New mom gifts for first time mom to be

Best Gift Ideas for First Time Mom to be Perfect for the Pregnant Momma

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Being pregnant is truly one of the most exciting times in life for a woman, even though it means never-ending nausea and mood swings. But it also a great time to pamper the new mom to be with surprises and gifts that she hasn’t had a chance to enjoy before.

As I write this, I am in my second trimester myself! And hoping my husband will get me something on this list as he has been looking to surprise me with something that will knock my socks off!

I have handpicked some unique finds that will fit every-budget and promise to make her pregnancy even more joyful and relaxing. If you were looking to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the pregnant first-time mommy than you will find plenty of inspiration here.

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New Mom Gifts For First Time Mothers

Here are some amazing gift ideas for the mom, not baby, that she will be thrilled to get.

New mom gifts for first time mom to be

Eating for Two Fork

fork for expecting mommy

Once all the nausea subsides and the weird and unusual cravings kick in this eating for two fork will prevent her from feeling guilty from indulging- take it from the very pregnant me!

She will be eating for two for many more months to come, even after the baby arrives. So, don’t think TWICE and get her this fork.

It is one of those items that will last her a lifetime and always remind her of this special time in her life.

Tip: Cook her something nice she is craving or order in when you gift her this fork to make it even more memorable.

Baby Bump Speaker Headphones

Research has shown that the babies in the womb start to hear sounds as early as 18 weeks. And as their ears develop, they respond to the outside sound and voice of their mother.

Both, my husband and I were amazed to learn this!

Now the parents can play prenatal music and bond with the baby with these baby bump headphones that use medical-grade silicone and safe sound level technology to play music or the recorded voice of parents to be for the baby.

The gentle sounds will soothe the baby in the belly, so less kicking, and in turn, it will also soothe the momma, too. She can sleep peacefully and get more rest.

The best part is these headphones don’t need a belt, strap, etc., so they are easy to wear under any garment and she can take it to go anywhere she likes.

The stereo splitter is also included so they can listen to the sounds along with the baby.

Heating pad

One of the side-effects of being pregnant is the variety of aches and pain that show up in different areas of the body.

This is why I think a heating pad like this is more useful than the standard ones or a bottle of hot water- I tried! it is messy and doesn’t help that much.

She can use it to get relief from cramping, warm her feet, back, stomach, calves, etc.

It heats up in seconds, is portable (she can also take it to work) and has three different temperature settings. The feet warmer cover is machine washable, so it is easy to keep clean and sanitary.

Pregnancy Photo Journal

pregnancy photo journal

For the parents to be each ultrasound appointment is filled with excitement as they get to see a tiny pea-sized dot develop into a baby that has recognizable features, tiny legs, arms, etc.

An ultrasound photo journal is what they need to preserve and cherish their memories. You can personalize the frame with the baby’s name if the parents have already decided on a name, or words of your own choosing.

They can add a photo each time they go for the milestone scans.

The filled-up frame can hang on the nursery wall once the little one is out of the womb and into their arms.

Pregnancy Diary

pregnancy baby journal

Speaking of journaling the journey- every new momma is different. Some like to keep a track of ultrasound photos and some may want to remember and record much tinier, but amazing, details.

I found this eye-catching week by week journal that is full of amazing prompts and details she will have so much fun filling out. There is even some space for ‘the birth story’ the day when the baby came.

This will definitely stir a whole LOTTA emotion- the good kind!

This journal is a bit pricey though, so I also expanded my search to include something just as nice but with a smaller price tag just in case you were looking for a baby shower gift for a friend or coworker.

Check out this affordable baby journal under $35.


Mother to Be Gift Basket

mommy to be gift basket

If you are looking for a baby shower gift that is for the momma, and not for the baby than this is a great idea.

The pampering gift basket includes handmade organic soy candle, lavender salt tubes, rose bath bomb, and a succulent. Literally, everything one needs to have a calming spa time.

She can also enjoy this kit in the comfort of her home after the baby’s arrival when she does not have the luxury of time to visit a spa.

This is a great gift to send someone if you live far away and can’t be there in person to do something nice for her.

Water Tumbler

water tumbler

The bun in the oven is growing daily and that means the mommy needs to drink more liquids than ever (even though it makes her pee all the time).

I love this expectant mother tumbler. It will remind her to drink enough water and she will absolutely love carrying this around. It is one of those little things that make you feel special, and if there was ever a time to feel more special… this is it.

The tumbler comes in a variety of colors, even lilac, rose gold, blush, marble, etc. Each one so unique you will probably have a tough time deciding on one.

