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Budget-Friendly Thank You Gifts For Employees and Staff To Show Genuine Appreciation

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Learning to properly appreciate employees and expressing true gratitude for their hard work should be an important part of any Boss’s role. There are many opportunities throughout the year where small and big business owners, corporate heads, etc., send small holiday gifts to their employees.

Whereas most of these gifts are holiday focused, thanksgiving is that one special time in the year where your gift focuses on gratitude for their efforts. This opportunity to thank employees for their efforts should not be missed.

But what if you have exhausted the list of ideas and can’t come up with gift ideas that are not just ‘stuff’? Here are some unique appreciation gift ideas that almost any employee will be happy to get.

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Appreciation Gifts that Employees and Staff Really Want

I have included a lot of affordable gifts in this guide that will put a smile on every staff member’s face. There are some bulk purchase items as well for big staffs.

These are great for small business owners, private practices and large businesses as well.

blogpost image that reads appreciation gifts for employees and staff

Desk Accessory

desk accessory with text printed

This wonderful wooden sign does not only make a beautiful desk accessory, but the positive message engraved on it will also remind the employee of how much they are valued every time they glance at it.

These handmade signs also come with a stand for display.

Job satisfaction and a positive work environment is made of more than just a salary increase. Small gestures like these contribute to lifting their morale at work as well.


notebook with text on cover

The solid message on the cover of the notebook is an incredible way to express the confidence you have in your staff.

For the staff members, it is a major boost in their confidence too. After all, to know that you are valued by your organization encourages one to take pride in their work and raise job satisfaction.

I love the message on the notebook but if it seems a bit pricey then check out this other budget friendly option available to buy in bulk.

The leather journals below come in so many colors, each having a unique message written on them. The leather exterior also lends an expensive look to the journals.

Rainbow succulent Pots

An eye-catching appreciation gift that will make them feel and say wow out loud, seriously. Each plant holder has a special heartfelt message written on them.

These don’t come with plants in them but if you want you can buy succulents from your local gardening store or gift them as is.

They don’t have to be used for planting succulents only. They can be used to store trinkets, paper clips, and a variety of ‘useful junk’ that keeps office desks looking shabby.

Thank you Cookies!

Small gifts are a great idea, but if you are looking to surprise them with a sweet treat then here are some nice cookies that are fit for thanksgiving.

These cookies come individually wrapped and according to all the customer reviews taste heavenly.

There are so many options available that it is worth taking a look.

Mini Notepad with Pen

These notepads are a great deal for what it provides. The mini pad consists of 80 lined pages, sticky notes and sticky flags.

But more than its functionality, it is the message on the cover that makes it really stand out from the rest of the notepads.

It’s the small tokens like these that help keep the employees feeling satisfied and committed at their workplace.

Appreciation Bookmarks

Unlike many other gifts that will lose their novelty over time, this bookmark will last a long time. Especially because it is made of durable stainless steel instead of paper or wood.

Almost everyone can use a bookmark in their daily life for all sorts of reading materials. The beautiful message will also remind them of your appreciation.

Spoon with Funny Engraved Message

A useful gift that will not land in the trash. They would love to show off this spoon and use it too. It is a good example of how the gifts don’t need to be crazy expensive and big to make a mark.

Insulated Coffee Tumbler for the team

Another useful gift that will be enjoyed by the entire team. These coffee tumblers are a bulk purchase so they save a lot of money.

These tumblers are insulated so they can be used for hot or cold beverages.

Team Appreciation Gifts for Women

Here are some adorable finds that will be a big hit with all the ladies in the staff.

Cosmetic Bags

The design on the cosmetic bags also includes a few lines of appreciation that will always remind them they are valued and respected at their work.

These bags can be used in a number of ways and not only just to store cosmetics when they travel.

This particular listing is for bulk purchase, so it is much more cost effective than buying single units.

Drink Tumblers

The drink tumblers printed with a thank you message are durable and look expensive.

These can be bought as a set of 10, 12 pieces, etc., each tumbler also includes a straw and a keychain.

