Here are some unique wedding gifts under $25 that are guaranteed to impress the newlyweds

If your wedding gift budget is slightly limited this year, worry not! I have got you covered. A small budget does not mean you can’t delight the newlyweds with something spectacular.

Here is a wedding gift guide full of products under $25, guaranteed to impress the new couple.

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#1 Copper Mule Mugs

Copper has a multitude of health benefits from antioxidant properties, helping with digestion,  aiding in weight loss, fighting cancer, etc., and these mule mugs are 100% copper!

The box contains copper straws, shot glass, etc. The best part is these mule mugs come in a beautiful box that is fit for gifting.

Just pack it a nice wrapping paper and you are good to go!

#2 Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized gifts always make the recipients feel special, but they are usually expensive especially if they are made of engraved wood, but not this one!

I am so happy that I found this cutting board that can be personalized to include their date of wedding and their names. So wonderfully beautiful, the cutting board will be a memorable addition to their kitchen.

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#3 Newlywed Christmas Gift

Is Christmas right around the corner? If yes, then check out this Christmas ornament that comes with matching Mr and Mrs keyrings.

Their first Christmas together deserves something so special that celebrates their new status as husband and wife.

#4 Wine Decanter

Eye catching and functional, the wine decanter will also make a fine glass centerpiece. The newlyweds will receieve plenty of compliments on the elegant decanter.

It is completely lead-free and possibly one of those things that people assume they don’t need, until they use them. 

#5 Wine Rack

This charming wine bottle and glass display rack is vintage, yet contemporary! It is the perfect wedding gift for a couple who likes to host parties and get-togethers for family and friends.

The rack can be put on a bar stool, a dining table or on the kitchen top. The couple will likely get a lot of compliments on this wine rack.

#6 Honeymoon Journal

The honeymoon is the time for the couple to have fun and also create amazing memories that are worth preserving.

This honeymoon journal is full of interesting illustrated and blank pages so the couple can make the most of it!

As time goes by, they would really enjoy looking through the journal and revisit all the special moments from their honeymoon.

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#7 Newlywed Cookbook

Now here is a cookbook they will really enjoy going through. The book includes easy, but delicious, weenight recipes and some recipes that will make entertaining so much more fun.

The guests will be amazed by all the yummy food, but really you didn’t expect anything less from a Martha Stewart cookbook, did you?

#8 Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

A gift as adorable as these salt and pepper shaker set beats even the expensive gifts. It is perfect for the couple who is so similar, and wonderful together as a couple.

These salt and pepper shakers are not cheap plastic, they are made of ceramic and are hand painted.

#9 Conversation Starter For Couples

A great conversation starter for couples- be it the ones who have been married for a long time or the ones who just got married. Their conversation would never know what boring is with these set of questions designed to give interesting conversations a kick start.

#10 Watch & Jewelry Case

For an under $25 wedding gift, this watch and jewelry display box is a steal!

The couple will no longer have to keep their beautiful watches and daily jewelry tucked away in drawers and closets where they can’t see what they have. The glass top lets them see what they have at a glance. 

#11 Monogram Cork Holder

The monogram wine cork holder will be a beautiful addition to their bar area or living room. This wine cork holder does not look cheap at all, even though it is inexpensive! It is big enough to be a noteworthy home decor addition.

Depending on your budget you can gift this along with a bottle of wine or just as is.

#12 Personalized Photo Frame

What better way to celebrate the lovely couple than to gift them quality personalized photo frame with their names on it.

Add a picture from their wedding, engagement photo shoot or a momentous picture from their social media, like, when they declared to the world they were engaged.

Their are so many ways to make a gift memorable, price is not even a factor when a gift seems so heartfelt and genuine.

#13 Insulated Wine Carrier Bag

An insulated wine bottle carrier bag is a great wedding gift for the new couple. The bag will make it a breeze to carry multiple bottles to the beach, picnics, get-togethers, cruise, BYOB restaurants, etc.

The inner wall of the bag is padded, preventing wine bottles from cracking and acting as insulation to maintain the temperature.

# 14 Newlyweds Book

Marriage feels like a dream, but in reality, not every day is going to feel like a day in paradise. The book for the newlyweds is fun to read, and yet full of practical advice for the newlyweds.

