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Small Stocking Stuffers That Grown Men Want for Christmas

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The holiday season is just around the corner, yay! But while Santa’s checking his list twice, I am here to help you check off one of the most stressful items: finding the best stocking stuffers for the men in your life that they will love and enjoy using.

Forget about the same old beer related and ho-ho-hum gifts – I have scoured the depths of the internet to curate a collection of stocking stuffers that will have the men screech in merriment.

The guide will help you sleigh your gift-giving game. For me the goal was to find small, amazing things that one doesn’t find in a regular department store. This list really does include something unique for everyone. It will make even the grinchiest of men crack a smile!

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Practical Stocking Stuffers for Men That Are Not Junk

17 cool and useful small stocking stuffers that will delight the any man. Best of all, the gifts are in a variety of price ranges so you can easily find one that fits your budget.

featured image that reads stocking stuffers for men

1. Funny Sticky Note Pad

hand holding a notepad

It is not about the cost of the gift but the enjoyment he will get out of using it. The hilarious notepad is silly, but it will not end up lost in his desk drawer. The recipient will love to use these at work or at home.

Its small size will make it easier to put it inside the Christmas stocking too.

2. Gag Gift Spray

3 bottles of toilet spray

The toilet spray with laugh worthy titles will make a great stocking stuffer if you are looking for a gag gift.

Toilet humor is not for everyone. But if the recipient loves a good laugh and can appreciate the creativity in the names of these sprays then this set of toilet sprays is perfect for him.

3. Intriguing Funny Matchbox

image of three matchboxes

A small creative stocking stuffer that will make a wonderful addition to their home décor. Especially if he likes unique or quirky ideas or is a bibliophile.

Each title refers to a literary classic that will make anyone laugh out loud. Perfect for any corner of the house- displayed on the center table next to a nice candle, bathroom, etc.

A great conversation starter as well.

4. Nostalgia Gift

Everyone enjoys a piece of their childhood brought back to life.

Use the gift giving opportunity to really thrill their inner child. This fully functional arcade whac-a-mole will have him giggling with delight when he opens his gift.

It is a great option for a man who has everything. He will be thrilled to bits with this small, but thoughtful gift.

And did I say this is not just gimmick, it really does work!

5. Stress Relief Desk Game

A great way to beat stress at work, kill boredom, and enjoy a desk game that doesn’t require their eyes to be glued at a screen.

The tiny bowling game is a nice work desk accessory that he and his colleagues will really appreciate. After all, who can stop themselves from rolling the ball once they see a bowling alley in front of them!

6. Unique Edible Gift

2 packets of nuts on a table

Edible gifts were always popular, and they still continue to be well-received by recipients of all ages.

But if you want to ditch the plain old generic supermarket stuff then here is a treat that he would be excited to open and try straight away. These Aged Spirit Sunflower Seeds are soaked in Bourbon or Scotch (your choice) and taste delicious, as per countless reviews.

If you were looking to avoid giving nuts to the recipient, because of allergens or health issues, this sunflower seed snack is a great alternative.

7. Chocolate Tools Set

For the man who loves chocolate, plus working with tools, fixing things around the house or loves using tools for hobbies and tasks. This chocolate tools set is an excellent stocking stuffer idea.

The set is excellently made as the tools look very realistic.

You can wrap them separately to put inside a Christmas stocking or gift as is.

8. Desk Accessory

crab penholders holding pen

Unique desk accessories add a dash of life to the regular old mundane desk.

The pen holder crab is small but functional. It would make a nice gift for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk, has started a new job, enjoying a promotion or a recent career success.

9. Multi Tool Pen

Men are synonymous for loving practical things over fluff. If the recipient is one such guy then he will really be thrilled to get this multi tool pen.

Apart from providing the basic functionality of a pen, it has so many small other tools hidden inside which one can appreciate in their daily life. From LED light, stylus top, bottle opener, screwdriver, sim card removal… this gadget can really do a lot.

The pen comes in a pack of two, with 2 extra ink refills and 3 extra batteries all packed in an exquisite gift box.

10. Novelty Socks

A pair of socks with hands that stick

Novelty socks come in such a variety, from warm wool to cotton, non-slip, etc. They also come in a variety of patterns, some large that make a statement and some that casually hint at a hobby or subject.

The socks offer a brilliant opportunity to give them something useful that also reflects their hobby, etc.

I love this funny hand holding Santa socks. They are just so adorable.  Bet he will wear them every holiday season to make everyone around him laugh.

11. Gadget for Fun

A fun gadget that will keep him busy and entertained for a long time. The electric motor for airplanes takes the plain old paper airplane to the next level.

Man of any age can enjoy this. The motor is durable and designed to fit any type and size of paper plain he wishes to make.

Great for fathers and grandfathers who are always looking for ways to entertain kids.

12. Bluetooth Tracker

If they haven’t used one before, they will be happy to have one now. If they are always losing keys, wallet and other small, but important stuff around the house, then these Bluetooth trackers will give them peace of mind.

It can show the last connected location, plays music, when called, to find the lost thing that makes it easier to find, and much more.

I picked the holiday edition as my choice, but they come in other colors too. All packed in a convenient nice box.

13. Brass Lint Brush

image of a depiller

Doesn’t look like much but a man who travels a lot for work and business will really appreciate it over a regular sticky paper lint roller.

There is no need to buy additional rolls or remove layers of sticky paper again and again to de-pill one regular sweater.

Apart from garments it can also be used to tackle pet hair from sofa, bed sheets, etc.

It is lightweight and easy to use. It is made from wood and brass so it will hold up for a long time.

As sustainable gift that will be well appreciated.

14. Electric Lighter

An electric lighter is not just for smokers but also for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. It is windproof and flameless.

It can be charged anytime anywhere just with a USB.

15. Novelty Playing Cards

Many families love to indulge in card games over the holidays. If the recipient is a big fan of playing cards, then surprise him with a unique deck that stands out from the rest.

The triangular shaped cards are fun to use and they come in many designs. It is worth checking out the seller’s online store.

16. Funny Book

Don’t shy away from giving books as a gift. They make a wonderful companion and can be enjoyed again and again and even passed down.

For the man who has everything and wants nothing. A book full of humor that he will not be able to put down.

He would love to entertain company with jokes from the book or pick the book when he wants to avoid screentime.

Funny books come in a large variety so pick one that resonated with him in some ways.

A book full of trivia on his favorite topic will also make a nice gift.

17. Heat Pad Vest

man laying on his stomach wearing a heat pad vest

You might not be able to fit this one in a stocking, but this heat pad vest is heaven sent for anyone who suffers from shoulders, legs, or back ache.

Filled with golden flax seed this vest can be quickly warmed in the microwave or cooled like an ice pack. The large size helps cover the entire back as opposed to regular heat pads.

The vest has some weight to it, so it is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t like the feel of a full weighted blanket.

The functionality this heat pad will provide makes it better than any novelty or Christmas themed gift for someone who could really benefit from it.


I hope you found the perfect stocking stuffer for the man in your life in this gift guide. Happy Holidays!

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