that will last her a long time, and she will get plenty of use out of it.

The smooth personalized blanket is really a unique gift she will be happy tot receive. It will also serve as a nice gift from the team. 

15. Personalized Retirement Blanket

I also like this soft and silky retirement blanket that can be personalized with the retiree’s name, their initials, year of retirement and 15 lines of text so you can easily add a retirement blessing or funny lines for her.

A creative gift that you can use your imagination to customize.

16. Book Of Useless Information

Now that she can forget about all the work documents, deadlines, emails etc., she finally has some serious time to kill and this quirky book will help her do just that and much more!

Gift her this totally awesome book of useless information that she will most likely not find useless at all!

The book includes a collection of some odd facts from history, science, food, animal, etc., that will really make her say… “hmm, I didn’t know that!”

17. Personalized Planter

Most memorable gift are the ones that are given with thought and love. A flower bouquet has a limited shelf life but a potted plant will last long, and what would last even longer is a beautiful planter.

This planter will come etched with the retiree’s name, perfect for their BIG day. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

18. Bible Verses Mug

Looking to give a faith based gift to the colleague? The mug has the verse printed Live Every Moment to Fullest- Colossians 3:17″, perfect for someone who is involved in her church.

19. Retirement Angel Figurine

A retirement angel figurine is another faith based gift that is perfect for the retiree.

20. Clay Hanging

Sentimental Message For The Retiree

Retirement stirs up a lot of emotions, some of joy, happiness and even a little bit of sadness.

For the colleague who is made a big difference in the workplace, this sentimental clay hanging will let her know all the effort she put into her work is greately appreciated and acknowledged.

21. Good Luck Charm Bracelet

An amazonite beads bracelet that represents courage and success. The added lady bug charm on this parting gift adds a touch of luck for her future endeavors.

I especially love the muted color of the bracelet. She can easily pair it with a variety of outfits, and she will receive plenty of compliments on it.

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22. Keychain

A small gift with a big impact! Not all retirees are lucky enough to hear these words from their colleagues. 

The words on this simple keychain will fill her heart with joy.

23. Signed Canvas

framed and signed retirement canvas

Send her off with good wishes for her future! What makes this signed and framed canvas such an excellent gift idea is that it has space so every body can write a sweet message for the retiree.

You can personalize this canvas with her name and retirement date.

24. Framed Printable

going away coworker printable gift

If you are in a pinch and need something last minute then don’t forget to check out this adorable printable you can download instantly, frame and gift.

It will cost you under $15 but it would mean so much more to the recipient. The printable is truly an affordable gift whose value far exceeds it’s price tag.

25. Bookmark

Bookmark going away gift for teacher or someone in literary field

A perfect gift for a teacher, anyone who works in the literary field or someone who is a voracious reader.

Almost everyone will appreciate this metallic sleek and shiny bookmark that stands out from the average bookmarks thanks to the beautfiul round glass tile on one end and clear engraving on the other. 


She has accomplished a lot in her career be it coworker’s respect, their love, promotions, recognition, etc. A well-thought retirement gift is a perfect way to acknowledge all that they are to the team and how much she will be missed.

I hope this retirement gift guide for the female coworker gave you plenty of ideas to make her day very special.

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Perfect retirement gifts for the female coworker. If you want to gift the retiree something unique and memorable she will love and cherish come take a look at this retirement gift guide for her. Your gift will be a hit at the office.

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