The topics range from discussing finances, handling in-laws, dealing with fights etc.

They will not only enjoy reading it but also treasure the advice!

#15 Heart-Shaped Spoons

If you are looking for a small wedding gift idea for a coworker, etc., you will fall in love with these heart-shaped coffee and desset spoons, and so will they!

#16 Countdown Clock

Are they about to be married soon and bursting with all the anticipation and joy? .. ok, maybe that was a rhetorical question…

This countdown clock will add to their excitement. Don’t worry, it’s not just a novelty gift they will toss into the trash post wedding, they can reuse the countdown clock for any big occasion, like, Christmas, baby’s birth…

#17 His & Her Pillow Cases

While buying pillows for someone can be tricky, adorable pillowcases like this ‘her beast & his beauty’ pillowcases can easily fit any pillow. These are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

The white base of these pillows means they will go with any color bedding so it is easier to style them.

#17 Stemless Wine Glass

The 2pc stemless wine glasses make an adorable gift for the newlyweds that they would love to use for years to come.

They are special because they are meant for the husband and wife to enjoy for a longer time than just during their wedding. They are classy and graceful.

#19 Framed ‘Save The Date’ Invite

A photo frame just by itself is not as thrilling, but a tastefully framed copy of the couple’s ‘save the date’ card is both thoughtful and a heartfelt gift. Your sentimental gift will preserve their wedding invitation as a beautiful memory.

#20 Kitchen Canister Set

There are many benefits to having stoneware kitchen canisters- they are made of durable stoneware so they are sturdy, airtight, BPA free and don’t look unpleasant after repeated use like plastic does.

These kitchen canisters are beautiful. They are handcrafted and hand-painted. The lids are made out bamboo, which is eco-friendly and also has odor resistant properties.

It definitely beats out any other plastic gift for sure.

#21 Quiz Book For Couples

This questions book for the couples is a great gift for any couple, in general, and it is even better for newlyweds. The questions are fun and insightful, focused on strengthening the relationship.

The book also makes it easier for the couple to ask questions they would normally feel awkward asking or never imagine asking one another.

#22 Oil Vinegar Mister

The aerosol free oil and vinegar mister 2Pc set is both, a healthy gift, and a functional gift. Keeping a check on the intake of oil is one of the easiest ways to control calories. This healthy gift will be used a lot in their kitchen.

The stainless steel body also makes this mister set very attractive.

#23 First Year Marriage Wine Sleeves

There’s a first for everything! They will be toasting to every milestone in the first year of marriage with this set of 6 sentimental wine sleeves.

Even the empty bottles with sleeves on them are worth keeping on display to cherish memories.

#24 Aprons

The sooner the groom learns the most important rule of married life, the better his married life would be- this Wife is always right apron will make it easier for him to remember.

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#25 Shadow Box

There is something about shadow boxes that light up, they look so magical! This shadow light box will look great in any corner of their house- living room, bed side table, etc. A beautiful gift- the perceived value will be much higher than the actual cost.

#26 Toast Glasses

The couple will receive plenty of glassware but these monogrammed champagne glasses will stand out from the rest. 

They are a romantic and elegant piece of glassware perfect for celebrating future milestones to come.

#27 Funny Spoons

The funny spoons are not just a novelty gift. These will quickly become their go-to spoons whenever they need one!

#28 Recipe Tin

Something to keep their family recipes, and their favorite recipes organized and clean from all the kitchen mess. The tin is large enough to store over 200 recipe cards.

I love the unique design of this tin, but these come in many colors and styles if you happen to be looking for another color.

#29 Stacked Measuring Cups

Goodness, this set is super adorable!

I have added plenty of gift ideas that will make a great addition to their kitchen and I am happily adding this stack of ceramic measuring cups to that list. 

Just under $20, these are perfect for gifting.


I hope you were able to find a wedding gift under $25, without worrying about your budget!

A small budget does not mean you can't delight the newlyweds. Here is a list of wedding gifts under $25 that are guaranteed to impress the couple.The list includes gifts that are functional, sentimental and some that even the couple didn't know they need and love until they have them...