Christmas gifts for husband

Exciting Christmas Gifts for Husband He Will Be Thrilled To Get (2020 Edition)

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Got a hard to shop for husband at home? If you said yes- join the club! Just kidding. If you are having a hard time figuring out the best gift for your husband then here are some handpicked ideas for men that are perfect for the holiday season.

These ideas range at different price points so you can pick one according to your budget. Plenty of ideas for every type of man, from a gadget geek to even a romantic at heart.

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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Husband

He is expecting a holiday gift but if you truly want to surprise your husband with a fun Christmas gift then check out these 13 clever ideas that will hit the spot.

His thank you will sound more genuine and hugs much warmer when he opens his gift box.

Christmas gifts for husband

1. Sofa Cup Holder

You will never get mad at him for spilling drinks on the sofa, and he will love it too. The anti-spill sofa cup holder can hold most bottles, mugs, etc.

It is made of silicone, so it is long-lasting, comes in a variety of colors, and it is very affordable too! What more can you ask for?

You can also give it to him as a stocking stuffer.

2. Under Desk Elliptical

If Christmas is the time when you spoil your guy with something more substantial, then check out this under-desk elliptical. While most are pretty expensive this one is under $200 and has great reviews online.

It is portable, but if he is working from home a lot nowadays or complains about not having enough time to go out and hit the gym this elliptical will make his eyes shine.

He can even use it while watching TV.

3. Eye Massager

If you have never thought about getting one then here are 4 main reasons that I recommend this eye massager.

First of all, it relieves dry eyes that one experiences if they have been working too long on their computers (and even smartphones).

Secondly, it is much better than traditional heat wraps that don’t really massage the eye area.

This product is designed to massage all the pressure points around the eye area that help with fatigue, dry eyes, relieve strain, and improve eyesight.

Lastly, it has 4 different pressure modes so one can progress from gentle to a more stronger level gradually and it also plays music to increase relaxation.

This has so many benefits for anyone who wears glasses or complains about pain in the eyes after a long day at work.

4. Phone Sanitizer

Not only for a gadget geek, but we all can also appreciate this product, especially how things have been this year.

If sanitizing your surroundings is always your top priority than cell phones should be on the list of things to sanitize often. This phone sanitizer takes just 3 minutes to sanitize the phone.

What’s more? It is designed to fit phones of all sizes, provides wireless charging, and even though it looks like it is made for just phones it can also sanitize credit cards, keys, AirPods, etc.

5. Portable Jump Starter

It is not a huge piece of equipment he needs to lug around. He will be surprised to see a cell phone-sized battery pack that is powerful enough to jump-start a car and conveniently portable enough that he can carry it along to charge his phone.

It can be a lifesaver when the need arises. An essential item for anyone who owns a car. Worth the price if he ever finds himself in a situation where he needs something like this.

6. Engraved Rock

inspirational rock keepsake personalized

He has been your rock through good and bad times, and this engraved rock is a great way to let him know how much he means to you. The engraved

Great for a guy who has everything and needs nothing. He will cherish this engraved rock keepsake. It will look great on his desk and he can even use it as a paperweight.

7. Matching Couple’s Pajamas

Matching couple’s pajamas like these make the Holiday season even more special. There are plenty of options online from funny to classy so you can pick one that best matches your personality.

8. Engraved Wallet Card

Does he travel a lot for work? If yes, this engraved wallet card, although inexpensive, is the perfect Christmas gift. Not a fancy gadget that will leave a hole in your wallet but it will serve as a constant reminder of how much he is loved by you.

Especially great for a military spouse that has to spend months apart from each other. Sentimental and meaningful, it will fill his heart with joy.

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9. Personalized Love Block

Romantic wood blocks with couple's pictures

No matter if you are newly married or completing 50 years, a romantic gift like this has its place.

The love sign with your favorite photos of you two can be a wonderful addition to your living room, bedroom decor, etc.

10. Personalized Vinyl with Lyrics

vinyl record with lyrics personalized

A classy gift idea. It is a vinyl record that can be personalized with lyrics from his favorite song, name, event, date, etc.

You can choose a song that both of you love or your wedding song.

11. 3D Printed Moon Lamp

A unique idea. This moon lamp is romantic and useful. It can switch between warm and cool colors and the best part is that you can customize this with a cute picture of you two.

It will look great on his bedside.

12. Naughty Gift for Him

festive matching briefs for couples

These festive matching undergarments will get him excited for sure! There are so many prints and styles to choose from. You can even build one for him according to what you like.

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13. Couple’s Love Book

Christmas love book

Did you know you could create your own book with personalized characters that look like you, illustrations, texts and so much more?

You can make it even more personal by adding some memories from the past that you both cherish. They have so many pages to choose from so you can build the perfect book.

His reaction will be worth it!


You don’t have to spend a fortune to express how much you love him. Many of the meaningful ideas here are under $25.

Surprising your husband with an exciting Christmas gift year after year will be so easy with any of the 13 fun and festive ideas in this guide.

christmas gift for him that your husband will be thrilled to get

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