Christmas gift for babies under one year old

The Most Adorable Christmas Gifts for Babies

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Babies are so adorable, but it is so hard picking an adorable and useful Christmas gift for them after the parents have received tons of toys and baby stuff for them already during the baby shower, etc. But if you thought there is nothing else left to gift, you will be pleasantly surprised to check out these cute ideas that the parents, and the baby, of course, would be so excited to get for the holidays.

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Christmas Gifts for Infants

If you were wondering what to get for your under one-year-old niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, etc. for holidays then here are some of the most unique ideas that will get you excited. Most of these are handmade which adds to the beauty of it.

Christmas gift for babies under one year old

Grandma Octopus

plush Octopus

Plush toys come in all shapes and sizes but seriously none is as eye-catching and quirky as this handmade stuffed octopus.

Name Puzzle

name puzzle

A fun learning toy that will also make a nice addition to the nursery décor as well. It is not just relevant for the first year of a baby’s life but many more years to come.

Wooden Piggy Bank

wooden piggy bank

The baby will receive plenty of toys and cash too during holidays and special events so this piggy bank will be the perfect gift idea to keep all the money he or she gets stashed away.

Christmas Blanket

baby christmas themed blanket

A baby can never have enough blankets. And even if the cutie seems to have plenty already this Christmas blanket is so festive and on point, everyone will love it. You can personalize it with the baby’s name for free.

I love that it is shaggy on one side and smooth on the other.

Baby Girl Ornament

baby girl christmas ornament

The new addition to the family deserves her own ornament on the Christmas tree. I love this baby girl ornament that can be personalized with her birth details.

Keepsake Box for The Baby

keepsake personalized cube

Beautiful is the word! This keepsake box is covered with tiny little details that make it so special. The parents will adore it and the baby will love to play with it. You can also add a custom message on one side of the box.

Personalized Doll

plush doll

She will hold on to this plush doll all the time. Each doll measures 13” so it is big enough to cuddle with but not too big that it will be difficult for the one-year-old to handle.

You can choose to personalize it with her name or leave it as is.

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Hand Stamped Baby Spoons

baby name spoon

Not your regular silicon spoons, these ones are hand stamped with the baby’s name and tiny little heart. If the baby is just starting to eat solids this spoon will make the perfect gift, and it is so inexpensive.

Baby Name Basket

baby name storage basket

I was never a fan of big baskets until I had a baby and I was constantly looking for some kind of storage to manage toys, storing clothes that didn’t fit my little one anymore, etc.. etc…

The point is you can never go wrong with an organization gift like this basket and I love the idea of having it personalized with the baby’s name. It is slightly on the pricey side, but it will also last a long time and look great in the baby’s room.

Thor Rattle

thor rattle

Even if you are not an Avenger’s fan, this Thor hammer baby rattle is so stinking cute! And if you are an Avenger’s fan then I know you definitely want this for your baby.

Baby Swing

baby swing

The moment I saw this I fell in love with it. It is perfect for big houses and even small apartments, like mine! Doesn’t take much space and you don’t have to take the baby out all the time so he or she can enjoy some time on the swing.

The baby is gonna enjoy this so much.


I hope you were able to find the perfect holiday gift for the adorable baby from this list.

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Chsritmas gift ideas for infants. Perfect for babies under 1 year old

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