DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas Perfect For Any Occasion

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Mason jars are the perfect diy gift idea. The recipient can use all the items in the jar and also the jar itself. There are so many things you can keep in the jar and they need only minimal decoration.

You can keep it simple and tie a ribbon on top or you can take it a step further and add something unique to the decoration, like the ideas below.

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Mason Jar DIY Gifts

These mason jar gifts will work for many occasions. You can switch the jar items with any other things you like.

Large Mason Jar Gift

mason jar gift idea perfect for housewarming

This big mason jar is a beauty and it will work wonderfully as a housewarming gif, new neighbor gift or you can even take it your friend or relative if you are visiting them for a few days.

I filled it up with chocolate, vanilla beans, matching measuring cups and spoons, and an essentials spatula set. 

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Cupcake Liner Bow

I wanted to be a bit more creative with this one so I opted for making a cup cake liner bow instead of using a ribbon.

They are really easy to make. Just follow the easy steps in  the pics :).

Fold the wrapper in half and start rolling it to make a cone. This cone will form the bottom part of the bow.  Repeat the step to make another one.

Fold the wrapper in half to make the top part of the bow. Repeat the step to make another one.

Use glue to paste all the pieces together to make a beautiful bow.

The cup cake liner bow for the mason jar

Confetti Ribbon

It was so much fun to make this diy ribbon. I picked some confetti with holes from dollar store and passed some common thread through them to make a ribbon.

One tip is to add some glue to the tip of the tip of the thread to make it a bit stiff so it is easier to work with it.

housewarming mason jar gift

It takes a few minutes to make this, but the sparkle and shine this rbbon adds to the mason jars is much more festive than a plain ribbon.

I also added the ribbon to  mason jar full of candy, and it looked gorgeous.

This ribbon is also great for Christmas and Thanksgiving gifts, and you can use it on a gift box. It is very easy to work with.

Candy Mason Jar For All Occasions

Big Christmas Jar

DIY Mason Jar Gift For Neighbors, Friends, And Family

Speaking of Christmas, I have another idea that will be a big hit with your neighbors, and friends. Filled up to the brim with fun, and useful things, this jar is one of my favorites!

I also tied a double bow using baker’s twine, and I love it. I guess this will be my signature for all the gifts I have to pack this holiday season.

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Birthday Mason Jar

I also used the confetti string on the birthday mason jar. I think it was the perfect fit for this one. After all, confetti most definitely reminds everyone of celebration … celebrating birthdays, Christmas, new year, etc.

Here is a free printable gift tag download –

Small Jar Gift For Any Occasion

There are times when we are looking for a small gift idea whether we are seeing a friend after a long time, gift for boyfriend he can take to work, coworker, teacher, etc.

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This small jar full of colorful candy is small but it will bring a big smile to the recipient’s face. 

I also used the cupcake wrapper bow from earlier to decorate the small candy jar.

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small gift in a jar

Also, check out DIY Christmas ornaments you can add to your gifts to make your Christmas gifts stand out from the crowd, plus free printables.


I hope you loved these diy mason jar gifts that are perfect for all the big and small occasions.

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DIY homemade mason jar gifts with adorable decoration ideas that are better than a plain ribbon. Mason jar gifts for him and her, food mason jar gifts that are perfect for housewarming, holiday season etc.

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