Magical Pastel Baby Shower Decor For Boy or Girl

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Hosting a party is stressful, but hosting a baby shower is another level! Here is some inspiration for hosting a fun floral baby shower party that is full of pastel cuteness and adorable tiny decor details that will get you a tonne of compliments and keep the guests fully entertained as well.

Oh, and if you want to keep the baby’s gender a secret this pastel theme is the one to go for. With no specific theme color you can keep the guests guessing till the end!

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Pastel Baby Shower Idea

There are a few essentials to hosting the most spectacular baby shower- you need a killer decor, good food, and some fun baby shower games!

If that sounds too much to think about, I just made your life easier. Scroll down for some serious inspiration.

P.S: I also included a funny baby shower gift idea that will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing… well, almost everyone… except the pregnant mommy to be.

Baby Shower Decor

Balloon arches are everywhere and for all the right reasons.

They make a dazzling display that is aww worthy, don’t ruin your walls, you can hang it, wrap it, suspend it and it’s not much work to take it all down.

They come in so many different colors and for the most part you can’t go wrong with it even if you went a lil overboard, just don’t go short.

There are a number of pastel balloon arches available on Amazon, and so are hundreds of other color themes!

It’s a slippery slope, once you start looking its difficult to stop.

You can also go do it all by yourself from scratch. 

Pick out balloon packets in your theme colors (dollar store seems to have good deals on balloon packets), some sturdy twine, like jute twine or even fishing line would do, and small rubber bands to bunch balloons together before you start adding them on to the main twine.

I highly suggest adding some confetti balloons.

Inflate the balloons in different sizes to give the final design more character. 

The teddy bear hanging is the most adorable thing to add to your basic balloon arch. You just need some sturdy hanging shelves and teddy bears to finish your arch.

Baby Shower Dessert Table

The cake is the centerpiece, but there is always space to add more deliciousness.

For the indulgent dessert table some macaroons, chocolate covered starwberries and mini cupcakes are the perfect addition. They add a pop of color and easier for everyone to eat. 

Baby Shower Diaper Game

No baby shower is complete without some fun games. There are some that are cringeworthy, but here is one idea even men would love to try.

The diaper basket ball game! You only need some cardboards, diapers and small table tennis balls and you are all set!

Funny Baby Shower Gift

We chose the most hilarious baby shower gift. It’s a prank box!

I adore prank boxes, and this one is a killer. The recipient is almost too confused to even imagine if such a product even exists.. and why!!

You HAVE to read all the funny text on this package, which includes fake customer reviews like- “I almost forgot we had a baby for 6 hours”.

The look on the recipient’s face will be priceless. And you can use the box to pack the actual gift. We packed diapers for the baby!

Hilarious baby shower gift that will have all the guests rolling on the floor .. except the pregnant mommy to be of course.
Pastel baby shower theme is perfect if you don't want to reveal the baby's gender. It will keep the guests guessing till the very end. Check out all the fun details and list of supplies you will need to pull a magical baby shower party. Includes baby shower diaper game, baby shower dessert table, balloon arch etc.

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