DIY Christmas Gift For Office Under $5

DIY Holiday Gifts For Coworkers Under $5 (Free Printable Tags)

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It is the holiday season again and I don’t know about you but to me, it is the start of indulgence, whether it is food, thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, hosting and even gifts!

Yes, I can easily go overboard with gifts if I am not too careful with my budget. Even the small mini gifts can add up really fast.

I know you’ve been there too.

So I came up with these under $5 DIY holiday gifts for office staff that are small on the budget but big on impact.

I hope you will give them a try too.

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DIY Holiday Gifts Under $5 For Coworkers

First and foremost- the main supplies.

I bought the cellophane bags from Amazon. They cost less than $10 for 100 pieces, and if you go for the very basic ones it might run you just $5. The jute twine is from Amazon too.

I made the gift tags for different holidays. You can download these free printable tags at the end of this post.

Feel free to switch tags around for these DIY gifts as you seem fit.

1. DIY Thanksgiving Gift For Coworkers

This one is perfect for Thanksgiving but you can also switch the tag for a different occasion.

I bought our favorite chocolate chip cookies from the local bakery. Everyone loves chewy decadent cookies and the funny tag had the coworkers laughing.

This gift was probably one of the first to be opened and consumed by the team. Some saved it though because they said it looked so good on their desks and got them compliments from everyone passing by.

Thanksgiving DIY gift

You can use store bought cookies from big box retailers as well. During holidays they sell big trays of cookies that are perfcet for making these gifts on a budget.

2. Mason Jar Appreciation Gift

chocolate jar for holiday gifting

Holidays are a great time to show some appreciation for your coworkers. This under $5 appreciation gift looks easy to make, and it really is.

Mason jars are so versatile everyone loves them.

It’s a good idea to buy mason jars in bulk online as they are cheaper. The ones I don’t give away as gifts get used up in my house for something or the other.

I did cheat and used washi tapes to decorate the jar. I LOVE washi tapes. They are easy to use and so forgiving. They come off easily too when peeled.

I bought these gold and silver shimmer washi tapes a long time ago from a Michael’s and they have lasted me years. I like to put these on the rims on mason jars to add a hint of glittery holiday sparkle.

3. DIY Funny Thanksgiving Gift

Homemade Thanksgiving office gift

Can your coworkers handle humor? I like funny gifts and this was my take on DIY funny gift that will make all the colleagues laugh.

By the way, check out my new gift guide if you are looking for some hilarious Secret Santa gifts for your coworkers

4. Chocolate Bar Homemade Gift

Pick your coworker’s favorite chocolate bar or surprise them with a different flavor. 

I wrapped up the chocolate bars in gold wrapping paper and decorated it with some washi tape… yes, washi tape again.

You can choose ribbons or decorate the whole wrapping with glittery polka dots. It is upto you.

During holiday season keep an eye out for deals on chocolate bars at your neighborhood drugstores or online.

I always buy gift wrapping paper from dollar store, it’s just $1 and looks great.

You can also choose a different color wrapping paper. I chose gold to go along with a holiday theme.

5. DIY Christmas Gifts For Office

DIY Holiday Gift For Coworkers

I love to add tiny holiday decorations to gifts so the coworkers can use them to decorate their desk or Christams tree at home after they are done with the cookies or candy in the gift bag.

DIY Christmas Gift For Office Under $5

6. DIY Candy Bag

candy gift

I love the pop of color candies add to a gift. 

This is another idea if you have tonnes of candy leftover from Halloween. Make sure to check the expiry date on the candies.

You can choose any gift tag of your liking to go with this simple gift bag.

The bow is from dollar tree and so is the thin golden ribbon that helps tying up the ribbon on the bag.

Gift Tags Free Printables Download:


I hope you will give these under $5 DIY homemade holiday gifts a try this holiday season.

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