mom and newborn with a welcome gift

Welcome Home Gifts New Mother Will Thank You For (Written by A Mom)

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Every woman, whether it is a first-time mom or an experienced mom, deserves a warm welcome surprise when she returns home from the hospital after birth, with her new bub in arms.

Sure, she got a lot of gifts at her baby shower, but as EXPECTED most of those gifts were for the baby, not for the mom.

And as much as the newborn needs love and attention, believe it not, after 9 long months of pregnancy and childbirth, a momma needs some pampering too.

Putting together a survival gift basket for a friend or a family member is a fantastic idea.

If you were wondering what to keep in a welcome gift basket for a postpartum mama (that is not for the baby) then this post will give you plenty of options.

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Whether you are the husband, friend, or sister you will find something in this list that she would love to get. Here are some amazing and, actually, pretty useful ideas for the brand new mom that says welcome home!

mom and newborn with a welcome gift

Self-Care Welcome Gifts

One of the first things a woman forgets with a new baby in her arms is self-care, but what does she, herself, needs the most? Self-care…

While everyone is busy going ooh and aah over the new baby they forget that it is often the most vulnerable and challenging time for the mom, irrespective if it is her first baby or fourth.

Pamper the hell outta new mom with these self-care gifts she actually deserves.

1. Post Natal Massage Voucher

Most people don’t give this much thought, but it is one of the many ways a new momma can relax and rejuvenate. Remember, now that the baby has arrived all her time will be spent taking care of the little one with little to no time left for herself.

Her post-delivery aching and healing body would love a massage. A self-care gift she will seriously enjoy.

The great thing about vouchers is that she does not have to redeem them immediately. She can redeem it once she is settled down a bit.

2. Postpartum Recovery Classes

Postpartum recovery is hard on every level- mental, emotional, and physical. Her body has changed, and her mind is more stressed than ever.

On top of that most women feel they need to devote all their time to the family, so it is hard for them to make time for themselves.

The right kind of exercise and diet are crucial to getting her back to feeling normal again.

An online recovery course that she can take from the comfort of her home -without worrying about making herself look presentable enough to step out of the house- will do wonders for her.

3. Lunch & Dinner Basket

Hospital food sucks! Plus, if she had a long labor chances are she didn’t get to eat at all during that time. By the time she is back home she will be starving for some yummy food.

Keep her favorites (light and healthy) ready for lunch and dinner. After all, there is nothing like a warm shower and hot food after a hospital stint.

4. Meal Kit Subscription

A great way to make a new mom feel less stressed is to get groceries or cooked meals delivered to her.

There are so many meal kit subscriptions popping up all the time with every kind of diet plan imaginable to mankind. If you have not looked one up before, then this is the time.

You can deliver groceries or meals to her, but meal kits are a great alternative especially when you are away and cannot be there in person to help her out.

5. Letter from Her Older Kid/s

Does she have a kid(s)? Help them write the most heartfelt and beautiful letter to their momma and their new sibling. It will be the sweetest gesture. Yes, I count it as self care because if she is feeling low and drained this letter will work as an instant mood booster.

Purely sentimental, she will cherish this letter forever.

6. Stress Relief Box

stress relief gift box

There are so many gift boxes aimed at new moms, chock full of cute stuff. But honestly, anyone who has survived the newborn stage or the most famously called the fourth trimester knows there is no time for her to get her hands on all the small trial-size beauty products in the box.

I love this minimalist simple basket that only has a few things, but stuff that she will really use and some of it, for a long time, like the lavender eye pillow and socks.

7. Belly Belt

You are probably wondering what a belly belt has to do with a welcome back home gift, but it is totally worth it for a woman who has just delivered a baby and wants to get back in shape fast.

This three layer belt covers and supports entire torso, it is not as harsh as a workout and totally safe to wear, but she should get the greenlight from her gynecologist first.

The belly belt to me is a wonderful item to add to a welcome gift basket. It does seem a bit personal though. So, consider it only if it is your sister or a close friend that is the recipient.

It will help her posture and support her spine while she lays and lifts the baby up several times a day.

8. New Gowns

One of the most important postpartum necessity- A comfy button-down gown!

Don’t get her a robe that wraps around the waist with a loose tie.

Since she will, most likely, be living day and night in a gown she needs one like that allows her to easily feed her newborn, but also make her feel comfortable when friends and family come to visit, like this one.

Best to include a few. She will love you for these.

9. Comfy Slippers

Take it from an experienced mom- when I came home after delivering my first child, I had no idea how swollen my feet would be. I could not fit in my regular slippers at all!

