new year gift ideas that are full of cheer positivity and motivation for friends, employees and staff

New Year Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List| Perfect Way to Kickstart The New Year

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New Year follows the big holiday season shopping, eating, and gifting, so most people just wish each other a happy New Year and move on. But whereas holidays make people lose much of self-control, January is the time of the year when people set to make new resolutions, start something new, look for a new hobby, etc. So it is worth celebrating BIG.

It is a fantastic time to send big and small gifts to your loved ones, coworkers, employees, business clients, etc.

But if you are struggling to come up with some meaningful, inspirational, or fun ideas then here are some out-of-the-box new year gifts perfect for every type of recipient.

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Meaningful New Year Gifts

If you are wondering what to send someone to wish them a happy and lucky new year, then check out these ideas. No matter what your budget is you this list has plenty of exciting ideas for everyone on your list.

new year gift ideas that are full of cheer positivity and motivation for friends, employees and staff

A Year of Inspiration

jar full of encouraging quotes for new year gift

A jar full of inspirational and motivational quotes, affirmations, humor, etc., that will keep the recipient positive and feeling good throughout the year.

The jar contains 52 notes, one for each week of the year, that is handcrafted and beautifully presented in a jar they can keep on their work desk, bed table, etc.

An excellent idea for a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend starting something new in their life this year.

Small Gift for Friends & Coworkers

three book set

The fact that it is a new year makes everyone feel full of energy, new vigor, and loads of enthusiasm. But they run out of steam as the year progresses.

Make sure they stay inspired with this ‘itty bitty inspiration set’ that includes three mini pocket-sized books that have images and quotes focusing on strength, positivity, and encouragement.

A must-have for a friend looking forward to new beginnings in the new year, students, or as a small gift for coworkers, employees at work.

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Gratitude Journal

small gratitude journal

Before you brush this one off as just another journal, let me tell you that once you take a peek you would want one for yourself.

This fun and happy mini journal is a 30-day exercise full of interactive charts and prompts that train the brain to focus on the positives in life.

I love that it is not big or bulky so the recipient can take it with them wherever they go.

Cute Animal Calendar

Animal calendar

Pictures of cute animals never fail to bring a smile to the face. The recipient will smile each time they take a look at this adorable calendar that is full of clever and hilarious illustrations.

A must-have desk accessory your parents, partner will appreciate.

Healthy Gift Basket

Losing track of calories at the year-end parties and Christmas, just means they will be going on a healthy diet as the year starts.

If you are looking to send an edible gift then consider a dried fruit and nut sampler instead of chocolates or cookies. I like this sampler basket that can be repurposed once the contents are consumed.

Here are some DIY edible gifts that the recipient will be thrilled to get. Easy to make and long-lasting.. only if they will let it sit that long!

Motivational Water Bottle

Drinking more water is one goal that is almost on everyone’s resolution list, that too year after year. Help them drink up and drink enough with this motivational water bottle with markers to indicate the time and amount they have drunk.

What I love most about this bottle is that it is made of glass, so no weird metallic smell that seems to be a characteristic with metal bottles. The glass bottle is protected with a silicone sleeve that makes it more durable.

Great for someone who struggles to stay hydrated.

Scratch off Poster

A new year means everyone is also busy looking for exciting new bucket list activities. Scratch-off posters like the 100 best movies to watch, top 100 books, etc. is a fun gift idea that will give them something to do in the coming year.

There are so many kinds to choose from, so pick one that aligns with their hobby and interests.

Even someone hard to impress will be excited to get something like this.

Paint Your Own Cookie

paint your cookie gift

If you were looking for a fun and unique new year gift idea then here is one that you haven’t thought of. Color your own cookie is exactly what it sounds like.

Each cookie is freshly made and packed with a paintbrush and edible colors so each recipient can paint their own cookie. Great for virtual parties or as a fun team activity for work.

Funny Wine Label

funny new year wine label

Planning to send a bottle of bubbly to your employees, customers, friends, etc.? If you said yes, then here is an idea that will make the gift stand out. The wine label is hilarious.

And even though it says wine, I am sure you can stick it to any bottle of your choice.

Relaxing Spa Box

spa box set

The new year is also a good time to relax and rejuvenate so a spa box is a great idea. I found this mini spa box that will make the recipient smile (don’t we all agree we want to forget 2020)!

It does not have to be this box if you are not looking for something funny. There are many other spa box options here, big and small, under different price points that you can also consider. This will be a big hit with the ladies.

Funny New Year Candle

funny new year candle

Keeping in line with the funny gifts above, here is another idea that almost everyone will love. I love the label on the candle (something almost everyone is hoping for) and you have the option to pick your own scent.

Lucky Money Amulet

lucky rat money amulet

Want to make them feel lucky in the new year? Do not forget to send them a lucky money mouse rat amulet that they can keep in their purse to attract wealth. Great for someone who loves quirky things.

Fortune Cookie

I love the metallic fortune cookie idea. You can add a personal wish for them inside the cookie. This can be used as a trinket box, desk décor item or even as a paperweight. It is perfect for everyone.

new year gift ideas for friends, employees and staff that are fun, inspirational and motivating

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