diy christmas ornament gift for coworkers and family

DIY Christmas Ornament Gifts For Coworkers, Family & Friends

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These diy christmas ornaments are so easy peezy that you can make dozens of it to gift to coworkers, family and friends. You can also tie them around the gifts- as I did- they look so pretty!

I have three ideas for you in this post.  I used some of the leftover Christmas decorations from the year before to make these.

What a great way to put to use any decorations that broke or are no more usable.

P.S: You can easily make these with your kids but if they are too young, a glue gun is advised.

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DIY Christmas Ornaments

I loved all three designs and found they were easy to tie on the gifts. You can of course just give these ornaments alone as a gift too.

1. Pom Pom Christmas Ornament Bow

diy christmas ornament gift for coworkers and family

I wanted to use all the holiday colors- gold, red and green in my bow. I started with using the bendy craft straws from dollar store to make the bow.

The bendy straws are really easy to work with. They are pretty long so I cut them a bit smaller so they are easy to tie around gifts.

The golden and red balls are from the Christmas string that I used to decorate my Christmas tree with. I had used the same one so many times that I didn’t want to repeat it this year.

diy christmas ornament gift for coworkers and family

Next I used some golden ties (the wiry kind) to cover the area where the straw intersected to hide the overlap.

Then I used some pom poms (also from dollar store), and the golden ball also made of foam to form a bigger ball.

I suggest using a needle and thread when working with pom-poms and foam balls, unless you are making these with kids- then use super glue or hot glue instead.

I didn’t try a glue gun but if you have one you can give it a shot.

I also used needle and thread to sew the balls to both feet of the bow. It saves time, it looks neat and is very sturdy.

ornament gift for family and friends

In the end all that is left to do is to attach these cute homemade ornaments to a gift of your choice!

By the way check out my cheap DIY holiday gifts under $5 for coworkers, friends, and family, if you are looking for budget-friendly gift options.

2. Homemade Ornament For Holidays

homemade Christmas Ornament to give away as a gift in office, church or to friends and family

You really have to make this one to believe me when I say this is so simple. 

I used all the small and big balls from the decorative string I used for decorating the tree last few seasons.

The red bow is also from one of those decorations that I no longer want to use on my tree. 

If you don’t have a bow handy, you can make one up real fast with some plain robbon.

I sewed all the small balls to make a string and then sewed the string to the large red ball. I repeated the same steps to make and attach the second string.

(You can also use some craft wire to make these with kids.)

I tied a cute red bow to the ornament to make it look more festive.

The golden wire tie made it easier to wrap the ribbon around the intersecting points.

Since the large red ball is also made of foam it was easier to pass a string through it to make the loop for hanging.

ornament on a gift box

I used this ornament instead of a bow on top of a gift box. It looked great and the recipient was impressed!

They used the ornament on their tree 🙂

You can use it instead of a bow when you make gifts for your office, Church group, neighbors, etc.

3. Pinecone Ornament For Holidays

DIY pinecone angel ornament gift for holidays

I love using pinecones for my holiday decor and crafts. This is just one more way I have decided to use pinecone for the holiday season. 

It was a bit tricky to tie all the things together on the pinecone because of the ueneven layers and texture but it only takes a few minutes to figure it out and the effort is well worth it.

I did use some glitter glue on the edges of the pinecone which makes all the difference!

The red foam ball came in handy for this ornament as well. I did have a stick poking out the pinecone so I just pressed the ball on it. 

You can also glue the ball on to the pinecone with help of super glue.

The angel wings are made of some large ribbons. I used the stiff kind so they maintain their shape. 

I am using a purple thread so you can see the stitches, I would use a matching thread normally.

There is no way to sew or glue the ribbon wings to the pinecone so I used some thread to make a loop on the bow and then wrapped the thread around the pinecone. 

The wings are not too sturdy to hold the jute loop for hanging. So I made the loop and poked around the pinecone to find some crevices that will hold the loop in place.

It is best to use some super glue additionally to make the loop stay in place.

angel ornament

It is really unique and pretty. I would use it on top of gift boxes but not on the gift bags as depending on how dry your pinecone is, friction might cause it to shed a bit.


I hope you will give these simple homemade DIY ornament gifts for holidays a try.

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Easy & Simple DIY Christmas ornaments perfect for home decor, holiday gifting, etc. Make with your kids and use them to decorate your gifts for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Budget-friendly ideas that are fun to make and the recipients will love.

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