Get her some stretchy comfy slippers or some no-slip socks.

2. At Home Manicure and Pedicure

The first few weeks (and sometimes months) can seem so overwhelming she would wonder how a small creature can be so much work, ha!

But, seriously, book her an at home manicure and pedicure session. Some me time for her without stepping away from her baby.

This was one of the things most of my friends wanted while they were on maternity but didn’t have much time to step out. In a way, it will also make her feel like herself.

11. Postpartum Anxiety Book

It is common to experience anxiety postpartum and so many put off seeking help, but they don’t need to.

A self-help book, like this one, can help her understand what she is going through and how to overcome it.

12. Lactation Massager

Most women, especially first-time moms, do not know they need one or even know something like this exists.

Breastfeeding seems so natural, but, surprisingly, it is anything but that!

Painful clogged ducts, massaging breasts before pumping, etc. are only some of the issues that lead many to feel overwhelmed and some to completely give up.

A lactation massager is not often talked about but it is exactly what every mom needs. It can help relieve clogged ducts, and the massage will help with her milk supply.

Great for breastfeeding and pumping mamas. She will thank you for this one!

Funny Welcome Gifts-

No better way to make her laugh out loud than surprising her with a funny gift.  Here are some hilarious welcome gifts a new mother would love.

13. Hilarious Socks

socks with text my new name is mommy

Soft, cozy, and fluffy, socks are excellent on their own but what makes these ones stand out is the text on them. Lighthearted and silly because momma needs a good laugh too.

14. Cozy Funny Sweatshirt

funny sweatshirt for mom

For the cool mama who isn’t afraid to make a statement. This sweatshirt is super soft and lightweight perfect for lounging around the house.

It comes in a bunch of amazing colors which makes it hard to buy just one honestly.

15. Parent Decision Coin

flip coin that says moms turn and dads turn

A quirky item to add to the welcome basket, bet all mommas would love to have a coin toss for the middle of the night diaper changes.

The coin is engraved wood which makes it look very elegant. On one side it says mummy’s turn and on the other daddy’s turn. This gift will get some attention from the new dad too.

By the way, check out these hilarious gifts for first-time expecting dad that will make him and everyone else laugh as well. Perfect baby shower gift for dad or for his first-ever Father’s Day.

16. Funny Candle

milf candle funny

Her new title in life! The candle is funny and an excellent gift for the woman who loves all the great smelling things. You have the option to choose from a long list of unique fragrances.

The hand poured candle is made of soy, so it burns clean and less fumes. The candle will last her some time.

17. Coffee Mug

coffee mug for mom

In time the first-time mom will realize everything written on this mug is true. But before that happens, she will chuckle a little (or maybe a lot) every time she drinks from this coffee mug.

Memory Keepsake Gifts

Keepsakes are not just for the baby to cherish later as a grown-up. Pregnancy, birthing, and raising a child are one of the biggest experiences for a woman, and keepsakes are a great way of keeping those memories alive.

Here are some keepsakes worth having.

18. Baby Keepsake Box

So much better than a baby book. This keepsake storage organizer makes it so much easier to store all the baby keepsakes in one place. A great option for someone that does not like the regular ‘baby’s first-year’ type of journals but looking for a way to save the memory.

P.S- It is completely customizable, so one can use it for older adopted kids as well.

19. New Mom Stickers


These adorable stickers are so cheap but endearing. Seriously, buy her a bunch.

She can stick them on her laptop, desktop, refrigerator, office cubicle, etc.

20. Newborn Family Photoshoot Voucher

9 months went by in a flash and the newborn stage or the fourth trimester is also so so short… the babies grow really fast!

A newborn family photography voucher is so much better than them trying to capture that perfect picture all on their own.

They can relax and stare at their bundle of joy while the professional captures the precious moment, forever.

21. Mama Keychain

mama keychain made of brass

It’s a new identity, a new feather in her hat! The elegant keychain will remind her how strong she is on days that don’t go as planned.

Home Gifts for Her

The welcome gift should be all about her, but mama can’t catch a break or relax if her house is not in order. Here are some gifts that will keep her home in order while she makes the transition to mommyhood.

22. Housecleaning Services

A certificate for house cleaning service will be tremendously appreciated by her and the family.

A little outside assistance will help free her time so she can snooze of for a bit.

23. Pet walking

Does she have pet/s? Offer to walk her pets for the first few weeks if possible. It feels like a small chore but for the few weeks any help they can get, they will be happy to take.

24. Babysitting

Offer to babysit her little one or other older kids so that she can shower or take care of some urgent business. This might be the best welcome home gift for her.

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