Travel friendly gift ideas for people who like to travel

41 Travel Gifts They Will Be Thrilled To Get

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Are you looking for some amazing gift ideas for a traveler that complements their love of travel and is useful as well?

Below are 41 of my best gift ideas for travelers that I think your loved one will be thrilled to receive.

Gifts For Traveler

Here are some gifts ideas for the Globetrotters they can take with them on their adventures. I do consider these as lifesavers since they really are that useful!

They are great for both men and women.

1. Waterproof Dry Bag

A strong and sturdy Dry Bag with a separate transparent snap-on phone case is essential for any traveler. 

The dry bag will keep their expensive electronics safe from water damage on their adventures for instance phone, expensive camera, charger, etc.

Losing all electronics is a dent in the wallet but losing all the unsaved pictures from vacation is worse. 

A dry bag will keep things safe even if it is dropped in water, it is completely waterproof.

2. Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

Is your loved one a coffee lover, like me?

A hot cup of coffee/ espresso is one of the simplest pleasures of life which is difficult to come by when one is an avid hiker or backpacker that likes to travel to remote areas that do not boast of a Starbucks at every corner.

Luckily there are portable espresso makers that work like a charm. Like the Wacaco Minipresso. It is compact, simple and intuitive to use and weighs only 10.4 ounces.

The traveler will be seriously impressed.

3. Memento/ Souvenir Box

Not all tickets are created equal…some tickets are really special like the visitor pass to Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Shark Diving experience, etc.

They can easily save and display all these tiny mementos from their adventures that bring back a ton of memories in this memento box.

Great for travelers that are BIG on an adventure.

4. Binoculars

A good set of binoculars might not seem that useful on a nice beach vacation, but for the traveler who loves to explore the wilderness- travel to national parks, go on wildlife safari trips, bird watching, etc a binocular is a must-have item.

But don’t just gift any Binocular, gift one that is high power, lightweight and waterproof.

5. Hydro Flask 

The Hydro Flask is leak proof and it’s double walls provide necessary insulation to maintain the temperature of the food for a longer duration.

The traveler can pack a bit of food, other than boring granola bars, as they leave their hotel for a day to venture out on the trails. 

These flasks are especially useful if they have dietary restrictions and do not prefer to rely on packaged food while out and about.

This jar will also come handy in their day to day life for carrying lunch.

6. Carry-On Cocktail Kit 

A cocktail kit that can fly with them! The travel-friendly cocktail kit is a genius gift idea. It is convenient and comes in so many different flavors you would want to buy one for yourself!

The TSA friendly kit includes small-batch Margarita syrup, rimming salt​​, 1/2 oz jigger, a travel-size bar Spoon, a recipe card and a linen coaster.

7. Digital Baggage Scale 

A gift that will save them a lot of baggage fees and headache!

This portable, durable luggage scale is compact and lightweight so they can easily carry it along. They will never have to rearrange their suitcases at the airport at the last minute.

8. Travel Steam Iron

For the leisure traveler that likes to wear more than just t-shirts and shorts, this travel steam iron is perfect. It doesn’t weigh much and effectively takes out all the wrinkles from the clothes in minutes.

The best part about this particular steam iron is that unlike other steam irons this one can be pressed on to the actual garment to create crisp edges.

9. Rechargeable LED Collapsible Flashlight

This collapsible flashlight takes little space and it is powered by solar or USB charging. It is the ultimate gift for a backpacker or a hiker who loves to camp.

It is water resistant and can be used to charge small electronic items like a phone.

10.  Travel Journal

Not the lightest, but a travel journal is the most mindful way of capturing all the tiny, interesting, endearing and the most beautiful details of their travels.

There is such a large variety to choose from, regardless of what kind you give, the globetrotter will love this gift.

11. Web Enabled Smart Luggage Tag

This QR smart dynotag is developed in cooperation with law enforcement and emergency response experts and it helps with recovery in case the luggage is lost.

The user can store the return information on the tag that can be read with the help of a QR reader app.

In case the lost luggage is found by a good Samaritan, they can use the information in the smart tag to contact the owner. This is genius!  A utilitarian gift for friends or anyone going traveling.

12. Packing Organizers

These ultralight luggage organizers make packing a breeze. They all have mesh panels to allow proper ventilation and it is also easier to see the contents inside.

These organizers also come with a laundry bag that can be used to separate out dirty clothes from fresh ones, that is a big plus.

The biggest benefit is how much space these bags save. These are one of those items that you don’t know you need until you have used them.

13. Travel Shoe Bags

Most people will travel with more than one pair of shoes, even if it’s a man! But packing shoes is often troublesome.

