hands holding with text overlay that reads reassurance gifts

Reassurance Gifts that Boost Confidence After a Setback| 19 Great Ideas

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While setbacks are a normal part of life but to the person dealing with one, they seem anything but normal. If you know a loved one going through one – they failed an exam, were overlooked for a promotion, could not crack the job interview, delayed graduation, could not get into their favorite University, etc., then you might be looking for best ways to reassure them and help them get their confidence back.

Irrespective of their age, anyone going through hard times can benefit from extra support, comfort and words of kindness from a person they trust.

Reaching out and checking on them are two of the most important things you can do but if you can’t be there in person all the time or live far away then how do you reassure them and help them fight their doubts and fears?

If you are wondering what to give someone to reassure them after a minor or even major setback then here are some ideas that will not only encourage and motivate them, but they are also an excellent way to show them you care when you don’t know what to say.

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17 Things to Give Someone Who Needs Reassurance

They might be feeling overwhelmed by the challenging circumstances they are facing. And, keeping their mind away from negative thoughts, most likely, seems hard at the moment. But these constant reminders of the strength they hold within themselves will help brighten their days.

These handpicked ideas are great for a student, working adult, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

hands holding with text overlay that reads reassurance gifts

1 Instant Hugs

hand holding a card with a small wooden bear hugging a heart on it

An instant hug whenever they need to feel close to you. A simple, yet effective idea to keep them aware, even when you are far away, of your love and support for them.

It does not seem like a huge gift, which works in its favor in case you are looking for something low key.

Perfect, if you want to send them a token of your support which does not necessarily seem like a ‘gift’.

2 Positivity Daily Reminder

flip calendar with positive text on it

Perfect desk accessory if the recipient sits all day at a study desk or work desk. Studies have shown that words have the power to change the brain.

The words on this flip desk chart will be a gentle reminder for them to keep focusing on building themselves whenever the mind starts to stray.

Each page has a unique affirmation. The chart is also so beautifully made that it will add beauty to whichever corner it is placed at.

3 Flash Cards

small cards with affirmation printed on them

Sometimes prayer and reading affirmations can be a great source of comfort and most people seek out religion and spirituality when they feel disappointed. Here are some amazing affirmation flash cards, full of mental health affirmations that will continue providing them hope whenever they need it.

You can print these flash cards in the comfort of your home since these are digital downloads. They are a great bargain, since you can print them many times and use them in a variety of ways.

4 Crystals

owl decor piece made out of amethyst
hedgehog decor piece made out of amethyst

Crystals have been associated with healing and spirituality for a long time. Many people are amazed by the sparkling beauty of them, and many are fascinated by the wide array of benefits (assumed) they provide.

Amethyst is one such crystal that has long been associated with healing. There are so many ways to enjoy crystals.

I have found two really adorable ones, the owl and the adorable hedgehog, that will make a wonderful addition to their work/ living space.

5 Spiritual Necklace

necklace with a pendant made out amethyst

If they are fond of jewelry, then here is another way to include crystals in their life. The gorgeous gold plated necklace has a dazzling handmade amethyst pendant.

6 Worry Stone

bowl full of worry stones

The aftereffects of any setback can be days full of anxiety and self-doubt. A worry stone, like this one, is designed to calm an anxious mind.

It can be used in many ways- during meditation or fidgeting when nervous, etc.

These stones have a slight indent that can be rubbed to soothe oneself. It is a wonderful way to take your mind off of things and focus on what’s important.

Financial setbacks are hard and if you want to help a loved one going through one then check out these Practical Gift Ideas for Someone Struggling Financially| Awkwardness Free. The guide include multiple ways you can help them anonymously.

7 Funny Candy

bag with candy in it

If they are sad but handling the setback pretty well then hats off to them. Here is a light hearted humor gift that will keep their spirits up. They will laugh out aloud for sure.

These goody bags are silly, but effective.

8 Phone Case with a Positive Message

phone case with positive affirmations printed on it

All of us carry our phones everywhere we go almost all of the time. Even when we don’t carry a bag with us we still carry our phones. So why not give them this phone cover that has just the words they would want to read every time their thoughts start racing or anxiety takes over.

A gesture of your love and support for them does not have to be an expensive or a huge gift. Something with greater impact is much better than something with a big price tag.

9 Socks with Positive Words

socks with printed text on feet

A great way to move their mind from thinking negative to clearing their mind, regrouping, and embracing positive thoughts.

The socks will keep them cozy and feeling uplifted at the same time.

If they are feeling the blues due to lengthy recovery or healing then here are some Funny Get Well Soon Gifts that will make them chuckle. Laughter really is the best medicine!

