teacher coworker gifts for holidays

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Teacher Coworkers (Under $10)

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The holiday season is the most amazing time of the year until you have to figure out the perfect gift for everyone on your list. You can find a variety of gift guides on this website but right now here are some small Christmas gifts you can buy for your teacher coworkers.

The best part is if you were looking for sensational gifts under $10- that do not look cheap- you will be spoilt for choice.

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Holiday Gifts for Teacher Coworkers (Under $10)

If you were wondering what to get your fellow teachers this Christmas then here are 17 amazing inexpensive holiday gifts your fellow teachers would be happy to get.

teacher coworker gifts for holidays

1. Reusable Snack Bags

These reusable snack bags are so much fun. These are a great alternative to plastic Ziploc bags that are used and throw.

The reusable bags come in different sizes for storing. Use the bags for carrying dry snacks or pack lunch sandwiches. Easy to clean and reuse.

2. Apple Containers

These containers come in a set of 12, so affordable. You can add their favorite candy, trail mix, etc., and also a sweet note if you are up to it.

3. Gallon Water Bottle

It is seriously hard to find a gallon water bottle with a time marker for under $1, but your girl managed to find one! Yay!

It comes in many colors and makes a great gift for male or female teachers. They would really enjoy using it, especially if they keep forgetting to drink enough water jumping from one class to the next.

4. Gift for Female Teachers

Teachers are always washing their hands a lot dealing with kids, using chalk, getting ink on their hands, etc. Help her keep her hands looking soft and beautiful with this hand cream set.

You get 6 different variety packed in a box for under $10, it is hard to beat!

5. LED Makeup Mirror

Your gift doesn’t have to be something your colleague can only enjoy at work, she has a life outside work too! This makeup mirror is so affordable but far better than a regular pocket mirror because of the LED lights that make it easier to check makeup even in the dark, like when she is out and about attending parties, concerts and enjoying the nightlife.

Oh, and it will also come handy to take out that pesky rogue eyelash that just happened to fall into her eye at the most inconvenient of times.

6. Gift for Male Teacher

The funny book style socks are the perfect gift for the males in the department. They are not just a gimmicky product either, he can use it in his daily life just like any other socks.

It definitely seems more challenging to find a unique gift for male teachers. These socks are a nice idea. However, most of the other options listed in the post will also make a great gift for him.

7. Chilling Stones

They are called whiskey stones, but really, they can be used to keep any other school appropriate beverage chilled as well.

All teachers know the joy of slurping watered down iced coffees and smoothies because they did not get a chance to finish it on time.

The stones will keep their beverage chilled without watering it down. They are also an affordable end of the year gift.

DIY holiday gifts for teachers that are budget-friendly and easy to make.

8. Funny Gift

This version of Mad Libs is teacher-centric so he or she would have so much fun going through it and sharing it with the students and the rest of the staff.

If you were looking for a non-offensive funny gift you should check it out.

Here are some more holiday gift ideas for teachers that are practical and useful.

9. Funny Mood Cards

A set of 15 hilarious messages and emotions, with some additional blank cards. They can use it to communicate their thoughts to the students and even their colleagues. These will never get old. They can use it year after year.

Got a super creative teacher? They can use some of the blank cards to create their own message.

10. Desk Supplies Organizer

A teacher’s desk can seem like little kids had a nice dance party on it. If you have seen your coworkers struggle to find their marker or phone in that mess than you already know how much they will love this adorable desk organizer that has space for their stationery and most important their smartphone.

11. Mint Boxes

These batman mints and wonder woman mints will make them feel like a superhero everytime they enter their class. It is so unique and quirky, plus it brings back childhood memories.

After they run out of the mints that come in the tin, they can reuse it store their favorites.

The tin is compact so easy to carry in pocket or small pouch.

12. Eco-friendly Utensil Set

It is an ideal gift for someone who often talks to their students about being more eco-friendly and loves to follow what they preach.

The eco-friendly utensil set has all the essentials, even a straw and cleaning brush. The lining inside is water resistant so it is easier to maintain. The set comes in a variety of colors.

13. Coloring Book for Teachers

Teacher life can feel stressful sometimes so here is a lighthearted coloring book that will make them chuckle as they turn each page.

The book has some hilarious creative words that your staff will relate to. After all they probably use some of these in their daily lives to avoid using bad language in front of the kids.

14. Shakespeare Insults – Humor Poster

It is not just for an English teacher; everyone can enjoy this humorous poster.

A unique gift that also makes an interesting conversation piece.

If they ever get bored of using insults from the modern English, the poster will help them borrow some new finds from the old Shakespearean era. It will look great no matter where they hang it.

15. Hilarious Notepads

These notepads will be a hit with all. The notepads come in a set of 4, each with a funny quote on top of it which makes them so much to use. These will keep them entertained throughout the school year.

16. Classroom Stamp Set

They will love you for this. No more wasting time and energy writing the same words again and again while going through piles of homework and test submissions. The stamp set will make the grading process a breeze. The students will love the colorful stamps on their papers too.

Secret Santa gifts under $10 your coworkers will fight over. Also includes some funny gifts for your boss.

17. Shakespeare Insults Bandages

Here is one idea that they did not think they need but will probably buy more of once they see them. The Shakespearean insult bandages will bring a smile to anyone’s face, yes, the injured as well.

If you were thinking of a small gift for the nurse at school, these bandages are worth checking.

It is so compact that you can also use it as a stocking stuffer for your coworkers and boss at work.

Also check out these funny gifts for coworkers that are perfect for your boss and team members.


Holidays are the time to give and receive a lot of gifts, especially for teachers, so I chose some handpicked ideas that your teaching coworkers, most likely, will not get from students or their parents.

holiday gifts for teacher coworkers that are just under $10

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