Cool Housewarming Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of, BUT Should

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Want to ditch the boring wine bottle and surprise them with a housewarming gift they will truly appreciate? You are at the right place.

This housewarming gift guide is full of unique gifts that will be a hit with the new house owner, couple, friends, family, etc. Also great as a welcome gift for new neighbors too.

**This gift guide includes ideas under $25, $50 and $100.** 

P.S: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Pls check Privacy Policy and T&C for more information.)

Housewarming Gifts Under $25

1. Memento Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are great for displaying fond memories and this good quality linen-lined shadow box is a unique gift new homeowners will definitely cherish.

They can store all sorts of fond memories in this box display, like mementos from their travels, wedding, child’s birth, tickets, and whatever they wish. 

2. Funny Doormat

A funny doormat that will make them and anyone visiting them laugh as well!  The doormat is not a novelty gift but a good quality mat that will last them a long time.

Great for a new apartment or house.

3. Self Extinguishing Candle

The candle is not an ordinary one.

It is a self-extinguishing candle and a great conversation piece because the story behind the coil candle itself makes it very interesting.

The coil candle used to be called ‘courting candle’ in older times as the parents could easily set the candle to go off after a certain period of time.

A bit of history and modern design! The wick burns 20 minutes for every inch that is pulled through the clip so the recipient can set the burn time by themself.

P.S: Refills are also available for purchase!

4. Home Decor Wooden Sign

Home decor items as a new house gift make perfect sense. This classic wine wooden sign is a fantastic accent to add to a bar or on top of the fireplace. Not too expensive, but they will love it nonetheless!

5. Hilarious Coasters

Does the new homeowner love anything that makes them laugh? The hilarious coasters will make everyone laugh alright, while also politely reminding the guests to keep their glasses OFF the new table.

The super absorbent coasters are funny but the white marble design lends them a sophisticated look.

They are the perfect statement piece for the bar or coffee table.

6. Funny Kitchen Towels

A new house deserves a lot of new and exciting additions and a statement piece for every part of the house. A hilarious kitchen towel can be that wonderful addition to their gorgeous kitchen that will make entertaining all the more fun.

I handpicked a few from Amazon that will tickle anyone’s funny bone.

7. Gold Plated Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a common housewarming gift, so how do you make your wine glass set stand out? Easy, gift them a set they will not be able to stop admiring.

Elegant, festive, and eye-catching, these gold plated wine glasses are just what they will reach for when they are hosting special guests or celebrating a memorable event.

8. Thoughtful Gift

Here’s a super affordable and adorable gift that proves that a thoughtful gift, no matter the price tag, delights the recipient more than an expensive useless gift.

The bird candle holder will look great on the kitchen counter, patio, coffee table, and pretty much anywhere they will place it.

Don’t forget to add some scented tea-light candles!

9. Premium Chilling Stones

These granite chilling stones are a steal! It is difficult to believe that this neatly packed, ready to gift, the stone set is under $25. 

They keep the drink chilled without diluting it and they don’t leave a funky taste in the mouth after a few uses, like, some other plastic ice cube alternatives.

The ice cubes are a small gift that does not take much space and perfect as a small apartment gift.

10. Keepsake Boxes

The luxurious keepsake box can be used in so many ways. They can use it store trinkets, keep it on the entrance table to store keys, dressing table, vanity, etc. 

The metallic finish and colored interior give it an ultramodern feel.

11. Funny Bar Mat

A bar mat any home bartender with a sense of humor would love. The mat will also look nice near the coffee machine.

12.Tea And Dessert Spoons

These flower-shaped teaspoons are delightful to look at and to use.

They are just the right size for stirring tea or coffee or scooping ice cream or desserts.  They probably have plenty of spoons, but none like these.

13. Spoon Rest

An adorable and affordable gift like a quirky spoon rest is a gift that is both useful and great to look at.

14. Indoor Herb Garden Kit

A gift that will keep on giving!

