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26 Christian Gifts Teenage Girls Will Absolutely Love (Not Boring, I Promise)

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Faith-based gifts are not just for the elderly but also great for teenagers as a way to connect to christ and build their faith.

Most people will lean towards materialistic objects such as a new tech gadget, etc. to avoid the overwhelm of finding a meaningful Christian gift for a girl in her teens, that is not -just another Bible, and the one that the teenager will not deem boring.

But I am here to help! And let me tell you, you will be pleasantly surprised as you scroll through this guide.

No matter if your teen is an adolescent or youth, this guide is full of options and even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, the list will definitely inspire you.

First off, here are three main reasons why Christian gifts are the best for a teenage girl-

  • They spark an interest in them to learn and engage more with their Bible in the most pivotal years of their growth.
  • It is a way for them to learn to enjoy things that are not influenced by mindless consumerism but sends a strong message to them.
  • Helps them expand spiritually and stay immersed in the teachings all day long.

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Meaningful Christian Gifts to Inspire Teen Girls

Keeping all of the above three reasonings in mind, I have handpicked 26 gift ideas that are perfect for a pre-teen or late teen girl who is either just starting out with her Bible journey or already growing with each sermon.

The ideas below are in a variety of price ranges to fit every budget. I have divided the list into two categories -under $20 and under $50 for ease.

Exciting Faith Based Gifts That Inspire Teens (Under $20)

1. Pocket cards

Great for a motivational pickup, on the go. These cards fit in the pocket, effortlessly, and they feature uplifting verses from the Bible that she can refer to any time of the day.

She can pick and choose a card for the day to memorize the scripture verse or dwell on it throughout the day.

The gift will inspire her to appreciate the meaning behind the words.

The best part is that these cards provide an opportunity for her to reflect more deeply on the verse as she colors it.

These cards can also be displayed on the study table, or she can paste them on her mirror as a reminder to acknowledge God first thing in the morning. They are not too expensive either, really worth checking out.

2. Bible verses coloring notebook

Coloring books are a lot of fun for everyone, irrespective of age and gender. It has a soothing effect and helps build focus. Add to that the spiritual element and it is perfect.

I found this amazing Bible verses coloring book that will help her learn the verses and reflect as she colors each page.

It is so pretty, no way it is landing in the trash can after it is done.

3. Word Search book

No one said a religious gift has to be something boring. Plus, you know how fast a teenager can roll their eyes once they see something that is not fun.

To avoid being labeled as the boring aunt, here is a fun-filled idea that can even double up as a family fun activity. A bible-based word search puzzle book.

As an added bonus this will also keep the teen off of her phone, which we know is hard to come by.

4. Taking Notes During Sermons

Does she love going to Church? Even if she doesn’t, right now, here is a surefire way to get her more involved and expand her knowledge. A beautiful notebook to encourage her take sermon notes so she can refer to them afterward whenever she has a moment.

Taking a look at her notes will give her a chance to process her thoughts, reflect on the day’s teachings and apply what she learned from it in her daily life.

5. Gratitude Journaling

Even though there are plenty of neat gratitude journals out there, it is hard to find one that is rooted in Christianity that encourages teens to understand and apply the verse in their daily life as they grow mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I found this simple journal that will not overwhelm her, and the one she is most likely to reach out for each day.

She will learn a lifelong skill of finding strength and staying grounded when the course of life brings about different challenges.

The importance of expressing gratitude, even on tough days when things didn’t seem to go as I wanted them to, is one habit I wish I developed in my formative teen years.

I cannot recommend getting her a gratitude journal, enough.

6. Psalms Keychain

leather keychain with verses

A reminder of her faith that she can carry with her through the day. The leather keychain is made and stamped by hand. It is engraved with the words in Psalm 23.

You can also add her name on it, as an option.

7. Spoon With a Verse on It

I am amazed by this simple idea which is both long-lasting and adorable. Great for your niece, student, daughter, etc. No matter what she eats with this, the verse on the spoon will multiply the enjoyment.

Perfect as a small gift, stocking stuffer or you can pair it with the clay bowl above.

8. Inspirational Room Décor

A small gift that she will use over and over again. Proverbs 31:25 is printed on the ceramic tray. A catch-all tray like this can be used in multiple ways throughout the house.

She may use it as a decorative piece in her room or place it next to her bed or on the vanity to keep accessories.

9. Exquisite Accessory

gold toned bracelet reads pray wait trust

Besides the words stamped on this gold plated bracelet, what I like best about this piece is the ease with which it can fit any wrist size. A necessity for females with small wrists, like myself.

10. A Bag for the Small Stuff

It is so easy to lose all the small, but important things, in backpacks and purses. This small, but cute pouch will keep all her things neatly stored in one place.

The pouch will make a nice small present for occasions that are not big, but worth acknowledging.

11. Wall Décor

If she has just started to deep dive into the immersive world of the Bible, then she would love this playful Bible story map poster on her wall.

Our mind retains information better in image form than written. This is exactly how this map will help.

The poster has all the important stories from the Bible with the exact location of where these events took place. So much easier to grasp the information and all she needs is a quick glance to jog her memory.

