How To Find The Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend (With Gift Suggestions)

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Men are difficult to find a gift for as is, and then finding a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend- the love of your life– seems even more difficult, I get it!. Or maybe they are not that difficult, but rather a bit less verbal about the things they like that makes it a tough job.

It does make buying a gift for them a challenge but oddly enough it is very easy to make them happy and smile, no matter what you gift them. The thought is super comforting, but it doesn’t mean you can drop the ball on this.

This –How to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend guide– is full of tips on how to figure out the perfect gift along with suggestions. Whether it’s your boyfriend’s birthday, anniversary etc, these gifts will not only impress him but also earn you the title of the best girlfriend, ever!

Looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend? This post is full of tips on how to find the perfect gift along with suggestions. Whether it's your boyfriend's birthday, anniversary etc, these gifts will not only impress him but also earn you the title of the best girlfriend, ever!


Guide To Finding The Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend

I was going to write this post based on the personality types but then I feel it is unfair to simply place men or anyone into a personality-based category.  I feel no one is just one personality type alone, every person is composed of at least 2-3 different personality types.

True, that some personality traits are more dominant than others but loved ones always get to see the entire spectrum of the personalities we are made of.

I have never known anyone who fits just one type of personality, for instance, someone can be a workaholic but at the same time a great family guy or someone who works as a construction engineer but loves to watch sentimental feel-good movies, you get my point!

So, it is best to go with something that he enjoys/ is passionate about like hardware, food, star wars, video games!? Even if you hate it when he spends all the time on video games. But that topic is best saved for some other time…

To make the process simple, I have categorized the ideas below into Hobby Gifts, Experience/ Adventure Gift Ideas, Relaxation Gifts, and DIY Gifts.

 Functional Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

These gift suggestions are super practical, the type of gifts your boyfriend can actually use in his day to day life.

#1 For The Boyfriend Who Loves Photography

Wouldnt it be cool if he can instantly print all the beautiful pictures that he takes to gift to his loved ones or to display around the house?

A regular printer just doesn’t do a good job at printing good quality pictures. And if he has to run to out to a store to every time to print, chances are he will probably forego printing them since it is not as convenient.

A perfect gift idea for your boyfriend would be a photo printer that he can use in the comfort of his home.

There are so many good printer options but I love this portable mini photo printer by Kodak on Amazon. It can instantly print pictures from your phone and it connects to wifi, so no need to connect to the printer with a cord. This makes it very convenient to use.

The printer also comes with normal and sticky back papers. The sticky back papers come handy when peeling off pics for scrapbooking or making picture collages.

Also, check out Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Photography.

#2 For The Boyfriend Who Loves Electronics & Technology

Electronics and Technology gifts for boyfriend

‘Technology & Electronics’ is such a broad category so try to narrow it down by what type of electronics would you like to gift your guy. Otherwise, you will be almost lost looking at hundreds of products online.

Once you have narrowed down the category, narrow it down even further by your budget. Now it is just a matter of choosing the perfect one.

If your guy has been talking lately about replacing any of his personal electronic items or buying something new, then focus on that.

If not, then some of the most common types of electronics gifts like new headphones, Apple ear pods- if he is an Apple lover (Apple TV is also a good choice if he is an apple fan), electric shaver, Amazon Echo etc. are a safe choice.

However, there are other types of technologically advanced electronics that also have the wow factor like the Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker, Smartwatch etc. These products for sure would be an impressive gift for your boyfriend.

The Levitating/ Floating Bluetooth Speaker is completely mesmerizing. It almost looks like as if it’s straight out of a science fiction movie. No matter where you place the speaker in your home it looks stunning.

A smartwatch, however, is a must-have for all smart technology lovers. The new technologically advanced features make them an interesting gadget to try.

Moreover, these watches come in such neat and fun designs that they are probably giving established watchmakers a run for their money right now. This especially so because they don’t carry a hefty price tag, unlike some major watch brands. Making them pretty affordable.

But for a guy who loves electronics nothing can beat the new Virtual Reality Headsets and Drones that are a rage these days. Most electronics fans want to try at least one of these. They are not too expensive either.

