DIY Holiday Gifts Your Neighbors, Friends, And Family Will Really Adore

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For me DIY gifts are more than just about saving money- I love to make these simple small handmade gifts that are full of creativity, thought and love for the people I hold dear in my life. Here are some small handmade gifts that are perfect for neighbors, family, friends and even coworkers!

Oh, and all these are very budget-friendly. Some of these cost less than $5, but they will still bring a big smile to the recipient’s face.

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DIY Holiday Gifts

Before we even start, I have to admit that I am a bit obsessed with baker’s twine and something about Holidays brings out the crazy in me that wants to buy them in every color.

If you can even remotely relate, and share the same passion, then you have to stop buying these at your grocery stores, seriously, and check out this deal on Amazon. You get a pack of 24 twines for under $10!! NO, it’s not a joke.

** Free printable gift tags are at the bottom of the post **

DIY Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving Gift For Friends, Family And Neighbors

Here is one idea you can use for Thanksgiving.

I chose a lantern that can be used indoors or outdoors. The metallic pumpkin inside can be used year after year to decorate their mantel,etc., unlike a fresh pumpkin that will go bad in a few days. 

You can easily find affordable lanterns online that look great, but don’t cost a lot.

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Gift

I kept this sweet Thanksgiving gift as affordable, and as simple as possible. 

I wrapped the chocolate bar in a gold wrapping paper and used some washi tape in different colors to decorate the top part of the gift tag.

You can totally use your imagination and decorate it as you like. The free gift tag is at the bottom of the post. Check the one – blessed and grateful gift tag.

DIY Thanksgiving Gift For Coworkers

I made another diy small gift that you can even take for your coworkers.

>> By the way, if you are looking for more budget-friendly gifts for office staff then you have to see these DIY gifts for coworkers that cost under $5. The post includes free gift tag printables<<

This idea is perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas.

I would replace the orange candy with some chocolates and top it with a candle jar if I was making this for Christmas.

Since I could not make up my mind, I bought more of these metallic pumpkins in a different color. And since I bought BOTH of them.. you gotta see the other one too!

So here goes a second picture with a more goldenish pumpkin.

I had so much fun using these pumpkins. These are from the dollar store and so is the tea light candle holder. 

>> Check out these fun DIY Christmas ornaments you can add to your gifts. <<

DIY Mason Jar Gift

DIY Mason Jar Gift For Neighbors, Friends, And Family

I decorated my jar with not one, but two twines in different colors, and I love the idea of a double bow on the tag. Oh, and you can totally use this idea for any occasion and just switch the gift tag.

Mason jar gifts are so popular at the moment, and for the right reason. 

The recipient can enjoy the small gifts in the jar and also use the jar itself. Plus, you don’t have to fuss with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows at all. That is one less gift to wrap during holiday season, yay!!

The important thing to note is that jar is not full of thoughtless things! So you ask- what exactly you should put in the jar to make it stand out? I have the answer…

Things To Put In Your Mason Jar

I added some vanilla beans, toasted sesame oil, candies, tea sachets (that you can’t see properly in this overstuffed jar), chocolates, a small pack of star anise and even some of my favorite vanilla tea light candles.

It sounds like a hodgepodge, but it is not. I only kept the items that I know the recipients will greately enjoy.

Judging by all the things I put in this big jar, you can safely assume that the size of your mason jar is the only limit really. You can add so many different type of things to make the jar a thoughtful gift that has something for everyone in the family.

DIY Holiday Gift Basket

I am in love with this gift basket! And I am sure your recipient will enjoy such a lovely festive gift.

Instead of using an actual basket, like, wicker basket, fabric basket, etc., I used a glass centerpiece that can be used for potpourri (that I included in my gift basket).

I also added some homemade cookies, chocolates, a tin full of mints, a Santa stocking and a jar of candle.

At the bottom I just used some paper shreds that I am sure is the stuffing from a delivery package I got earlier. I have a knack for saving such things because I love recycling. 

Free Printable Tags:

Grab your free printable gift tags here-


I hope you enjoyed all these simple diy gift ideas that don’t take much time, but still satisfy the desire to put together something wonderful for celebrating holidays with our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family.

DIY Holiday gifts that are so easy and simple to put together and your neighbors, friends, family and even colleagues will really love. Handmade gifts that are affordable, but not crap! They will use these festive gifts year and year.

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