The organic indoor herb starter kit is an exciting gift, great for anyone moving into an apartment that has no outdoor space or balcony for gardening.

The kit contains all the essentials that will help them grow organic delicious herbs they can add to their food and drinks. All they need is water.

15. Stacked Measuring Cups

These ceramic stacked measuring cups are so adorable and the refreshing blue color will add the perfect pop of color to their new kitchen.

I love how when they are stacked they almost look like a mason jar.

16. First Home Gift Idea

A heartwarming gift for a couple or family who are moving into their first home! Hard to believe the print is just under $10.

You can personalize this with their name, year of move in, and their address which makes this simple print so meaningful.

Housewarming Gifts Under $50

Here are some aww-worthy finds under $50 that are perfect for celebrating their new house or apartment.

17. New Home Address Stamp

They will be thrilled to receive this personalized rubber stamp with their new home address! It will come pretty handy during the holiday season when they send out loads of holiday cards.

The perfect accessory for their home office desk.

18. Personalized BBQ Set

Want to buy a gift for the man of the house to celebrate the momentous occasion?  If yes, A personalized grilling BBQ set that comes in a bamboo case is the kind of gift he will be happy to get.

19. Large Ring Light

A fair warning before you check out this piece of art lighting- you will end up buying one for yourself! 

The large minimalistic ring light lamp has a HUGE coolness factor that immediately attracts eyeballs… AND compliments. It is every bit as functional as good looking.

It has 6 Lighting Modes, 4 Lighting Speeds, and lighting memory function so it can be set to a favorite color. 

And if you are wondering if this is just a gimmick, just read the shining reviews this lamp has on Amazon.

It is perfect for the bedroom, hallways, and even the living room.

20. Metal Serving Tray

One can never have enough serving trays, especially when they will be hosting quite a few parties at their new home.

The metal and glass serving tray is exquisite, tasteful and it can also be used as an accent on a coffee table, entry table, kitchen island, etc.

The homeowners will get plenty of compliments on the tray.

21. Monogram Bottle Opener

Thoughtful personalized gifts always make the recipient feel special and this monogram bottle opener, with their family name, is a terrific gift for someone who has everything. 

22. Personalized Casserole Dish

There are three reasons to absolutely pick this personalized casserole dish–  you can make it special by adding the family name on the dish, the amazing colors this casserole dish comes in, and the size.

It is fit for daily cooking and entertaining.

A traditional housewarming gift that a family would love.

23. Personalized Recipe Box

We all know what happens to countless recipe print outs stashed in the kitchen drawers- they never get seen or used!

The customizable recipe box is a great idea that will help them organize their favorite recipes passed down from grandma or their new favorite vegan chef on Youtube…

You can add their name, family name, or a sweet message on the box. They can even use it to plan the recipes for the week, parties, and holidays.

Bonus: If they are a big fan of your cooking, just add one of your handwritten recipes in the box before gifting.

24. Gift for Their New Kitchen

It is not just for books, it can also hold a tablet. The cookbook holder is a gift worthy item that is made of bamboo and does not look cheap.

It is an exceptionally useful item in the kitchen that most people don’t think they need until they have it.

25. Living Room Decor Gift

The stoneware flower vase is sophisticated and neutral enough to fit any color scheme they have going in their house. It will fit seamlessly on their bookshelf, side table, etc.

They can use it as a flower vase or just leave it as is. 

26. Stoneware Oil & Vinegar Bottles

There was no way I would skip adding this oil and vinegar bottle set from West Elm. The set is one of those pieces that one loves to use and show off too.

I am pretty sure they will not keep it hidden in the corner on the kitchen shelf, but display it on their dining table. 

Plus, they are easier to keep clean than the metal ones, and they maintain their look forever if kept nicely.

27. Quirky Housewarming Gift

Do they love anything vintage and nostalgic? If so, they will be stoked to see a vintage-style cooler. They can take these on picnics, stash the beer in it for house parties, keep it in their man cave, etc.