I like the Panasonic Virtual Reality HeadSet because of it’s affordable price tag, advanced features, and its lightweight. Interesting features that include pupil settings that make for a great 3D experience even for those that are nearsighted.

Personally, I would probably prefer drones over virtual reality headsets, if asked. A drone will at least give the person a reason to step out of the house; get some fresh air, exercise .. all that important stuff.. haha.

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Virtual reality headsets will keep the person glued to the couch probably. Not that I wouldn’t like to experience the virtual reality headset. Maybe drones just a tad bit more…

 #3 For The Boyfriend Who Loves Hardware 

Does your guy like to DIY all household repairs? always looking for the next project to use his toolbox? You want to give him something that he can use but don’t really know what new tools he needs?


Ah! It is not so simple to go digging into the toolbox and figure out what he needs. It is almost like expecting your guy to check out your closet and figure out if you need one more black dress (in addition to the 5 hanging in your closet already).

However, it is easier to find a gift for your boyfriend that will help him easily store and organize all the tools he has.

Like this magnetic tool holder strip on Amazon that can make it easier for him to see all the tools at a glance.

The magnets on this strip are super strong. This strip not just holds screwdrivers and other lightweight tools, but it can hold even heavier tools like a hammer.

I also found another essential item to complement the magnetic tool holder strip- a magnetic hand band. This magnetic hand strap on Amazon holds all the nails, nuts and bolts in place keeping the hands free.

A Magnetic Hand Strap does not only prevent all the small things from falling everywhere but your man also does not have to walk back and forth to carry the smaller parts or chase after tiny loose parts on the floor.

These are one of those items that most people don’t think about, but can’t live without it once they have it.

#4 For The Workaholic Boyfriend  

So your boyfriend works long hours..hmm. Most men I know just have a few pictures of their family at their desk, along with a coffee mug and some books. Then there are others who only have a coffee mug.

Gift Idea For The Workaholic Boyfriend  

Notice the common object here? A coffee mug! But don’t give him just another coffee mug with a sentimental or funny quote, how about a cup that will never spill its contents!

The Mighty Mug– click to see it on Amazon, will make sure the coffee doesn’t spill when bumped into.

I am guilty of spilling my coffee on important documents. I have also seen people spill coffee on their keyboards, yikes! Save your guy the potential trouble with this mug.


The mighty mug looks good and it is travel-friendly as well. It is super functional, but on the other hand, it is also very amusing. It would be fun to see other people try to knock it down and be totally surprised.

#5 For The Boyfriend Who Loves The Gym 

Your guy likes to work hard at the gym to still look handsome for you. Keep his passion for gym burning with something that he can carry to the gym like some microfiber towels, running belt, knee wraps for squats or a workout t-shirt etc.

For a fitness lover, it is also important to track their calories and monitor heartbeat while working out. Fitbit is a fantastic accessory to help with his fitness goals. If he already has a Fitbit, consider giving him replacement bands so he can match his Fitbit to pair with clothes according to different occasions.

#6 For The Boyfriend Who Loves To Read

Try to find out his favorite book genre and look up top-selling latest books in that genre. NY Times Bestseller list is often my trusted resource when it comes to finding my next book to read or to gift. It has never failed me.

Gift a neatly wrapped book with a nice bookmarker and you are all done. You can also print a picture of you guys together as a bookmarker!

Just make sure that he doesn’t already have the book as a paperback or on his kindle, and oh speaking of Kindle. A Kindle itself will also make a great gift for anyone who loves to read. Check out other gift suggestions for people who like to read here.

Gift For Boyfriend Who Likes To Read E-Reader Kindle

Kindle is lightweight compared to a book so it is easy to commute to work with it. It is so easy to have multiple books on it. And since the light on Kindle is similar to daylight, it does not strain the eyes like other digital products.

For a reader, it has so many other useful functionalities like looking up the meaning of a word, storing new words etc. that makes reading an even more rewarding experience.