Christian Gifts That Encourage Love for Bible (Under $50)

12. Christian Phone Accessory

cell phone cover with Bible proverb

It is not an easy task keeping a teenager away from their phone but at least a beautiful phone cover like this, with a strong verse on the back, she will be reminded of her strength every time she picks her phone.  

13. Necklace with Meaning

mountain and mustard seed necklace design

A mustard seed necklace will always remind her that the power of her faith can move mountains.

This dainty necklace has the ideal design that conveys the message. She will receive a ton of compliments on it when she wears it, which means she will most probably wear it all the time.

Perfect for wearing to the Sunday Church service.

This fine piece will work great as a birthday gift, graduation gift, etc.

14. Home Décor Idea

LED lamp that reads pray wait trust

The Pray, Wait, Trust LED night light will do a great job of reminding her to say her prayer before hitting the bed.

The soft glow from the light gently illuminates the room so she can leave it on, or turn it off when she sleeps.

The beautiful light will look great on her nightstand.

15. Fun Bible Trivia Game

No better way to get the teens to focus than to whip out a fun game they will have a blast playing. A great way to learn and test their knowledge of the Bible. Even parents and siblings would love to play.

The game includes over 300 cards and 500 questions, so it is always fun. Great to take to a Bible study group as well.

16. An Accessory She Will Love

leather wristband with verses

The gold-toned bracelet, above, is exceptional but a leather bracelet, like this, is another option if she has a different taste in jewelry.

The beauty of the verses in the Bible is that they guide us through every stage of life. I find the ones focused on building self-esteem and assurance the most relevant for a girl in her teens, like the ones engraved on these handmade leather bracelets.

Pick one that you think speaks to her the most at the moment.

The double-wrapped leather bracelet looks so beautiful she would never want to take it off.

17. Music Box for the Soul

music box with Jesus replica on top

This quaint music box will play the uplifting song ‘amazing grace’ for her whenever she feels like listening to it.

The box is made from birch plywood, and you also have the option to have your message engraved on it, which makes it really special to the recipient.

What makes it really stand out from other music boxes is the replica of Jesus on top which is also hand carved.

The hymn will bring peace to her heart and let her know she is blessed whenever she plays it.

18. Bottle That Will Make Her Drink More Water

water bottles with print

Teens can never remember to drink enough water or to remember the Lord throughout the day. This cute water bottle will do an excellent job reminding her to do both.

She will know she is blessed every step of the way.

19. Make Her Drinks More Enjoyable

tumbler with scripture words

Has she told you what’s her favorite Psalm is? Or do you have one in mind that you think will resonate with her the best?

The personalized tumbler wrapped in words of God will make anything she drinks from it more enjoyable.

20. A Cover Case for Bible

bible cover case personalized with design and name

A Bible cover case will do much more than just keep the pages pristine and clean. She is much more likely to use her Bible if it is easier to carry.

This faux leather case not only looks elegant it can also be personalized with her name. The seller offers the option to choose from one of the 5 quotes and religious icons.

If she has a habit of placing loose notes inside her Bible this cover will prevent them from falling out.

21. Wrap Her in Blessings

She will feel covered with God’s words with this soft fleece blanket that features scripture of Joshua 1:9- “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged, for the Lord will be with you wherever you go.”

This can also make a nice going away gift if she is off to college, etc.

She will feel all cozy reading her Bible as she wraps herself in this soft blanket.

22. Pottery Bowl

clay bowl with scripture

Not just any bowl! This clay bowl is made, with gentleness and care, by hand. It has Proverb 16:24 stamped around it, that reads- Kind words are like honey. Sweet to the soul.

The rustic look of the clay pot is what makes it really stand out. Everyone, no matter their age, can appreciate the beauty of the pot and the words stamped on it.

The store has a variety of clay pot options with different verses on them, you should take a look in case you would like some other verse stamped on it.

23. Stamped Book Stack

bookstacks with verses

Handmade items feel more beautiful and genuine over mass-produced items, like this stamped book stack.  

This classic set will add beauty, and acknowledge Jesus, in a small way, in her living space. No matter where she displays it, it will never go unnoticed.

This timeless piece is something she will cherish for a long time.

Christian Gifts That Keep On Giving

Here are some wonderful gifts that will keep on giving.

24. Joy of Giving

Sometimes, the recipient seems to have everything they want or need. Giving yet another gift might feel like you are just adding to the pile, but you still want to do something to celebrate the occasion.

Giving the teenagers a chance to experience the joy behind giving, and not just receiving, is an excellent gift idea.

You can buy a charity gift card like, so she can decide on her own which charity she would like to donate to. You can also encourage her to donate old clothes and things she does not use anymore to the neighborhood charities.

She will appreciate the blessings in her life, even more, as a result.

25. Christian Magazine Subscription

There are some truly wonderful Christian centric magazines that are written by world’s leading pastors and theologians. They cover a variety of topics ranging from devotional to intentional living.

She will love receiving the monthly magazine. There are many such subscriptions out there. You can also check out Tabletalk.

26. Donate Time

A big part of being rooted in Christianity is to be more generous, sharing and giving. Volunteering for a charity, food bank, spending time with the elderly in assisted living facilities, etc., will show her more ways to be charitable than just donating money.

Donating time is another wonderful way to show regard for others.

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