A good shoe bag can help keep the shoes separate from the clothes and other articles in the luggage so the traveler does not have to worry about dirt from the shoes getting into other articles in the luggage.  

I recommend YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set. These are sturdy and made of nylon, so they are waterproof and washable. 

These bags also come in handy when the traveler is not traveling. They can be used to store shoes at home as well.

14. Passport Protector

A passport cover that speaks their mind! They are so eye-catching it is difficult not to fall in love with these passport holders.

It is also important to be cautious in this digital world when carrying something so important as a passport. A thief can easily scan sensitive passport information through regular passport protectors.

So gift them an RFID & Waterproof Passport Protector.

It is a practical gift your loved one would appreciate.

15. Personalized Insulated Tumbler

Personalized gifts always feel special. The traveler will fall in love with this personalized tumbler.

There are 18 different design and 11 colors to choose from!

It is made of stainless steel and it’s double walls helps ensure the contents maintain temperature for longer. They can take it on their travels and use it in their everyday life as well.

The bottle is also BPA Free which earns it extra points!

16. Adventure Gift

A list of ideas/ tasks to enrich their travels through various parts of the world.

The cards include concrete actions and whimsical prompts for instance “Write down what you like about this city on a small piece of paper. Leave it where someone else will find it later”.

17. Double Walled Insulated Cup

The wording on the double walled insulated cup is enough to make anyone start dreaming of a vacation!

The cup is shatterproof and can be used for both hot and cold drinks. They can use it at work, home, at the beach, etc.

They would love to use it every chance they get!

18. Portable Battery Charger

A portable battery charger is a life saver, to say the least. How many times have we all faced the dreaded situation when the phone or the camera dies on us just when we need it the most…

Nowadays, everyone has so many electronic gadgets on them so it is a good idea to gift a portable charger that has more than one USB port to charge multiple electronics at once but is also not too heavy.

Most people while traveling stay out all day, away from the hotel, so a portable charger is the perfect practical gift.

It is worth mentioning that these also come in handy for charging GPS or a camera like GoPro Hero etc.

19. Personalized Beach Towel

Do their vacations often include traveling to the most beautiful beaches in the world?

The personalized beach towel will be a staple in their beach bag. They would enjoy your gift on all their beach vacations.

20. Swisscard Pocket Tool

Swisscard Pocket Tool like this one on Amazon can come in very handy for a traveler. It combines 13 tools into one.

The tools include- blade, scissors, tweezers, magnifying glass, pressurized ball point pen, Philips screwdrivers and much more.

This is slim enough to fit into a wallet, and also a good alternative to the bulky Swiss Army Knife.

21. Travel Toiletry Bag

A travel toiletry bag is essential for any traveler. Without it, it’s a challenge to store all the big and small toiletry items for traveling.

Look for a toiletry bag that can hold a lot of items, but still, pack up nicely in the luggage. I have seen some fancy ones at retailers but they are often made of fabric that doesn’t hold up against leaks.

Go for a toiletry bag like this one on Amazon. It is made of nylon; is leak proof, washable, holds bottles upright and has a sturdy bottom.

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Travel Gift For Men

All the above are great for both men and women who love to travel. But then there are some that are especially great for men. Here are some travel gifts for boyfriend, husband or any man who loves to travel.

22. Watch Travel Case

A strong and sturdy travel case that will keep their watches and accessories like bracelets safe.

It is intelligently build to keep the watches separate from each other in the pocket like folds keeping them safe against a strong impact.

23. Shaving Case With Retractable Brush

For the traveler who loves to keep a clean beard even when traveling. They don’t need to carry everything they need for their shave separately.

The pouch includes space for a razor and the retractable.. yes, RETRACTABLE Shaving brush, sounds genius, doesn’t it?

It saves space and time.

Travel Gift For Women

Some gift ideas for females that prefer traveling over jewelry, the latest fashion or expensive bags.

24. Travel Storage Inter layer Bag

The Travel Storage Bag with Interlayer Luggage is super useful! Anyone who has ever struggled with storing shoes and clothes in the same bag knows how important this bag is.

The shoe compartment can also be used to store other things apart from just shoes like makeup, notebooks, etc.

Not only does this bag look great it is also ideal for a short weekender trip or as a carry on bag. It is a useful gift for a female who loves to travel. They will definitely appreciate your gift.

25. Bundle Bag

These type of cosmetic bags are life savers and space savers. These are waterproof, large enough to carry all the essentials and small enough to fit in a travel bag/ backpack.

The bags are good for carrying makeup, toiletries… you name it!

