small practical stocking stuffer for newlywed couple

15 Practical Stocking Stuffers for Newlyweds They Will Actually Use

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The couple just got married and that makes their first ever Christmas as newlyweds so special. They probably got so many wedding gifts and engagement gifts this year that you are probably finding it hard to come up with unique stocking stuffer ideas for the newlyweds.

Sure, the shelves in the markets are full of ‘things’ but most are old cliché items that most couples just toss in the trash or never use. But here are some amazing small stocking stuffers that will not only leave them impressed but these are also practical ideas they will love to use.

The guide includes 15 different ideas that covers every type of couple. It includes household gifts, kitchen gifts, personalized ideas, fun and even funny gifts that the couple will enjoy.

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15 Practical Stocking Stuffers for Newlyweds

In this list you will find something for every type of couple and every type of budget.

small practical stocking stuffer for newlywed couple

1 Date Night Dice

image of two dices

They will never get decision fatigue when deciding what to order out or how to spend their free time in the evenings. The food dice combined with activity dice is the most adorable gift that they will love to use and display on their coffee table.

These dice are made from stainless steel so they will maintain their look for a long time. Since they are not made from plastic, they look very high quality.

2 Decision Flip Coin

hand holding a flip coin

Talking of decisions- Running a household as a team can feel daunting to the best of us. There are things that no one likes to do – dishes, take out trash, clean bathroom. Ahem!-  that are sadly not optional. The reality is that they need to be done.

The decision coin is here to step in and help them decide whose turn is it to handle the chore. Also good for random spontaneous tasks that seem to appear out of nowhere and cannot be listed under weekly duties, like wiping pet pee…yikes!

3 Creative Gag Gift

matchboxes in a bowl

This unique find will be appreciated by a couple who love to read and also by the ones who don’t.

The small gift is a matchbox with titles that are funny spins on some popular book names.

You can buy this as a set or just an individual piece of your choice. To me, they are all so funny. Creative gifts like these also make a great conversation piece. They can place it on their coffee table, bathroom vanity, etc.

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4 Personalized Home Décor

matchbox for big matchsticks

Personalized gifts always make the recipient feel special. Here is another matchbox idea, but unlike the one above, this can be personalized with their initials.

The matchbox can store long matchsticks unlike most of the matchstick holders that are meant for small matches.

Although small matchsticks can also get the job done right, some people like the luxurious feel of long matchsticks and also find them very practical for lighting candles placed in long candle holders.

The matchbox will be well received by the recipient. It can also be a thoughtful gift if they have just moved to a new apartment, home, etc.

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5 Holiday Spoons

holiday inspired spoon designs

We all buy a bunch of coffee mugs and bakeware every year to fit the season and the occasion. Here are some holiday spoons that are fit for the holiday season. These adorable spoons can be used as coffee spoons, dessert spoons, etc.

I love the pattern on each spoon and the best part is that they can be personalized with the couple’s name.

6 Christmas Coupon Book

picture of a book of coupons

Festive time for the newlyweds will no doubt be a busy time full of family activities. But here is an exciting book full of ‘things to do’ for the ones who want to do something out of the box or explore things they haven’t thought about.

It is a great stocking stuffer that in my opinion can be used, not just once, but year after year. It will definitely not land in the trash can after the holiday festivities are over.

7 Couple’s Date Night Idea Dispenser

hand holding a box with coupons

Date nights will never be the same old boring Netflix and dinner with this idea dispenser. The date night coupon dispenser is full of fun ideas that will keep the date nights fun and interesting.

This interesting stocking stuffer is not only for the festive time. They can use it anytime of the year and be pleasantly surprised each time.

8 Romantic Mix Tape Pillow Cover

pillow covers with retro tape design

It is such a unique idea that they will be taken by surprise when they open it. If you know them well enough to know what song is their favorite, then this mixtape pillow cover set is the perfect gift for them.

As an alternative, you can also choose their wedding song title for this gift. This unexpected idea will not fail to make them feel special.

The gift will also be a big hit with a couple who loves all things retro.

9 Couple’s Ice Cream Spoon

two spoons with text engraved on them

I love the style and the writing on this spoon. The couple would be thrilled to have these in their kitchen.

The spoons are a bit pricey than the run of the mill generic stuff in the markets, but the quality speaks for itself. They are handmade and built to last, just like the newlyweds.

10 A Spicy Gift

To gently put it, some couples will laugh their backsides off when they see something like this and some not. Only you can decide if this particular gift makes sense for them.

If the recipient seems like they are the perfect candidate for something a bit spicy and funny, then they would love this.

11 Funny Gift

a cooking spoon

Here is another one, a little less spicy…uhm, for the couple with a funny bone. A light-hearted gift for the newlyweds who love to show off their cooking skills. The cooking spoon will make a great host/ hostess holiday gift for the couple.

The saying on the cooking spoon is laser engraved, not printed and it is also handmade. The shop also has variety of options so definitely check them out.

12 Organizing Tray

two organizing trays

A catchall tray can be used in so many places at home and this one looks amazing too.

The simplistic design will please every eye.  This handmade tray is made from leather and can be personalized with the couple’s name.

It also comes in a few more colors, each very pleasant to look at.

13 Secret Message Candle

candle with text

The candle is a bit pricey but definitely something for a couple who happens to have everything they need already.

I love the idea and I think the recipient will be amazed to read a personalized message on a candle glowing through the flame.

You can choose to print words of your choosing on the candle.

14 Magnetic Couple’s Socks

socks with magnet arms

They are funny, yet functional. The hilarious socks will definitely make the couple laugh out loud and they will love to flaunt these when friends and family come over.

Definitely the right gift for a couple who loves to laugh and adores cute silly things.

The cotton socks have extended arms with magnets on the tip of the arms. Not an expensive gift, but it will definitely make an impression.

15 Custom Art

couple watercolor wedding picture

Is there a photo they love and adore from their wedding day or otherwise? If yes, here is an idea that blows all other ideas out of the park.

The seller turns regular digital pictures into watercolor art.

If you don’t happen to have their favorite picture, then you can also give this as a gift coupon to them so they can choose one themselves.

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I hope you enjoyed all the amazing and practical stocking stuffers for newlywed couples.

stocking stuffer ideas for newlywed couple for the holidays

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