Luxury Gifts For Women You Should Buy For Yourself

Luxury Gifts For Women You Should Buy For Yourself

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Buying gifts for others is a common practice, but there are times when you should absolutely buy a gift for yourself! Maybe it’s your birthday, you hit a milestone, want to celebrate an accomplishment, starting a new job… whatever the reason might be treating yourself to an inspirational, luxurious or a meaningful gift is always a great idea.

Gifts To Buy For Yourself

Luxury Gifts For Women You Should Buy For Yourself

Here are some amazing high-quality gifts you should be splurging on for yourself. 

Roman Arc Coin Necklace: A gorgeous piece that you can layer or wear on it’s own as well. Coin necklaces are in fashion right now, but this one stands apart from all others, not only in terms of cost, but in terms of quality, elegance and sheer timelssness.

The 18ct gold-plated coin necklace is inspired by ancient iconography featuring an ancient Roman icon.

Kate Spade Gold Dot Decal Tumbler: Take your hot or cold beverage on the go in style. An eye-catching tumbler that almost looks like a fashion accessory!

Ted Baker Crossbosy: Crossbody bags will never go out of style! Doesn’t matter if it is winter, summer or fall, a classic black textured leather Ted Baker bag with a cute bow in the front and matching gold chain will elevate any outfit you wear. 

Crystal Embellished Bootie: It is definitely not a shoe that will suit every event. However, it is definitely THE shoe to catch every one’s attention. Rock them at your birthday party, a night out at the club, Vegas!?!… really, just about anywhere where you would like to get tons of compliments!!

Versace Wrap Leather Strap Watch: You don’t need extra bracelets to accessorize your outfit with this wrap leather strap watch. The unique color, and the word Versace spelled out on the strap makes it a classy addition to your wardrobe.

Crystal Embellished Earrings: A statement piece that is fit for any celebration. Accessories can really impact the entire look of your outfit. You could style these for a number of big events, like weddings, date night, etc.

Evil Eye Ring Set: Affordable, and very glam! The gold plated ring set is both casual and edgy. 

Cavalli Snake Detail Watch: Another gem that will become one of the most unique additions to your wardrobe. Watches are a must have accessory, but a really nice quality stylish watch looks classic and sophisticated. For me, the snake watch looks totally badass that will look great on anyone.

Face Long Wallet: A wallet that is slightly out there is the perfect buy to spoil yourself! 

Rainbow Earrings: Again, one of those pieces that is super affordable but a must-have. With a dazzling pair of earrings you would barely need any other accessory. These will look great on a black dress, and even casually styled jeans and a white tee.

And here are some more luxury gifts that you should definitely splurge on because you deserve it!

Burberry Cashmere Scarf: A Burberry scarf is all you need to elevate your winter fashion. The cashmere scarf is warm, soft and it is no secret that every girl wants one in her collection. A gift that will last you season after season, definitely worth the price tag.

Tory Burch Logo Cuff: This sophisticated bracelet will pair wonderfully with any outfit. Black and gold is one of the best combinations. You will get plenty of wear out of it. 

Chanel CC Turnlock Earrings: If you are starting to steer towards minimalism, and choosing to add only a few key pieces to your wardrobe then you have to include a pair of Chanel earrings.

Kate Spade leopard large backpack: Leopard print is here to stay, and if you find a pair of leopard print leggings or a jacket a little too out there, then this Kate Spade bag is a great, and understated, way to flaunt the print.

Gucci Logo Leather Belt: A quintessential luxury piece. A gorgeous belt that will add effortless refinement to your street style. The belt comes in different sizes, even petite!

Bright Red Burberry Leather Wallet: I am pretty sure I don’t even have to tell you why you need one. Just LOOK at the wallet again! I absolutely adore the color, it is much more noticeable, with a touch of chic, than a regular black or brown wallet.

Hermès fragrance Set: If you haven’t stepped into designer perfume territory, then this Hermes set is a must-buy. The set includes feminine scents with a twist. The petite bottles are so much easier to carry in bag or when traveling.

Dyson Hair Dryer: You probably have seen so many videos, and Instagram posts about this one. If you are someone, like me, who hates long hair drying time and the split ends that all the heat styling can cause then this hair dryer is the one BIG investment you need in your life.

Mini Facial Toning Device: Skincare is also one of the investments that have a big pay off. The facial toning device is no joke.

The FDA-cleared device improves facial contour, skintone, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A great gadegt to kickstart your anti-aging skin routine.

Dr. Dennis faceware Mask: Our skin takes a lot of beating from sun and pollution so you need much more than just serums and creams to take care of it.

The FDA-cleared mask looks like a costume piece but it’s LED lights stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin which are important for targeting wrinkles, sun spots, sun damage, blemishes and redness.


I hope you loved cruising through these luxury gifts you should be gifting yourself. These fashion finds and pampering essentials are just what you need to celebrate yourself!

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