New Mom Necklace

mama necklace

Is this the first time she is expecting? If yes, the mama necklace is a great way of commemorating the new chapter in her life. The necklace might not seem much but the emotions it carries cannot be expressed in words.

She would never wanna stop wearing it. And therefore it is a good thing this handcrafted necklace is made of 14K gold vermeil (thicker layer of gold coating) that ensures the color lasts longer and it is durable.

Much better than anything you can buy at a regular department store that breaks easily and loses color.

How do I know she will love it that much? I know how I felt when one of my friends texted me the other day and finished our conversation by saying ‘goodnight mommy’. Oh boy, I just about teared up, haha. I know it’s the hormones…

Makes a great Mother’s Day gift for expecting mothers and also a great baby shower gift.

Self-Care Gift

A foot spa/ bath massager with heat, temperature control, acupressure massage points sounds like music to feet that are sore and swelled up.

Swelling in feet is not uncommon during pregnancy.

While a trip to the nail salon for a pedicure and massage sounds great but if she is trying to stay away from saloons at the moment than you should definitely get her this affordable foot spa, bath massager.

She can use it anywhere at home- while watching tv, studying, etc.

Oh, and don’t forget to include the magnesium bath salt with it.

After reading a lot about magnesium chloride and its role in fetal development, relieving pregnancy symptoms and how it is absorbed more effectively through the skin; I am sure she would love to use it.

Baby Sign Language

It is fascinating that babies can communicate in sign language before they develop speech. Most parents struggle with their firstborn because they don’t understand the various signs coming from their baby.

This book cuts this learning curve significantly. It not only helps decode all the baby signals but also show parents how to introduce new signs to the baby.

A blessing for first-time parents!

The book is organized by themes- mealtime, bath, etc.- which makes it easy to go through. With help from this book, she will be ready to bond with a baby on an even deeper level.

Stuffed Toy Making Kit

crochet stuffed animal kit for moms

You might be wondering this looks like a gift for the baby, not the mom. But you are wrong. Every new mom wants to do something special for the baby. Some knit blankets, sweaters, make hair bows, etc.

It is a wonderful way for her to create something handmade for her baby and feel proud of it.

I chose this easy beginner-friendly crochet animal kit that comes with everything she will need and does not take much time.

You can also check out this felt animal sewing kit that is even simpler. All the kits are beginner-friendly so she will not feel intimated at all trying to make a cute stuffed animal.

felt animals diy

Funny Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Here are some funny gifts for expecting mothers that will make them laugh a lot.

9 Months Sober Tumbler

funny new mom water tumbler

Everyone will burst out laughing when they see this hilarious tumbler set.

This set comes in so many colors and variations, and it is surprisingly affordable. It is tough staying away from cocktails and chilled beers but hey at least she will get a good laugh out of it.

Hilarious T-shirt

funny tshirt for pregnant women

I was searching for a cool new mom t-shirt and saw loads of mama bear and bun in the oven t-shirts. But those are so common!

Honestly, I have already seen so many of my friends and strangers flaunt them that they just didn’t excite me anymore.

SO… I carried on with my search to look for something unique and funny and finally found this one. I chuckled the moment I saw it and I am sure everyone would laugh a little when they read it.

By the way, it is also a great pregnancy reveal t-shirt if she is in the early stages and just beginning to show.

Big Fat Activity Book

This one is perfect for the mom-to-be with a great sense of humor. The ridiculous amount of great reviews this activity book has online has me completely sold.

The book is divided into trimesters and it is full of quizzes, maze, fill-in-the-blanks, and hysterical musings on pregnancy that will keep her spirits up.

It is perfect for the days when she is feeling a bit blue. She will have something to keep her mind busy, other than mindless TV and the internet.

Drinking for Two- Mocktails for Mom-To-Be

I bet she is missing sipping yummy drinks so here is a book full of tasty nutrition-packed mocktails that are good for her and for the baby.

The book is very interesting, to say the least.

It covers the basics of mixology, has recipes for hot and cold drinks so she can enjoy it in any season, and it includes nutritional information about the ingredients and their benefits in fighting pregnancy symptoms.

The ‘drinking for two’ book will help her stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. Plus, I love the cover of the book. If I had it, it will stay on top of my coffee table.


I hope you enjoyed all these cute gift ideas for expectant moms-to-be that are perfect for celebrating her first every Mother’s Day, baby shower or just celebrating her.

new mom gift ideas for expecting first time mothers that are not for the baby. Perfect for mother's day and baby shower

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