The tumblers are insulated so they can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 3 hours.

Great value for money.

Thank You Jars

These beer glass shaped jars are very much what is considered fashionable at the moment.

They don’t just look great, but I love that each one has a different thank you quote printed on them.

Can be used for a variety of hot or cold drinks.

If you have been particularly impressed by the service of your doctor and nurse staff then here are some Unique Appreciation Gifts for Doctors And Nurse Staff that will make their hearts melt.

Pastel Pen Set

No matter how digitalized our workspaces become, a good pen will always remain a staple piece. I love this set of pastel pens that each have an inspirational word printed on them.

Great for younger and older staff alike.

Include them with a notebook gift or chocolate box, etc.

Team Appreciation Gifts for Men

Not that these are not good for women in the team but if you are looking for unique thanksgiving gifts for the male team members then here are some out of the box ideas that will not only leave them excited but also convey your appreciation for all that they do.

Personalized Refillable Portfolio

portfolio case with initials monogram

There are many portfolios in the market but if you want to gift one that can be used again and again then here is a refillable one.

The additional option to monogram will definitely make a huge difference. Personalized gifts make the recipient feel appreciated and thought of. It shows you put effort into making the gift unique for them.

A gesture they will remember forever.

Cocktail Bitters Set

Most people will resort to cookies and chocolate when it comes to gifting. While these are always well received and enjoyed, I have an idea that combines the goodness of an edible gift with an experience gift.

I believe the recipient will really enjoy this cocktail bitter set.

The high-quality bitter will elevate any homemade cocktail to what one can only find in good bars.

Multitool Pen Gadget

Almost everyone can enjoy a gadget packed with functionality especially when it is so easy to carry.

The pen gadget has 9 multitools packed inside that includes everything from ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver to flashlight.

One never knows when the need to use such a gadget will arrive but if it ever does, they will be glad to have this in their pocket. This makes a particularly apt gift if you happen to be in a field dealing with machinery, household repairs, etc.

Don’t forget to appreciate and thank yourself on this Thanksgiving! Acknowledging your small and big wins, hard work, etc., are just as necessary as appreciating other people in our life. Here are some Self- appreciation gifts that encourage gratitude and mindfulness.

No Effort DIY Staff Appreciation Gifts that Save Cost and Time

Let’s be real, not all of us have the luxury or the time to put together incredible DIY gift baskets. To buy them online or in stores is also pretty expensive.

If you are on a tight budget, then definitely don’t shy away from going the DIY route. I have some ideas to make DIY as cost and time effective as possible.

Custom Thank You Stickers

sticker on fingertip

I found these labels that you can print at home on your printer and stick on a box of chocolate, etc.

The best part is that you can customize these stickers with your name/ name of your business, etc., to make them special.

Caregivers deserve a lot of gratitude for their work and positive spirit. If you have a family member working as a caregiver or you are using services of a caregiver for a family member then here are some Genuinely Awesome Thank You Gifts for Caregivers.

Printable Thank you Candy Bar Wrapper

chocolate wrapper

Another option is this chocolate bar wrapper that can be used on any regular bar of chocolate.

Just like the thank you sticker above you can print this label as many times as you want after buying the file.

To use, just take out the original chocolate bar cover and replace it with this one. Do it as many times as you need and place all the chocolate bars in a basket for your staff to enjoy.

It is the gesture that really matters more than the cost of the gift.

Also check out Heartfelt Thank You Gifts for Caregivers After a Loved One Passes Away

Things to write on the appreciation gifts/ cards-

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show your employees how much their hard work means to you. Best to always include a small thank you note along with the gift.

Here are some things to write on Thanksgiving gift tag for your employees –

  • Thank you for stepping into work each day full of positive attitude, dedication, and commitment to the team.
  • Thank you for your hard work and contribution to the success of the team/ organization.
  • Thankful and grateful to have a staff member who we can always count on.
  • Grateful to have someone as dedicated and hard working as you in our team.
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