Christmas gifts for adult son or daughter

Exciting Christmas Gift Ideas for Adult Children (from Parents)

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It is Christmas season again and you feel the rush of euphoria the holiday season brings but you also feel the stress of picking out gifts for everyone, especially your adult son or daughter. No worries. I have some handpicked ideas that your grown children would love to get for Christmas.

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Best Christmas Gifts Grown Children Will Appreciate

You know them the best but sometimes it is hard to keep a track of all the latest and the greatest things out there at the moment that your kids would like.

Sure, cash is easy, but it does seem impersonal and does not create memories like a physical product, etc., does.

So as a parent what are you supposed to pick for them that won’t get you the eye roll? Here are 13 helpful ideas.

Christmas gifts for adult son or daughter

1. Gift for Their Home

Did your son or daughter move into a new house this year? If yes, then a kitchen appliance that makes their life easy, like this instant pot with air fryer duo (that has amazing reviews online), is a great idea.

By the way, a nifty kitchen appliance like this is also great for someone who is always busy juggling ten things at once.

If you don’t know for sure if this is the best thing for them, then sticking to something practical and useful like these fun housewarming gift ideas is definitely something that will impress them.

2. Restaurant Vouchers

Restaurant vouchers to their favorite restaurant or for a restaurant they have been talking about forever but haven’t visited yet is another excellent idea.

It goes to show mom and dad are always paying attention when they are talking.

3. Tickets to Broadway/ Concert, etc.

If your son or daughter loves to check out Broadway shows, concerts, theatre, etc., they would love to get tickets (because they can get pretty expensive).

If you are not sure about their schedule you can always hand them a greeting card with a note inside that says tickets to ‘name of the show, concert, etc.’ So it will still seem like a surprise but also give you the opportunity to make the booking according to their schedule.

4. Wish List Items

Do you have access to their wish list on Amazon? If yes, this is the time to browse through it. I would only suggest picking something they can use long term over everyday household necessities stuff they might have on there.

5. Inspirational Gift

mom to daughter gift blanket
inspirational pillow from mom

They will never be too old to not discuss their problems with you, like,  problems at work, issues with a partner, dealing with life…If they are going through a rough time an inspirational gift like this pillow or custom blanket will lift their spirits.

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6. Portable Car Jumper

If they just bought a new car this portable car jumper is better than any car accessory you can gift them, seriously.

It is the size of a regular smartphone but packs enough power to jump-start a car. It is a lifesaver if ever the need arises. He or she can also use it to charge other electronics.

7. Handcrafted Recipe Book

customized family recipe book

Is your daughter always asking you for your recipes? If yes, check out this custom recipe book with a wooden binder. This handmade book has 7 different paper options and you can choose engraving on the cover according to your preference.

An unforgettable gift that she will love to keep in her kitchen and use year after year.

Anyone who loves to cook will also appreciate this recipe book.

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8. Mini Smartphone Printer

We click so many adorable/ momentous pictures, but sadly they are just left to sit on our phones. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could print their favorites at a click of a button, from the comfort of their home, or make copies for their friends and family?

This mini smartphone printer is the answer! It can connect to any smartphone over Bluetooth, does not take much space, and very user-friendly.

If your son or daughter love to display pictures in the house, create collages, scrapbook, etc., then they would really enjoy this.

9. Inspiring Mirrored Box

mirrored jewelry box gift

Inspirational gifts like these are perfect for the holiday season. You can choose your own verses to be engraved on this mirrored jewelry box or order it as is.

It is a timeless keepsake your daughter can use forever.

10. Handcrafted Family Bowl

popcorn basket personalized

Does your son or daughter now have a small happy family of their own? If yes, here is a nice idea that the entire family can enjoy. The personalized bowl is handcrafted, lightweight, and made out of bamboo.

The bowl is large enough to hold popcorn for their movie nights or chips and knick-knacks for house parties.

11. Item Tracker

Pretty much all of us can benefit from this. The tracker comes with 4 locators that can be attached to any item, pets, etc. With a user-friendly app, all of these items can be easily tracked.

It also works bidirectionally, which means they can use any of the 4 locators to find their phone if they happen to lose it.

Your grown-up children would love this. Not a gimmicky product, it has a lot of positive reviews online from happy customers.

12. Portable Eye Massager

This portable eye massager has so many benefits for anyone who wears glasses or complains about pain in the eyes after a long day at work.

It uses air compression around eyes to relieve tired muscles, has heat, vibration and sound settings to maximize relaxation. It can be folded for easy storage so they can carry it with them when they are traveling and even to work.

13. UV Sanitizer Box

Everyone and anyone will appreciate this product, especially how things have been this year. This UV light sanitizer box takes just 3 minutes to sanitize the phone, wallet, glasses, money, keys, etc.

It can fit so many household items and not just smartphones. They will use it every single day. An excellent gift that will keep them safe and healthy.


Any of these 13 gift ideas will make the perfect Christmas gift for your son or daughter.

Christmas gifts for grown-ups that make perfect holiday gift from parents to son or daughter

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