That also brings me to the point that reading is sort of a very intimate process for some people. They love the experience of holding a paperback book and the smell of a book. Reading a book on a tablet just isn’t the same for them. So make sure you buy something that your guy prefers.

#7 For The Boyfriend Who Loves Sports 

If your budget allows, the season tickets are a good gift idea. If no, worry not! There are so many other gifts to think of. You could have his favorite athlete or team’s logo printed on a mug or a t-shirt or check out sports memorabilia websites to find something to suit your budget.

Gift For The Boyfriend Who Loves Sports

But if these all sounds pretty cliche, then check out team logo pajamas, wallets, beer glasses (perfect for big game days), sports teams wall decals etc. Apart from the sports memorabilia websites, Etsy is also a good site to check out. 

Etsy has a good collection of sports team related accessories such as bracelets (both men’s and women’s). If your guy likes to wear accessories, this is could be the perfect gift for your boyfriend which definitely stands out from the rest of the sports-related gift ideas.

#8 For The Boyfriend Who Loves To  Travel

Who does not like to travel!? There is a traveler in all of our hearts. But for your special man who loves to travel – for work or leisure, there is a variety of gifts to think of.

Gift Idea For Boyfriend Who Likes To Travel

The starting point is to think of any new vacations coming up and think of a product that he can use on that vacation. Now, even if he is traveling to Australia next, bug spray is probably not a good gift idea for your boyfriend, just saying.

There are options ranging from dry bags, travel clothes packing organizer, shoe organizer, travel pouch etc. All these will help organize his luggage and keep his things safe while traveling. Check out the full list of practical gift ideas that travelers will appreciate.

These products are something that he will only use on a vacation though.

A good gift for your boyfriend can be something he can use while traveling and even during his usual daily life when he is not traveling. Some good products to look for are Flash Drive, Portable Battery Charger, A Credit Card Swiss Army Knife etc.

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#9 For The Boyfriend Who Loves Music

Does your guy have music playing in the background all the time- while commuting to work, running errands, working at home…?

Giving him something related to music like an iTunes gift card or headphones is a good idea, especially if he is always on the move. But these also seem pretty generic.

Gift For Boyfriend

You do want the gift for your boyfriend to be something that is out of the ordinary and also something he will cherish, even if it is only in the comfort of his home.

Speakers with a wow factor like the levitating/ floating Bluetooth speaker I suggested earlier in this post is a great option. Another option is to gift a vinyl record player along with a vinyl record of his favorite band/ artist.

Vinyl is so classic and I simply love how retro the covers for the vinyl records look. The novelty of these items never fades away. Of course, he has to like vinyl first.

The simplest way for me to find out if my man likes something is to casually show him a picture of the product and tell him one of my friends just bought it. Then I start a conversation about it, not necessarily asking how he feels about it.

His reaction and comments usually are enough to give me my answer!

I have also seen some wonderfully crafted music-related accessories on Etsy and other stores. He probably can’t wear these to work but they look incredible paired with a casual outfit for weekend outings, beach, parties etc.

I like the accessories idea especially if your guy plays a musical instrument.

Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend

There are other accessories as well that go along with the musical instruments. Find something that will help him play or carry the instrument. It is also easier to get anything monogrammed these days.

The only issue is if you really don’t know what he needs then you don’t know what to buy and get monogrammed. In that case, an accessory inspired by the musical instrument he loves is again a good choice or a coffee mug like the Guitar Mug!

Also, read the experience based gift ideas below, I have something for the music lover as well.

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Experience Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Maybe you can’t think of anything that he needs, materialistically, but what about an experience? Surely, he hasn’t experienced all that he wants to in life. These gifts are more than just stuff, they build memories!

Gift him an adventure like race car driving, skydiving, rappelling etc. And of course, there are other adventures that are less risky such as an escape room or dinner in the dark etc. I can suggest some experiences like these, but not every city has the same offerings.

Experience Gift for boyfriend

I have a tip for you in case you want to look for cool experiences that are available in your city. Type in google – ‘things to do’ along with the name of your city. The list should pull up a list of activities that you can do in the city.