Anyone and everyone who sees it would want to know where they got it from!

28. Agate Bookends

Agate crystal bookends are a beautiful piece of accessory that draws attention anywhere they are placed.

The quality of the geode makes a big difference so if you decide to go for one make sure you buy one that has good customer reviews.

29. Dried Fruit Basket

Fruit baskets make a great impression. But, this fruit basket tray is not just yummy dried fruit displayed on top of throw-away packaging.

The tray can also be used as a fruit basket. They can use the basket for other things once the dried fruit runs out.

Housewarming Gifts Under $100

Although price does not state how memorable a gift is, BUT sometimes you want to buy something tad bit expensive.

These under $100 gifts are perfect for your boss, business partner, client, or really anyone you want to impress with a high-quality gift.

30. Bottle Chiller

A gift that will certainly stand out from the crowd and get used a lot too.

This powder-coated double-walled stainless steel wine chiller is practical, looks great, comes in many different colors and makes an elegant housewarming gift under $100. 

It fits any regular bottle and eliminates annoying condensation that drips from the bottle when you pour a drink.

Great for use in parties or intimate dinners.

31. Woodchip Grill Set

The BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set has everything they will need for a great BBQ party.

It comes packed with a smoker box, a BBQ thermometer, three flavors of smoking wood chips, smoking recipes, and a flavorful hickory-smoked sea salt.

32. Marble Bookends

Marble is known for its luxurious look. These marble bookends look fancy and sophisticated. Definitely something the recipient will love to display in their living room.

33. Cocktail Shaker Set

Shaker sets come in all different price ranges, but a cheaply made shaker will not last long.

A good quality 23-Piece Bartender Kit Cocktail Shaker Set is what everyone needs to make the most amazing cocktails.

34. Personalized Butcher Board

Handmade and sturdy this personalized butcher block is aesthetically pleasing and functional. This will also make a great wedding gift if you happen to be looking for one.

Speaking of a wedding gift. If you have a tight budget check out these affordable wedding gifts under $25 that the newlyweds will love.

35. Beer Bucket

Not just a regular beer bucket, only a quality hand-hammered beer bucket can make a perfect gift for the new homeowners.

The stainless steel handsome bucket is etched at the bottom with the words “I’ll Drink To That”. You have the option to etch it with a few words of your choice on the top band.

Unique Housewarming Gift

I always try to include some unusual, but useful (in some way or the other) gift ideas, that might or might not appeal to all but YOU are the boss of your gift and I am here to suggest items that I think are cool, so here it goes-

36. Tickle Me NOT Plant

You didn’t think I’ll throw a plant at you…ha! This indoor friendly (interactive) plant is very unique, it actually folds it’s leaves when touched.

It will be a BIG draw for all the kids and literally anyone visiting.

The plant comes potted in the mail, ready to gift! Check out all the amazing customer reviews this plant has on Amazon.

Also, check out these handmade housewarming gift ideas, that will be a big hit with the recipients.

37. Gift Basket for Family

I know you can probably take a basket and make a gift basket yourself, and go ahead if you have time.

If you don’t have time, however, then check out this amazing Antipasto Gift Basket, it’s got a bunch of delicious things that will last them a bit, if they can control themselves.

38. New House Gift Baskets/ Gift Hampers

Gift baskets always make people excited. It’s the sheer size, the excitement of checking out all the goodies and savoring the contents for a long time that makes it so special.

Here are some additional gift basket/ gift hamper suggestions that I think will also make a great gift. 

These are also perfect as a welcome gift for new neighbors who just moved into your neighborhood. 


I hope you enjoyed cruising through this housewarming gift guide and were able to find a unique, funny, and even unusual unique gifts for the new happy homeowners!

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Housewarming gifts for new homeowners. Great for new house or apartment. Unique and affordable these are perfect for a couple or a family moving into their new home.

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