Amazing Gifts For The Host Who Loves to Throw Parties

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Planning to take something thoughtful for the person who doesn’t need a reason to throw a big party? A bottle of wine will do, but it is also forgetful, boring and typical. This is your chance to impress the host/ hostess who always impresses others with the most fun and spectacular parties. Here are some gift ideas set to delight the host who loves to throw parties. These are so good, you will see them use your gift at every party.

The list below includes ideas for all budgets, from affordable to something a bit more expensive!

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Planning to buy a thoughtful gift for the host/ hostess who doesn't need a reason to throw a big party? A bottle of wine will do, but it is also forgetful, boring and typical. These gift ideas will delight the host who loves to throw parties. They are so good, you will see them use your gift at every party.

#1 Stoneware Artisan Server Set

This beautiful hand-painted rustic server plate is made out of porcelain and bamboo. The server plate has two dipping bowls and a serving tray. Not only is it gorgeous but this plate can be used in so many ways to serve chips and dips, cheese etc it can also be used as a wall decor item, when not in use, since it can hang on the wall safely.

#2 Stylish Wine Decanter

This is a great gift for people who love to host parties. Wine straight from the bottle is so passé. This wine decanter will be a stylish addition to any elegant party table and it is not just a stunning piece of glassware, it also has a purpose. It is no secret aerated wine tastes superior to non-aerated wine, which is the reason why wine enthusiasts swirl their wine for a while before drinking. With this wine aerator, the party host/ hostess can elevate the taste of any wine to charm their guests.

#3 Slate Cheese Plate Serving Set

This slate cheese plate serving set will become a favorite of the host/ hostess. These slate plates are versatile, they can be used to serve a variety of appetizers in addition to just cheese like finger foods, sushi, chicken wings etc. The muted color of the slate will make the color of whatever is served on them pop. Guests would need extra time to devour their food as they will get busy snapping pictures on the food on these unique plates!

#4 Cocktail Book

Every party host can use a cocktail recipe book to impress their guests every time they throw a party. This book is a complete guide to simple, no frills lip-smacking tasty cocktails. They can step up their game from bottles of beer and margaritas to something that rivals the cocktails at the neighborhood upscale bar and they would all the right gear for dishing out these amazing cocktails with the next item on this list.

#5 Cocktail Mixology Bartender Set

With a cocktail mixology bartender kit, the host can up their cocktail game from just regular gin and tonic to restaurant style fancy and delicious cocktails. The kit is made out of high-grade stainless steel metal, it is rustproof and unbreakable making it perfect gift for someone who loves to throw cocktail parties.

#6 Appetizer Recipe Book For The Host/ Hostess

A host/ hostess who already loves to make sure guests at the party are well fed and happy, this small plates inspired book is full of new and exciting recipes to inspire their upcoming party menus. Afterall, food is one of the most important aspects of the party. Among other things, guests almost always rave about the delicious food after the party is long over.

#7 Set Of Mule Mugs

A person who loves to entertain guests never drinks alone! A set of 6 mule mugs is perfect for intimate dinner or cocktail parties. This set comes in a nice box that is perfect for gifting and also for storing the mule mugs when not in use.

#8 Tea Cup Set

A porcelain teacup and saucer set is a wonderful gift for a host/ hostess that likes to throw tea parties once in a while- which may or may not turn into a boozy party later on. The design on the cups is gorgeous almost impossible to believe these are hand painted. An added bonus, this set comes with teaspoons.

#9 Beverage Dispenser

A cold beverage dispenser can be used to store anything from lemonade, infused water, sangria, pre-made drinks etc and a sturdy well made 2-gallon glass jar is just the right size for serving a lot of guests at a party. It is great for hosting both indoor and outdoor parties!

#10 Wine Carry Bag

Perfect for carrying wine to beach, parks, BBQ and even BYOB restaurants etc. This insulated bag can carry 4 wine bottles, keeping them chilled for hours without ice, and the shoulder strap makes it easier to carry.

#11 Insulated Double Casserole Carrier

Someone who likes to throw a party will throw a party just about anywhere- beach, park etc.  The only issue with an outdoor party is sometimes an oven/ cooking range is not readily available for reheating the food. An insulated casserole carrier is a great solution to this problem. This casserole carrier is insulated and expandable with zippered pockets to carry cutlery. It can fit two large casserole dishes so the host can throw outdoor parties with ease.

