Unique DIY Edible Gifts People Actually Love To Get

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Edible gifts are one of my favorites to give since they are well-received and greately enjoyed by all recipients, no matter the age. I was looking for some new ideas and thought about sharing them with all of you.

These gifts are not only great for Christmas or housewarming, but you can fit them to almost all the occasions.

In this post, I have included some edible gifts you can make at home and also some edible gifts you can buy off the shelf if you simply don’t have time to spare (talking to all the moms here), but still want to have that DIY charm.

DIY Edible Gifts

Here are some of the most delicious finds that I am excited to take to all the parties and gift to my loved ones during the holiday season. I hope you give these a try as well.

Healthy Homemade Food Gift

These chewy homemade no bake granloa bars look gift worthy and they sound super delicious. The best part about this no bake recipe is that it’s so easy that if you are looking for a last minute gift idea you need to check this one out.

I am so excited to give it a try as it is one of the few granola bar recipes that use pomegranate, yumm!

Source: Happy Kitchen.Rocks

Small DIY Gift Coworkers or Teachers

Throughout the year we are always looking for small inexpensive gifts for teachers, our coworkers, church members, neighbors, etc. because they can really add up fast!

One of my favorites is to add a few tea sachets to an organza bag. The organza bags come pre made, they look pretty and you can buy them cheaper in bulk, they don’t go bad. 

They can also be used as DIY affordable wedding favors!

DIY Personalized Chocolate Bars

I wanted to add a personalized touch to my Easter gifts but still wanted to keep it under budget. I bought my loved one’s favorite chocolate bars and personalized each one with a cute wrapping.

The kids kept the wrapping after devouring the chocolate because of the cute pom-pom bunny on it. 

You can check out the easter bunny gift wrap craft, here.

Chocolate & Nuts Clusters

I am afraid these would not survive in my kitchen, lol! My family will finish it before I turn around to grab the gift boxes and ribbons. I love that this recipe is simple, and it does not rely on just one type of chocolate.

It has three different types of chocolate to add a depth of flavor.

Source: Simply Happy Foodie

Sesame Seed Crunch Candy

A gift idea that will please anyone, really. It is vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and allergy free.. phew!

You can just whip up a big batch to make it for all family and friends in advance.

I am surprised how easy this recipe is, and if stored properly might last for a long time too.

Source: Strength And Sunshine

No Butter Biscuits

These biscuits look like a lot of work, but surprisigly they are easy-peezy plus the recipe has a great alternative to butter (which truth be told I am always out of) we all have in our pantry all the time.

I feel like I can make a lot of these on a lazy afternoon before the start of holiday season to keep them handy for entertaining and gifting.

Source: My Pinch Of Italy

Candy Filled Bunny Jars

I love decorating mason jars for holidays.

These candy filled bunny jars were a hit at Easter! I gave the small jars to kids and the big ones to adults. If you want to know how I made these, read my DIY edible gifts for Easter both kids and grown-ups will love.

Pool Party Basket

While everybody brings cheetos, soda and tortilla chips to the pool party you can step up your game and carry a gift basket that will make the biggest splash. I love the printable tag too.

Source: Elva M Design Studio

Hot Cocoa Holiday Gift

The adorable rudolph cocoa packets are perfect for Christmas. Everyone likes a cup of hot coco with some marashmallows on top. I love the packaging technique so the things don’t get all mixed up.

Source: Ottawa Mommy Club

DIY Gifts In A Jar

I love mason jars. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and I have used them for literally hundreds of things including kitchen organization, laundry room, craft room, and now it’s time to use them for gifting.

The best part about mason jar gifts is that the recipient can re-use the jars afterwards, so no wastage.

Mason Jar Muffin Mix

Ok, so this muffin recipe in a mason jar feels like I am cheating.. lol, but I LOVE the idea.

The recipient does not have to consume it immediately, unlike baked muffins, they can bake it at when they want (if they can wait that long).

Source: Savor And Savvy

Homemade Vanilla Extract

I didn’t think I could make vanilla extract in under 2 hours with just 20 mins of prep time! Vanilla extract made at home is richer in taste, and so much better than the store bought imitation one.

Your loved ones will appreciate it so much and it lasts forever. It is great for Christmas, thanksgiving, housewarming, etc.

Source: Simply Happy Foodie

DIY Gift In A Jar

Anything homemade is so much better than store bought, and that goes for taco seasoning as well. You never really know what all is in that taco seasoning box you picked from the shelf at the supermarket.

So, give your loved ones a spice mix that has the best ingredients, because they deserve the best.

Source: Happy Kitchen.Rocks

Gluten-Free Jar Gift

Looking for a gluten free gift for your loved one? If yes, then this cookie jar will bring a big smile to their face. They would really appreciate you putting in the time to look for a gluten free recipe and putting it together for them.

A very thoughtful gesture!

Source: Hunny I M Home DIY

Sugar-Free Plum Jam

A healthy alternative to all the store bought jams that have loads of sugar. This guilt free jam uses honey and sweetness of the fruit as a replacement for sugar.

You can store this jam for months, so you can always prepare this in advance before the holiday season if you are planning to give these out as Christmas gifts.

Source: Happy Kitchen.Rocks

Snack Mix

I can see using this idea for so much more than just teacher gifts, but if you are looking for DIY gift idea for your child’s favorite teacher, the smore jar is a perfect one to gift. I like the printable, and I am sure the teacher will love it too.

Source: Hunny I M Home DIY

Gift Boxes As Good As DIY Gifts

DIY gift baskets are very popular, and even some retailers offer gift baskets that are carefully put together with the great products. They even have some gift baskets for special occasions, like the ones below-

Source: Birthday Gift Box

Source: Christmas Gift Basket

Source: Spa Gift Box

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Edible DIY gifts that will be a hit! Make them for holiday season, weddings, housewarming, teachers church, tea party etc. Budget friendly and Simple includes Mason jar gifts and gift baskets

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