Best Gift Ideas for Veterans That Will Bring A Smile to Their Face

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Looking for a thoughtful gift idea for a veteran but don’t know what to get? Worry not, here are some gift ideas that will not only show your love and support for the veterans but also bring a big smile to their faces.

No matter if you are looking for a birthday gift, thank you gift, retirement gift for a veteran or a gift that celebrates Veteran’s day or Memorial Day, you will find an idea here.

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Gift Ideas for Veterans

In this gift guide I have tried to include ideas for army, navy and air force veterans but most of the images only pertain to one or the other. Just click on the ‘specific gift idea’ to see additional options for army, navy and air force.

Patriotic Throw Blanket

100% cotton and MADE in America (if this is important to you), this blanket can be hung on the wall, used as a blanket, kept on the sofa as throw, etc., and you can also personalize these!. The blanket will warm their heart and their bodies. 

P.S: They also have these for Army, Air Force, etc.

Genuine Ammo Box

If you think this is just novelty, you are wrong! This Ammo box is genuine!!

The box will bring back a lot of memories for them from their career. The best part is that you can personalize this box with his or her name and fill it up with things they like- could be food, some tickets to a show, etc.

The instant big smile on their face as they open their gift will let you know you made the right choice.

Checkbook Cover with Medallion

The perfect mix of patriotism and practical, this medallion checkbook cover will look great on their work desk. They will feel proud every time they take it out. 

Challenge Coin

A challenge coin is a keepsake that speaks volumes! I picked this coin that honors the army veterans. You can easily find a challenge coin that represents their organization or unit.

On veteran’s day, you can’t go wrong with this one. The coin will fill their heart with pride and joy.

Appreciation Gift

I know I suggested a  challenge coin above, but I specifically wanted to add this one that is perfect for when you want to thank them for their service. If you are hosting veterans and looking for an appreciation gift, then check out this coin.

It is affordable and they will love it too!

Challenge Coins Display Case

If they have a big or growing collection of challenge coins then a quality display case like this is just what they need to showcase them. 

This lock and key, handcrafted, solid wood box is quality display case that will keep their coins safe from dust and scratches. They will be proud to keep their collection in this box.

Garden Flag

If they don’t have one yet, then gift them this garden flag!. Great for veteran’s day, it also makes a great housewarming gift.

Wall Art

A wall art that speaks to their heart and they will be happy to display on their walls.

Retirement Gift for Veterans

Know someone who is retiring or retired from active duty? Check this plaque/sign that is bound to be the best retirement gift they got. The words on the plaque will touch their heart and stir emotions. 

The best way to acknowledge their hard work and sacrifices with some powerful words that will resonate with every soldier, marine, and airmen who have served their country. 

50 Cal Shot Glasses

A light -hearted gift, the 50 cal shot glasses are the perfect way to start a party. These will look great on his/ her bar and get them plenty of compliments.

Veteran Lapel Pin

Yes, it is a small gift, but only when it comes to its price and size. The lapel pin is well crafted and looks elegant. The value to the wearer will far exceed its price.

Gift it as a stocking stuffer, holiday gift, retirement gift, etc.

Wooden Plaque

An eye-catching decorative piece, the wooden shield will not be left collecting dust in a corner. The recipient will be delighted to display it in their living room where all guests can admire it.

Veteran T-shirt

With a t-shirt like this they can literally wear their pride! They would never want to take this veteran t-shirt off. 

Oh, and I also found the awesome t-shirt below for the women veterans.

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

Extremely unique finds are hard to come by so I was pleasantly surprised to come across this bottle opener that is handcrafted from an authentic 50 cal casing.

The recipient will be so excited to put it to test and show it off as well!

Playing Cards Gift Set

Game nights with their ex-servicemen and women, will be even more fun with this gift set that includes 2 decks of professional U.S. Navy playing cards and 5 dice.

The cards and dice come neatly packed in a stained box, ready for gifting.

Coffee Tumbler

The patriotic tumbler has the pledge of allegiance laser engraved on it. This lightweight metal tumbler is rust proof, shockproof and shatter proof.

For the Women Veterans

The ideas above will make a great gift for the women veteran as well, but I also wanted to find something they can wear in their everyday lives when they are out and about. I found this patriotic bracelet in the colors of the American flag.

It has great reviews online and I love the fact that it comes in different wrist sizes so every one can enjoy it.

American Flag Tie Bar

A tie clip for the special events he attends when he wants to look dapper! 

Tote Bag

A great find for the women who served in the air force. The tote bag is large enough so they can carry essentials for the day. They can take it to work, and also carry it for casual outings.

Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag like this patriotic shoulder bag can also make a great gift for anyone. They can carry it to library, parks, beach, grocery shopping, and so much more!

Camouflage Stainless Steel Flask Set

I see a flask and automatically start thinking about all the places it can come handy- cruise ships!?! If they love to carry flasks then this camouflage flask set will make a great gift for them.

The set comes with the flask, 4 shot glasses and a funnel so it is easy to fill.

Gun Shaped Decanter Set

If you thought they have everything, you ARE wrong! You have to check out this eccentric gun decanter they will love to display on their bar.

The decanter set comes with two-whiskey glasses.

It is a little pricey, but if you want to gift them something that they will use year after year and never get bored, plus receive ton of complements on, then this one fulfills the criteria.


Gifts For Veteran men and women that honor their service to the country. Patriotic Gifts for army navy and air force veterans

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