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19 Surprising Thanksgiving Gifts that Encourage Gratitude and Mindfulness

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It is again that wonderful time of the year when Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everybody is in a frenzy looking not just for tasty dinner ideas, but also for meaningful gift ideas for their loved ones, and even themselves. After all, of all the people in our lives we shouldn’t forget to thank ourselves for all the things we have achieved or the person we have become on this special day!

If you were coming up short on practical thanksgiving gift ideas that are not just things but convey and encourage gratitude and mindfulness in the hearts of the recipient, then this gift guide will leave you delighted.

While everyone is grateful for different things in their life, this guide is my attempt to offer a variety of options that covers a variety of perspectives and circumstances.

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Gift ideas that Encourage Mindfulness

blog post picture with text Thanksgiving gift ideas

You might ask what makes a great mindfulness gift? The best mindfulness gift is the one that makes the recipient feel more present, acknowledge the bounty of good things in life and break any negative thought patterns.

Our culture has evolved to reward multitasking. As a result, we are constantly surrounded by things around us that are fighting for our attention. Appreciating things in life and taking a moment to cherish and really enjoy the present is a skill that needs fostering. Here are some gift ideas that are a step in the right direction.

Mindfulness Exercise for the Mind

Most of us are stuck in a repeat cycle that seems to start and end the same each day. That also means we repeat the same negative patterns from the day before. A Mindfulness exercise book is an effective way to put a stop to the cycle.

The book contains not just one exercise but a whole 8-week plan to promote happiness and fight exhaustion, feelings of unhappiness, anxiety etc.

It is a brilliant gift for parents, young adults, new professionals, etc.

Desk Accessory with A Purpose

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t mean sitting in meditation for hours, small deliberate positive thoughts throughout the day is also a way of practicing it.

It is a calendar that will do more than just remind them what day it is. In their busy day whenever their eyes catch a glimpse of the beautiful words their minds will inadvertently direct to pleasant thoughts.

Great for someone who works in a high stress environment.

Moving Sand Art

The mesmerizing sand art will force the recipient to step back and enjoy looking at the falling sand creating beautiful patterns. When done deliberately with full concentration and awareness, such a practice fosters a sense of calmness.

A creative way to make them feel present in the moment. It is a mild meditative exercise.

Crystal Sun Catcher

gem stone wall hangings

Staring at an object while admiring its colors and details is another way of staying present in the moment without any judgement or strong thoughts. Simple, yet equally as effective as other meditating techniques, this can also help calm the mind and increase concentration.

The natural stone crystal suncatcher is perfect for this and it will also make a great hanging in any corner of the house.

Jigsaw Puzzle

An excellent way to build concentration and keep your mind off of smartphones, etc. Solving puzzles often requires the player to use all of their concentration and attention, thereby quieting the mind. It is also an enjoyable experience.

I chose a puzzle that is more complex, but there are so many out there for every level.

Stress Relieving Accessories

Fidget toys gained a lot of popularity in anxiety and stress relief communities, but they are also a great idea for anyone who want to stop any negative behaviors by diverting their minds to some other activity.

A fidget ring is a great idea, it hardly seems like what someone would label as a fidget toy. It can be worn in personal and professional surroundings discreetly.

Inconspicuous Décor Item

A candle holder that has give thanks printed on it

Small things around the house that serve as a reminder to not just be thankful on Thanksgiving, but in our everyday-to-day life.

This simple tea light candleholder can make a wonderful home décor gift or hostess gift.

Pocket Hug

Thumb stone that reads hug

It is more than its namesake. It is a token of all the love we have in our lives. Every time the recipient touches this pocket stone, they will be reminded of loved ones that make our lives special.

A pocket hug is excellent to give to others as a gift and for yourself. There is so much to be thankful for and we should not forget to appreciate ourselves after all you are your biggest supporter.

You also have the option to personalize this stone with your own choice of words.

Daily Reminder Mug

A mug with positive affirmations printed on it

I did not want to include a mug in my list… but then this one caught my eye.

Morning coffee/ teatime is usually the time when we are half awake… somewhat still processing things that happened the day before and things to come today. It is also the time when ruminating, self-criticizing and role-playing fights start their vicious cycle.

This morning mindset mug will help stop the thoughts in their track and shift perspective. Thinking about positive things right in the morning and deciding to actively choose only good thoughts for the day is the best well-being exercise for the mind that, for me, surpasses filling a journal.

Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards laid out

Don’t pass them over thinking they are gimmicky products. Our mind processes every word that we read, and research has proven the power of repetition. So instead of looping unsavory and critical thoughts in your mind, feed your mind with words that build you up.

Words really have the power to influence our thoughts and change brain patterns.

Buy it for yourself or as a gift. Affirmation cards are great for recipients who want to build more trust and faith in themselves and their ability to withstand the most difficult times.

Not too expensive, but it will not fail to impress the recipient.

Gift ideas that Cultivate Gratitude

In every situation we can find things that we can be grateful for if we look closely enough. Here are some interesting gift ideas that can help anyone practice sincere gratitude.

Thankful blanket

Blankets like these have become very popular over the course of the last few years. Some have prayers written on them, words of encouragement, positive sayings, etc.

I chose this one that has some amazing positive words written on it that will remind the recipient to be kind to themselves and count their blessings.

Gratitude List Wall Art

wall art with text

There is so much in life that we forget to appreciate and be thankful for since we are almost cruising through life on an auto-pilot mode. Same thoughts, same struggles, same thinking… ever single day.

Wall art like this will help break that pattern.

Most people display wall art for visitors and guests. Let this one be for you. The creator has really focused on simple things, that are, actually, the most important to most people.

Mindful Kitchen Accessory

A cutting board with text engraved

We can all agree that good friends and family make the bulk of our happiness and the times spent with them are what make beautiful memories that we cherish for life.

Most of us will also agree that these are the exact same things we forget to acknowledge in life.

The engraving on this cutting board does hit home.

Accessories like this don’t cost extra but they help keep the mind looking at what we have and not what we don’t have.

The words will also nudge the recipient to stay present and take in the happiness of the event when the entire family sits together for Thanksgiving (or any) dinner.

Eco-friendly Gifts

hand holding solid shampoos

Connecting with nature and surroundings is one of the finest ways to cultivate more mindfulness in our daily lives.

There are many people who are turning to environmentally friendly products that preserve nature. They are exchanging daily products that create ton of waste with natural products that leave no trash behind.

The idea of doing something good for the planet does our soul a lot of good too. These shampoo bars are one such eco-friendly gift, you can find many products like these that will also make a wonderful mindfulness gift.

DIY Beeswax Food Wrap

bees wax paper and bees wax

Everybody practices mindfulness in their own way. This one is an exciting opportunity for someone who loves nature and DIY.

A great way to not only show gratitude for nature by ditching plastic but also appreciating using things you made yourself.

This kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all the material. They just need to sit down, engage, and enjoy the process of creating something they will use every day.

Funny Gift Idea

funny pills in a packet

RX cookies packet that is yummy and funny. A little reminder to not forget to laugh even when something doesn’t seem to go our way.

Finding the positive in a negative is a fantastic skill to develop. Staying cheerful and maintaining a positive outlook on life has many benefits for the mind.

This funny mindfulness gift will be appreciated by a stressed coworker, friend, family, etc.

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Not the Typical Journal

image of a spiral bound gratitude journal

Okay! So, I know you probably have been inundated with thousands of great heavy duty gratitude journals online but here is one I don’t want you to overlook.

The simplicity, ease, and the fact that it is notepad style really had me sold. It is great for people, like me, who get anxious looking at huge journals that require so much to write and fill that I start to avoid it all together.

If journaling is starting to look like a chore to you then this gratitude journal is the one you should be picking up.

Thank You Gift Box

A box containing gift items

Thanksgiving is also a great time for reflection and expressing gratitude for those who have helped in your personal or professional growth.

This appreciation box is the perfect way to say thank you to someone who has helped you become a better version of yourself. Be it a professor, your mentor, even a friend…

The box is full of cute little things that the recipient will love to use. I love this minimal box because it is not overflowing with things that most people will toss out or flimsy things that just won’t last.

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Charity and Donations

Giving to charities or making donations is one of the most powerful ways to practice gratitude. Of course, you don’t have to kill your budget or go out of your way to embrace it but you everyone can start small. Volunteering at your local soup kitchen, donating your old and clean clothes to charities, getting involved in community building efforts are all great examples of how charity and donation does not have to be emptying out your pockets.


All of the above 19 effective gift ideas for fostering gratitude and mindfulness are handpicked by me and I hope you found this guide helpful.

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19 Surprising Thanksgiving Gifts that Inspire Mindfulness and Gratitude

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