10 Mousepad

mouse pad with a positive message

You can’t go everywhere with them but spreading sprinkles of positivity around them through the simple things they use in their daily lives is a great way to keep their confidence and self esteem going when they are feeling utterly let down.

If they are feeling low and unsettled because of their work, then this inconspicuous mouse pad will add a tiny dose of inspiration to their day.

11 Candle

Candle jar with feel good text label

Studies have shown that certain smells help individuals cope with feelings of sadness and anxiety so send them a nice smelling candle that will not only soothe their mind but also make them smile every time they look at it.

The label on the jar is simplistic and meaningful. The jar can be reused as pencil holder, holding crystals, flowers, etc.

12 Appreciation and Gratitude

book for gratitude journaling

Lately, gratitude journals are a rage. Everyone is singing praises of how journaling has helped them cope with the ups and downs of their life. There is a lot of truth to how much journaling benefits an individual. They allow the person to process, analyze, accept, and move on, all at their own pace and in the comfort of a place where they feel safe.

Don’t be afraid to give them one even if you think they are not that much into books. There are so many varieties ranging from ones that need only 5 minutes a day to detailed ones that require some work on the part of the reader.

Here is one I found that is simple and efficacious.

13 Clothing that Affirms and Reminds of Their Strength

sweatshirt with a positive text on the sleeve

Sometimes you just want to keep reminding them that everything will turn out alright, but you simply can’t keep saying it all the time.

In their quiet moments when the cycle of rumination starts this positive affirmation would stop the negative thoughts from spinning.

What I love about this sweatshirt is that the words are printed on the inner sleeves, where the wearer (who probably needs to read it the most) can read them, instead of on the front or back of the sweatshirt which they can’t even see once they wear it.

14 Positive Affirmations Blanket

The blanket will serve as a constant reminder of your love for them not just for this passing moment but all the time. Great for a student in dorm, living far away from home, transferred somewhere new, young professional, etc.

It is a warm hug made more apt for the moment by the positive words printed all over it. A sense of calmness will wrap them as they cover themselves with this blanket.

These blankets come in a variety of colors and text options. I wanted to include one on my list just to show how beautiful and relevant they can be.

15 Care package

care package with mug, blanket etc. in it

You can always make a care package on your own. However, if you are short on time or struggling to come up with things to keep in the care package then you will be pleasantly surprised at how many good options are available on the internet.

I chose this beautiful sunshine care package, which I am fairly certain, that the recipient will be thrilled to get. So many things in this one. Useful and long lasting.

Not that the care package must include “stuff”. If you would rather send them something that will tickle their taste buds, then the next one on the list will interest you.

16 Nutrition Care Package

Overcoming feelings of dejection and hopelessness they probably have no desire or energy to cook. Consequently, they are eating lesser than usual.

Snacks are not a great alternative to actual nutritious food. However, something is better than nothing.

They might not even want to step into the kitchen to open a fresh box of groceries or deal with kitchen cleanup or dishes thereafter.

Therefore, I suggest checking out Urthbox, which is a subscription service that will deliver them a healthy snack box monthly. You can choose what kind of snacks and beverages to include, such as gluten free, vegan, keto, etc.

You can choose the term of your subscription and the size of the snack box.

They have such amazing things that will rev up the recipient’s appetite. Check out some of their past boxes here.

17 Positive Home Décor

kicthen towel with image and text on it

It makes sense to give things based on where they spend their time the most. If your friend or loved one usually spends a lot of their time in their kitchen, then that’s where they are most likely to ruminate and feel sad.

I found this eye-catching kitchen towel , with a neat design and just the right affirmation that whenever it catches the recipient’s eyes will remind them to divert their focus to all the positives in life.

18 Blanket Personalized with Your Own Words

blanket with text printed on it

I have a special place in my heart for personalized things. And I think most recipients also love to receive something that was personalized just for them.

If you want to wrap them up in a prayer or words of your choosing, then here is a wonderful way to do it. This personalized blanket comes in many sizes to choose from. They are sturdy and easy to maintain. The recipient will not want to part with it at all.

19 Pillow with Your Message on it

different sized pillows with text printed on them

Here is a personalized pillow that will go well with the blanket above. You can also choose to only send just the pillow.

Invite them Out!

A failure can knock anyone’s confidence, be it a teenager or a grown adult. They probably want to just stay home and wallow in the sadness of it all. But getting out will really help. Invite them out for a quiet walk in the park, picnic, etc.

Simple gestures like these will really cheer them up. Let them talk all their emotions out and reassure them that setbacks are not final, and they are most definitely not something that defines them.

Acknowledge their wins from the past and boost their confidence for all the wonderful opportunities in life awaiting them.

19 Things to Get Someone who needs reassurance after a setback

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