#12 Wine Rack

Every host needs a centerpiece for the bar that would be the talk of the party. This tri-cycle wine rack is well made and eye-catching, fit for dining table, bar area or bar cart.

#13 Dutch Oven

A dutch oven is a fantastic gift if the host or the hostess don’t already have one yet. The recipes one can make in a dutch oven are endless. It holds even temperature throughout the cooking process and can easily go from stovetop to oven without any worries. Most cooking utensils are not so worthy of being on the dinner table. But due to the bright enameled exterior, a good quality cast iron dutch oven looks elegant on the dinner table so no need to transfer food in a separate container for serving.

#14 Coasters

Everybody loves chilled drinks, but the chilled drinks also leave a lot of condensation on the tables. These palette coasters are fun, modern and yet minimalist in design. They are as interesting as they are functional. Apart from the stand out design, these coasters will not stick to the bottom of the glass like paper coasters usually do- it is annoying and does not serve a purpose- we all know!

#15 Margaritaville Frozen Drink Maker

A bit on the expensive side but your host and his guests will be left impressed with the amazing frozen margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas etc that this frozen drink maker can dish out. All thirsty summer parties need a frozen drink maker!

#16 Dessert Plates

Beautiful and elegant these dinner plates will definitely stand out at any dinner party. The scalloped dinner plates are made of tempered glass and yet they are unbreakable, chip resistant, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe!

#17 Beer Growler For A Beer Loving Host

For the host who likes to delight guests with home-brewed concoctions or tap beer from his favorite beer bars. This beer growler can carbonate homemade beer and store-bought beer. The pressure regulated valve will keep the beer carbonated for up to two weeks. The option to personalize this beer growler is also available making it a great gift idea for the person who loves to host parties.

#18 Automatic Milk Frother & Cappuccino Maker

This automatic milk frother and cappuccino maker would be a great addition to your host’s coffee table! Plain boring coffee for guests, no more!. Simple to use and it has the option to select froth density for a more customized drink experience.

#19 Condiments On Ice Tray

It might not seem like the most obvious pick for a gift but there are so many ways a condiment tray with ice can come in handy. From salad bar, BBQ, bar etc. The ice chilled condiment server makes it easy to keep things covered and cooler for a longer time. Each compartment can hold up to 2 cups of food so the host can fill and forget about it, at least for a while, before they need to refill.

#20 Wine Aerator And Diffuser

This is an all in one aerator, diffuser, pourer and decanter. Perfect for when the host is serving multiple bottles of wine that can’t sit long in a decanter to aerate. This handheld device is superb at aerating wine in seconds as it pours through this gadget into the glass.

#21 Soy Candle Set

Light adds to the ambiance of a room, much more to a party room that can use a touch of candlelight to add to the festive atmosphere of the room. Regular candle jars are great but what is really worth gifting is the handmade eco-friendly soy candle jars set that have a delicate smell, which most people prefer over strong artificial smells. 

The candle tins themselves look nice, adding a pop of color to whichever corner of the house or party area decides to keep them in.

#22 Skull Ice Cube Maker For A Halloween Party

This skull  ice cube mold is made of silicone- it is microwave safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe. How the host decides to use this for their Halloween party is only limited to how many skull shaped food items they want to serve. It is good gift for a host that celebrates each occasion with full fare.

#23 Party Game Gift For A Fun Host/ Hostess

A fun party game is the easiest way to break ice and a way for the host to make sure everybody has a great time. This game can easily be played by up to 10 people at once so it is ideal for a party set up. It has plenty of funny questions to keep guests entertained throughout. Your host/ hostess can use it at multiple parties and have a great time every time.

#24 Oil And Vinegar Spray- Healthy Gift For Host/ Hostess

Great for thoughtful host/ hostess that include healthy options in their menu to accommodate all type of guests. This oil spray mist bottle helps control the amount of oil sprayed on salads or BBQs and it looks great next to the salad table. They can enjoy it in their everyday life as well.

#25 Faux Fur Bottle Sleeve

If all is lost and you do decide to show up with the host’s favorite bottle of whatever they like, make it nonboring and special! Present the bottle in a beautiful sleeve to make an impression. The handcrafted faux fur bottle sleeve is a fun and luxurious way of presenting a bottle of champagne, wine etc.


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