Look through all these activities and see if you find something interesting. You can also google ‘things to do + close to your city name’ this will probably open other options right outside your city, in nature.

Groupon (if available where you live) is also another site to check out for any experience activity in your city. Check out the Things To Do under ‘Local’.

Big or small, every city has something unique to offer that you and your man probably have not experienced yet.

Some of these gifts do have a bigger price tag like the helicopter tour, skydiving etc. But there are more affordable options as well that don’t burn a hole in the pocket like a Broadway show, comedy show etc.

Some are even free of cost such as a movie night in the open (a lot of city parks host a movie, you only need to take a blanket, food, and drinks) check out your city’s events guide to look for something that you both can experience for free.

In terms of food, a wine and cheese tasting is a classy experience fit for a celebration. It can be enjoyed by everyone- a beginner or even an experienced wine lover alike. And who doesn’t love cheese really? This is an experience that is both tasty and educational.

Gift For Your Boyfriend

Often times we know what type of wine we like but it is so difficult to choose the perfect bottle. The wine stores always seem to have an overwhelming selection of wines. After all how many wines can you try on your own without wasting money on bottles you simply didn’t like.

Another experience related gift for your boyfriend is to look for a lesson/ class for your man based on his hobbies and area of interest.

If your guy is into photography, a photography lesson can help him hone his skill and learn new tips and tricks.

Cooking classes, glass molding classes, guitar learning classes, new language classes, even gelato making class (if your guy enjoys cooking) etc. are just some of the ideas.

A somewhat of a different idea is also to look for an experience that will help them achieve some sort of a goal. The goal can be working out more, eating healthy etc.

Gift him a few sessions with a personal trainer, sign them up for a healthy cooking class or a special diet class such as vegan, paleo etc if he has been considering changing his diet lately.

These are all just some suggestions. The point is to find an experience related gift for your boyfriend depending on what he likes and what he can benefit from. There is an experience out there for everyone no matter the hobbies, passions, and needs.

Relaxation Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

We are all busy, often overworking ourselves. Each week we decide to take some time off and go home early but that dream barely comes true every few weeks. That means whatever time your guy does get to spend at home should be even more enjoyable and relaxing.

A relaxation gift for your boyfriend might be just what he needs!

Comfort and relaxation gifts are some of my favorite items to gift my man. A new set of comfy pajamas, a beer glass, digital copy of his favorite tv series – Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Office… all make a good choice.

I bought him fleece pajamas last winter that he is still thoroughly obsessed with. He likes to lounge in them all the time so it was not before long that I decided to buy him two new pairs, haha!

You can also buy a gift basket full of natural personal care products like hair gel from lush, exfoliating gel, shaving cream, their favorite razors or electric shaver etc.

For the guy who loves chocolate, a gift basket full of chocolate items such chocolate bars, chocolate candy, flavored chocolate spreads (Le Pain Quotidien comes to my mind, yummy!) is simple and delightful.

For the guy who likes the outdoors- A weekend getaway is the perfect gift for your boyfriend if your budget allows. If a day trip is possible, depending on where you live, plan a day hike and picnic. Pack in the picnic basket some his favorite things to eat.

This next one might be a bit of a delicate territory but it is worth suggesting. Something that benefits his health can be a very thoughtful gift for your boyfriend. For instance, if your guy snores, there is a good chance he is not sleeping well.

Look for a pillow that helps with snoring issues. If the snoring is extreme that is another issue altogether. But for some people snoring is not caused by medical reasons. Pillows, that support the neck better, do help greatly in reducing snoring and ensuring a good night sleep.

DIY Gift For Your Boyfriend

I mentioned a lot of products in this article that you can buy for your man. That does not mean I do not appreciate any DIY type of gifts.

We all love when someone does something special for us. If you still cannot figure out what to give him or you are low on budget or you just prefer to make him something instead, go ahead. You know your guy the best.

DIY gifts sure seem more personable and thoughtful. It certainly takes more time to make something than buying something. The variety of things one can make is only limited by the creativity, supplies needed and the amount of time one has. Which is probably the reason why most people just prefer to buy something. But if you have time and want to make something special, that’s the way to go.

