DIY Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas Teachers Would Appreciate

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Holidays are just around the corner and if you are looking for nice, but inexpensive, gift ideas for your kid’s teachers you will find a lot of inspiration here.

As usual, all these DIY homemade gifts are budget-friendly and easy to put together, and something the teacher can actually use in her daily life.

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DIY Holiday Gifts For Teachers

I would highly suggest buying chocolates in the bulk section. I am sure you already know that! But this is just a gentle reminder. We all have to watch our wallets during the holiday season.

** All the free printable tags are available for download at the end of the post **

Holiday Candy Tin

Holiday DIY tin gift for teacher

I did not just make one but two of these! I am sucker for Holiday themed tins. They cost just a dollar (or three, depending on where you buy them) and you can fill these up with candy or chocolate of your choice.

The teacher can always re-use the tin afterwards.

I chose Hershey chocolate mixed bag for the first one. They were a great fit for the tin.

For the second tin I used Starbursts. I gotta admit I love these so much. I feel like I can eat the whole packet if someone does not snatch it from my hands.

I ended up with two layers of the candy to fill the box properly.

You can also use a combination of Hershey and Starburst to fill your tins, nothing wrong with that either!

I was just looking for all that comes individually wrapped and fits in a tin. 

Coffee Gift

The super cute Coffee shaped notepad immediately caught my eye. I was wanting to make a nice gift for the teacher with some coffee, but didn’t want to just give a bag of coffee with a tag on it.

The notepad and the GIANT paper pins are such a fun addition to the gift. The teacher can use each and every item of this homemade gift. And the paper pins she can probably use a lifetime!

P.S: I bought my pom pom paper clips from dollar store for just a dollar, linking it here.

Hugs & Kisses Gift

Kisses are everyone’s favorite and this free printable tag is just so adorable.

You can download this free printable tag at the end of the post.

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Sweet Gift For Teacher

While walking down the store aisle I noticed a great deal on all the chocolate bars. Guess what! I thought of using the deal to my advantage.. it sounds bad, but it’s all good.

The golden wrapping paper is from dollar store, and it is pretty easy to find something like this in dollar store during the holiday season. 

The solid gold printable tag is just the cherry on top! I can’t imagine the big smile on the teacher’s face when she reads the tag :).

Small Jar Gift

Perfect for the teacher who gives her 100% to her students. A five star teacher deserves a sweet gift.

Another small jar gift idea is the one below. I love the fact that the teacher can reuse these mini glass jars.

Cellophane bags are the easiest to work with and they are really so affordable. I bought around 30 of these in dollar store. You can also buy them online if you don’t have a dollar store near you, or if you simply don’t have time.

Speaking of- if you really are hard pressed for time then this gift idea is perfect for you. I did choose to add a giant bow to the bag to make it look really festive.

Also check out these creative DIY mason jar gifts for holidays, with a difference!

I hope you loved these DIY homemade easy holiday gifts for teachers. And, as promised, here are all the free printable tags-


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DIY inexpensive holiday gifts for teachers that are so simple and easy to put together you will repeat them every holiday season. Small jar gifts, dollar tree DIY ideas, Christmas gifts, reusable gifts, etc.

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