26.Wanderlust Necklace

The beautiful sterling silver compass necklace is a piece of jewelry she will love to wear every day. 

The necklace comes in a gift-wrapped box so it is ready to gift.

27.Wanderlust Bracelet

Wish her a safe trip for all her travels with this safe trip bracelet.

She will receive plenty of compliments on this bracelet.

Housewarming Gift For A Traveler

They can’t take these gifts along with them on their trips but they can enjoy these during their downtime. A wonderful addition to their home they would love to display in their living rooms.

28. Travel Inspired Wall Art

Travel inspired wall art to adorn the walls of the place they call a temporary home.

29. Bucket List Book Gift

A perfect book to give them ideas for their bucket list!

These travel destination books are a must-have for anyone who is consumed with wanderlust. Destinations Of A LifetimeThe Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small and World’s Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places are all a worthy gift for a traveler.

30. Photo Album

So they can print a create a physical photo gallery of every magical place they have been to.

A tip I have for gifting a photo album is to buy one for the place they are visiting next like the Paris inspired photo album pictured here.

Little details like these make a photo album, which would otherwise seem so ordinary, really stand out.

They can showcase them in their living room making their guests feel jealous… err.. amazed!

31. Throw Pillows

Travel inspired throw pillows are a fun way to amplify the decor of any traveler’s new house, even if they don’t spend too much time in their house.

32. Wanderlust Decor Shower Curtain Set

A wanderlust inspired shower curtain is a fabulous idea for a housewarming. The couple will be thrilled to receive these!

Travel Gift For Couples

Although all the gift ideas above are suitable for couples as well, the ones below are perfect for a couple who loves to travel.

33. Whiskey decanter globe set 

The Whiskey Decanter Set with will look great on their drinks trolley or bar. The globe is handcrafted.

What makes it an excellent gift is that it comes with a set of glasses, whiskey stones, and a funnel. The best part is that it comes packaged in a beautiful box, ready to gift.

If your travel-loving couple also enjoys the other finer things in life, this decanter will make an excellent anniversary gift.

34. Road Trip Luggage Salt and Pepper Set

The Road Trip Luggage salt and pepper set is super adorable and perfect as a housewarming gift for the couple. These would be a very attractive addition to their kitchen and dining table, definitely a conversation starter.

35. Travel Inspired Kitchen Essentials

A couple spends a lot of time in the kitchen – even if they are not a great cook! But no judgment here, the Cotton Oven Mitt and Cotton Chef Apron will truly resonate with the couple.

Pick their favorite city for the inspiration!

36. Travel Fund Piggy Bank

If you do decide to give them cash to spend on their adventures, give it in style!

The vacation fund piggy bank is eye-catching, and they will love to display it in their house. They can even use it store extra change or as a piggy bank.

  37. Storage Box

A storage box to store all the delicate little souvenirs and trinkets they picked while traveling through exotic places.

38. Travel Themed Ottoman 

An eye-catching piece of furniture will add a beautiful touch to their house.

This travel themed ottoman is sturdy, great for storage and an interesting conversation piece for any household occupied by a couple filled with wanderlust.

39. World Map Tablecloth 

Are they a family who is always planning their next getaway? The coloring world map tablecloth with washable markers is such a fun gift idea for the family.

The kids will have plenty of fun coloring all the destinations they have been to and everywhere else they want to travel to. 

The tablecloth is educational as well it includes small details and icons that make learning geography more fun for kids. Oh, and did I say the colors can be washed off easily? It is a gift whole family can enjoy.

Best Gift Certificates For Travelers

Gift cards are always a welcome gift for the traveler’s and they will be delighted to get any of these gift cards.

40. Airbnb Gift Certificate

An Airbnb gift certificate is one of the best gift cards for a traveler. These gift certificates are easily delivered via email, ready to use whenever the traveler sets out to satisfy their wanderlust.

The recipient doesn’t have to use the card immediately either, they can add the gift card to their account for future purchases. And the amount never expires!

I could have suggested a gift certificate from any other travel or hotel website but the reason I suggest an Airbnb gift card purely because the site offers affordable options which a frequent traveler can appreciate.

Traveling is easy but not too cheap yet. For frequent travelers, this gift card is a perfect gift.

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41. National Park Membership Card

Although the National Park entrance fee isn’t much it adds up if someone visits National Parks often.

If your loved one enjoys the nature and the beauty of National Parks, they will be thrilled to get an annual membership card

You can choose to renew it later as another gift or keep it to just one year.


I hope you found this gift guide for travelers useful and now have a fun and useful gift ready for your loved one.

Travel gifts a traveler would love. Smart ideas for travel gifts for man, women and couples!

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