There are some ideas that take a lot of time to make, I am talking at least a few months, like crocheting, knitting (no, they are not the same) etc. One of my Aunts was a master Crocheter, she always made the most beautiful pieces for the family members. But she had time at her disposal and a passion for it. Most people today don’t have that.

Fortunately, there are things that you can make in a matter of hours!

A gift basket/ bag almost takes no time. You can choose to fill it up with personal care stuff- new shaving cream for him to try, hair gel, body moisturizer, sunscreen, his favorite things to eat- chocolates, crackers, chips etc.

A basket full of gourmet chocolate spreads is a tasty ideal gift for your boyfriend if he is a chocoholic!

Not so much into gift baskets? no problem!

Make him his favorite food and plan a nice movie night with him at home, write him a love letter to tell him how much you love him. Where I come from there is a famous saying- the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You might be familiar with this phrase too. So bring out the best of your culinary skills to reach his heart.

There are other DIY creative gift ideas too that don’t take much time but make a wonderful gift.

You can easily DIY a canvas with a meaningful or fun quote. You only need a few art supplies.

DIY Gift Idea For Boyfriend

Don’t worry if you don’t have good handwriting, you can easily find writing stencils, alphabet stamps, and alphabet stickers online or at any crafts store such as Michaels. They make the job easier and fun.

You can also choose to decorate the wall canvas with beautiful patterns around the quote. There are stencils available for that as well. Pick a famous quote or write something of your own!

A photo collage canvas is also a good idea. It is not only easy to make but also does not need too many supplies. It is easy to find photo collage frames online and at big retailers. You can also choose to go frameless.

An idea that is almost Pinterest worthy is to print pictures polaroid style and stick them bare on the bedroom wall.

There is no need for a special Polaroid camera for this idea. There are services online that will print regular photos in polaroid style. We take so many pictures on our phone, but they stay on our cloud and we rarely ever revisit them again.

These small 4X4 polaroid pictures make it easier to go down the memory lane and remember all the beautiful moments from the past. And I simply love the classic feel of these. They don’t need any fancy picture frames for display either.

DIY Gift For Your BoyfriendYou can also stick the pictures on a clean canvas along with some beautiful design using the design stencil. I can go on and on about the ideas, but I will leave it to your creativity to turn this into a truly unique gift for your boyfriend.

A good way to find inspiration is to check out Pinterest or craft blogs. The craft blogs are truly where I find the most inspiration.

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I believe the DIY gifts go beyond the personality, hobbies, likes, passions etc. of your boyfriend. There is something so special about DIY gifts, I am sure your boyfriend will appreciate any DIY gift you make for him.

Does The Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend Have To Be Expensive?

The plain and simple answer is no, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is that your guy loves it. Gifts convey so much to the receiver- they show that you care about them, that you listen to them and you want to put a smile on their faces on their special day.

No matter what gift you decide to present as long as it conveys your love for him, that’s all that matters.

An expensive gift in no way is an indicator of how much you love him, but a thoughtful gift- even if cheap, can make for a memorable gift.

People will often forget about all the expensive gifts they got earlier but they always remember the ones that made them feel happy and loved.

If you can, however, afford an expensive gift for your boyfriend without affecting your budget, then, by all means, go ahead. If something is too expensive that it affects your budget, it will probably not make him very happy either to know that you had to spend too much on his gift.

Also, something that sounds expensive to one might not sound as expensive to someone else. How much to spend on a gift just depends on your budget.

If your boyfriend likes to gift you expensive gifts, but you cannot afford expensive gifts, don’t stress yourself. Some couples in relationships choose to set a price limit for gifts to avoid any awkwardness. See if this is something that you would like to discuss with your boyfriend for future occasions.

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Remember relationships are all about mutual love, respect, and care, and you can’t put a price on it. I am sure your gift will make both of you happy!

I hope this blog post gave you ideas on how to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend and you enjoyed my recommendations. Let me know in the comments below which ones you liked.

Also, do share any tips you have on how to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, along with some suggestions.


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